Pre-Departure Expenses to Study in the USA

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Pre-Departure Expenses to Study in the USA

Studying abroad programs are undoubtedly one of the great things for students. The modem universities, knowledgeable professors, and attractive campuses are enough to excite any student. But before the start of the program, there will be some front-up costs that might prove huge, depending on the university as well as your personal life. Therefore, make sure you create a budget in advance so that you don’t face problems. Even if you have scholarships, most of them will cater for the university tuition fees. Before you arrive in the United States, you need to spend money from your own pocket. Here are the pre-departure expenses to study in the USA. 



This is one of the most important pre-departure expenses to study in the USA. If you don’t have a valid for six months after your intended return to the United States, make sure you apply for one as soon as you can. You need to spend a specific amount of money while applying for passports. But this won’t be considered a huge pre-departure expense to study in the USA.

Program Deposits 

After you got enrolment in an affiliated program, you might need to pay a housing deposit or confirmation money. Make sure you’re paying this specific amount of money directly to the program. If you pay it to Northwestern, you’ll be making a huge mistake. This is another pre-departure expense to study in the USA.

Northwestern students who have plans to go for Northwestern-sponsored programs don’t need to pay any deposit money. However, they will be charged a specific cancellation fee that can be withdrawn after confirmed participation. 

Depending on the program you choose, the amount of money you deposit will either be credited to your USA university invoice or the housing invoice. Keep in mind that the deposits are usually non-refundable, especially if you try to withdraw them after confirming. 

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Student Visas and Counsellor Fees 

Make sure you cross-check the visa requirements twice or thrice. The visa requirements will depend on the country you’re choosing for your study abroad dream. The visa expenses might also be included in the overall program fee, depending on the program sponsor or the program itself. You might also have to cover the visa fee out of your own pocket during the application time. The visa is considered one of the most crucial pre-departure expenses to study in the USA.

If you’re going through a student visa application process that needs a financial guarantee or any other type of finances while studying abroad, make sure you contact the program sponsor so that they can determine if they are capable of providing you with the certification. 

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International Health Insurance 

During your time studying at US universities, you need to consider health insurance. If the program you have chosen isn’t offering the required coverage, make sure you purchase your own policy before starting your study abroad programs in the USA. 


This will become one of the most expensive pre-departure expenses to study in the USA. A one-way flight ticket from India to New York will cost more than 60,000. But the flight fare is extremely volatile. The overall flight fare will be dependent on the starting point as well as the destination. Not to mention, the airline you choose will also have a massive impact on the flight fare. For instance, some airlines are super expensive where you need to spend more than 1 Lakh for flight tickets. But these airlines will reach your destination quickly. The luggage you carry and the meals you choose will also make the flight fare dynamic. 


Do you need a visa to travel and study at US universities?

Yes, the visa is a mandatory thing. Without which you won’t be granted entry to the country. 

What is the costliest up-front cost before studying in the USA?

The tuition fee that you need to pay will prove to be the most expensive. 

How much do you need to spend as front-up cost?

Depending on the university and state, the front-up cost can be anything between 5-6 Lakhs.

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