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strength and conditioning

If you are an avid watcher of Football or Cricket, you might have noticed how the players in the sport have higher strength and stamina. Ever wondered how it is achieved? Strength and Conditioning is defined in the simplest level which is the practical utilisation of sports science to increase the efficiency of movement and flexibility to the human body. Carried out by specialised coaches, this training is not something that is just for athletes or professional sportspeople. But also help other people in achieving better fitness and thus a strong and healthy body. Read this blog to know all about what Strength and Conditioning really is, its course, how you can become a coach or trainer in this field and more!

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What Do You Do in Strength and Conditioning?

In Strength and Conditioning, a Coach or Specialist is a professional trainer who uses a prescribed workout to boost the performance of top athletes or sports teams. This is done by incorporating weight training, cardio conditioning and other approaches. Professionals in this field have two main objectives:

  • The first aim is to improve physical performance, which typically involves enhancing athletes’ mobility, stability, stamina, endurance, control, pace, agility and performance. 
  • The second aim is to minimise sports accidents. These coaches also devise regimens to condition body parts that are vulnerable to injury in a given sport.

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Strength and Conditioning Courses

In the US, the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is providing a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification that is also considered a gold standard for field positions. 

Here is a list of Strength and Conditioning Courses:

  • Certification in Functional Screening and Resistance Training
  • Certification and Higher Certification in Strength & Conditioning
  • BSc/MSc in Strength & Conditioning

National Certifications in Strength and Conditioning:


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Educational Qualifications

Education, qualification and experience are required to pursue a successful coaching career in this intensive specialisation. Here are various criteria to pursue this field as a career:

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree is a requirement for the CSCS and the aspiring candidate is also encouraged to acquire a degree in majors relevant to this course which will help you further elevate your career.
  2. An aspiring candidate should also clear the CSCS and acquire certification by the NSCA. 
  3. Gain experience through internships and hands-on training. Related experience covers the introduction of fitness plans and schedules, the maintenance and operation of facilities and the management of personnel.

Strength and Conditioning: Top Universities

There are various top institutions and universities which offer various courses related to this field with extra specializations. Some of these top institutions are:

Name of University QS World University Ranking 2023
University of Bedfordshire
Maryville University
Loughborough University 256
The University of Northampton 1001-1200
Middlesex University 751 – 800
University of Edinburgh 15

Modules in Training

The various modules present in the course curriculum are as follows:

  1. Functional Screening
  2. Resistance Training and Advanced Resistance Training
  3. Foundations of S&C
  4. Speed and Endurance Development
  5. Anatomy & Physiology
  6. Growth, Movement & Development
  7. Long Term Player Athletic Development
  8. Coaching Skills
  9. Coaching Philosophy and Sports Psychology

Strength and Conditioning: Careers

A strength and conditioning coach is faced with various problems with career development and without a plan, the average practitioner would find themselves leaving the field in 10 years. Strength and fitness, both at the college and professional levels, is extremely competitive and difficult to find opportunities in.

  • University Student and Former Athlete
  • Intern or Graduate Assistant
  • Assistant Coach
  • Head Coach
  • High-Performance Manager or Associate Athletic Director


What are the main principles of strength and conditioning training?

Individualization, overload, reversibility, progression, and specificity are some of the main principles of strength and conditioning training.

Is strength and conditioning a good workout?

Yes, strength and conditioning is a good workout that produces great results for the body.

What are the 5 S’s of training?

The 5 S’s of training are Stamina, Strength, Strength, Speed, and Suppleness.

As an SC Coach, you can work in gyms with companies like colleges. Aspiring Candidates can use the experience to educate and teach other future practitioners about the art of Strength and Conditioning. Want to study Physical Education or Sports Science abroad? Our Leverage Edu mentors are here to help you find the right program and university to get the best knowledge, skills and exposure to build a rewarding career in your chosen field! Register for a free session now!

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