E-Course Horticulture: Online Courses for Horticulture

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E-course Horticulture

The study of plants, including caring, soil management, and plant conservation, is known as Horticulture. One of the major reasons for the popularity of horticulture is that after completing a course in horticulture, students get to learn science and the business of plant growth. If you want to know more about e-course horticulture, eligibility requirements, score requirements, and much more, then keep reading!

Name of the Course E Horticulture Courses 
Eligibility High school certificate with relevant subject and marks from an officially recognised institution 
Level Certificate course 
Average Fees INR 30,000 – INR 75,000
Average Salary INR 3.8 lakhs 

What is E-Courses Horticulture?

Online or E-course Horticulture are alternatives for students who find offline horticulture courses expensive and long-duration. Numerous E-Courses in horticulture offer excellence in education with absolutely no fees. E-Courses in horticulture are free at various platforms offered by top colleges, universities, and other organisations. Some of the important things you are required to check for E-courses in horticulture are the latest web browsers for accessing online materials and PDF readers such as Abode Reader. 

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Top E-Courses Horticulture 

Name of the Courses Duration Name of the University
Course in Floristry Design40-156 weeks 
How to start your first garden by Garden Tutor120 hours 
Weed Control course by Utah State University27 short videos Utah State University
Vegetable gardening by Oregon State University4-6 hours Oregon State University
Web Garden by Ohio State UniversityOhio State University

Course in Floristry Design

One of the best E-course Horticulture is offered by the International Career Institute focused on providing floristry education to expand knowledge and skills in horticulture. Professionals specially design this course to help the career of florists bloom. One of the major reasons for the popularity of this course is the availability of extremely well salaries. 

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How to Start Your First Garden by Garden Tutor

Garden Tutors offers the First Garden online classes, an E-Course in horticulture focused on providing knowledge about gardening, garden sites, and the creation of the garden plan. This course lasts about two to three hours for 12 months. Further, if you cannot complete this course within 12 months, you can also purchase an extension. 

Weed Control Course by Utah State University

The weed control course offered by Utah State University’s Department of Horticulture focused on providing an overview of mechanical weed control, weed prevention, etc. the course contains more than 27 short videos and several resources helpful in identifying weeds. This non-credit course includes various videos and audio. 

Web Garden by Ohio State University

Web Garden course offered by The Ohio State University’s Department of Horticulture and Crop Science is focused on learning about plants. This platform is specially designed for teaching about designing a garden, choosing the best plants and taking aftercare. These courses are popular as plants are taken from specific United States and Canadian regions.

Vegetable gardening by Oregon State University

One of the best institutions globally, Oregon State University offers a free vegetable gardening course by the end of April as a part of the master gardener series. These self-paced classes include thorough information about planting tips, choosing a site for vegetable gardening and identification, and solving common diseases. 

Best Universities for Horticulture Abroad 

There are various universities across the globe that offer courses in horticulture for students focused on pursuing a career in horticulture. Some of the popular universities for horticulture courses are as follows; 

Name of the UniversityWorld QS Rankings Subject wise 2022 THE subject-wise rankings for 2023
Wageningen University and Research 1
University of California, Davis 263
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 3
Cornell University420
China Agricultural University5
ETH Zurich 611
University of California, Berkeley 78
Purdue University8127
Norwegian University of Life Sciences 9
Michigan State University10106

Skills Required for E-Courses Horticulture

The most common and important skills required by students to pursue E-Courses in Horticulture are:

  • Detail Oriented
  • Trim Carpentry
  • Communication Skills
  • Horticulture
  • Weeding
  • Pruning and Landscaping.

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Eligibility Requirements for E-course Horticulture

There are a few eligibility requirements that you are required to fulfil in order to pursue Courses in Horticulture across the globe. Some of the basic requirements are as follows; 

  • One of the major requirements is to have an undergraduate degree in horticulture or any other relevant discipline from an officially recognised institution. 
  • You are also required to submit an English proficiency Test score in case you want to pursue horticulture courses abroad. 

Language Proficiency Test Scores 

You are required to submit language proficiency scores if your first language is not English. These language proficiency tests include IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. 

Language Proficiency Test Score Required 
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Documents Required 

If you want to pursue horticulture courses abroad then you are required to submit a list of documents. Some of the essential documents include 

Career Prospects 

One of the major reasons for the popularity of Horticulture courses is the availability of job profiles in private as well as government sectors. Some of the popular job profiles after completion of E-Courses in horticulture are:

  • Horticulturist 
  • Floriculturist 
  • Pomologists 
  • Soil scientist 
  • Seed analytics 
  • Management plantation 
  • Farm manager 
  • Horticulture education supervisor 


Another factor that must be considered while opting for a course is the average salaries in various countries. 

Name of the Country Average Salary INR Conversions 
USA $35k – $98k28.61 Lakhs- 80.11 Lakhs 
UK£39,10639.31 Lakhs 
Australia AU$21 – AU$34 per hour 1206.82-1953.90
India ₹380,000 


Q1. Which horticulture course is the best?

Ans. The best course after 12th grade is BSc Horticulture if you want to learn how to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, tea, and other plants.

Q2. What is a virtual course?

Ans. E-course (plural: e-courses) A course of study that is delivered through electronic means, particularly the Internet.

Q3. Which stream is ideal for gardening?

Ans. A 12th-grade biology, agriculture, or botany course is required to pursue a bachelor’s degree in horticulture.

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