Duolingo Syllabus 2023: Check Section-wise Syllabus & Types of Questions

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Duolingo Syllabus

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is a popular online English language test. The examination is taken by students who want to study abroad. The DET results are accepted by more than 4000 universities worldwide. Countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia accept the Duolingo test results. Candidates can send their test results to as many universities as they want. The DET scores are measured on a scale of 10-160. Before appearing for the DET, it is necessary that the candidates have read the syllabus and have prepared well for the examination. This blog covers all about the Duolingo syllabus that a student should know about.


Duolingo English Test Syllabus 

The Duolingo English Test follows a computer adaptive technology. Therefore, there is no specific syllabus for the DET. The test pattern is simple and easy to understand. The difficulty level of the examination changes on the basis of the answers given by the test taker. Below are the main subscore categories of the Duolingo syllabus.

Comprehension Tests reading and listening skills
LiteracyTests reading and writing skills 
ConversationTests listening and speaking skills
ProductionTests writing and speaking skills

Duolingo Exam Syllabus for Introduction and Onboarding

The introductory section makes the test takers aware of all the rules and regulations of the examination. During this time, the computer’s camera, microphone, speakers, etc are checked. Moreover, the Government ID presented by the candidate is verified.

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Duolingo Exam Syllabus for Adaptive Test Section

The Duolingo adaptive section questions cannot be anticipated. However, in general, these types of questions are asked.

TypeSub-ScoresTime LimitHow often do they appear?
Read and completeLiteracy and Comprehension3 minutes6 times on average
Read and selectLiteracy and Comprehension1 minute6 times on average
Listen and typeComprehension and Conversation1 minute6 times on average
Listen and selectComprehension and Conversation1½ minutes6 times on average
Read aloudComprehension and Conversation20 seconds6 times on average
Write about the photoProduction and Literacy1 minute3 times on average
Read and writeProduction and Literacy5 minutesOnce on average
Speak about the photoProduction and Conversation30 seconds to 1½ minutesOnce on average
Read and speakConversation and Production30 seconds to 1½ minutesOnce on average
Listen and speakConversation and Production30 seconds to 1½ minutesTwice on average

Adaptive Test Question Types 

Here is a list of adaptive test questions that can be expected in the DET. Generally, these questions are most common.

  • Read and complete the missing letters to complete the text below
  • Select the English words from the test given below
  • Listen and type the statement 
  • Record yourself reading the statement
  • Write about the photo given 
  • Speak for approximately 30 seconds about the image given below
  • Read and write an answer to a question in 50 words 
  • Speak for 30 sections about the given question
  • Listen and speak the answer to the given question
  • Select the best option and complete the sentence
  • Complete the passage by choosing the right option and answer
  • Drag the sentence from the given passage and highlight the correct answer
  • Explain the idea of the passage 
  • Select an appropriate title for the given passage

The adaptive section will be followed by an interview and a written test. The answers to these questions will not affect the overall score. However, the scores of these tests will be sent to the universities.

The Video Interview 

In the video interview, 3 minutes will be given to talk about a topic. There will be 2 questions given and candidates can choose any one to answer.

The Writing Test

In the writing test, 2 minutes will be given to the test taker. During this time, the candidate has to choose any one topic out of the 2 and write an answer for the same. 

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1. What is the syllabus for Duolingo test?

There is no specific syllabus available for the Duolingo English Test. However, candidates can prepare for the examination by practicing the English language. For example, listening to conversations, reading and understanding the meaning of sentences, and more.

2. Is Duolingo test difficult?

No. Duolingo examination is easier than the TOEFL examination.is simply not true. The examination adapts to the test taker and tries to assess the level of English.

3. Is it hard to score 120 in Duolingo?

A good DET score is 115, and a score above 120 is considered as excellent. 120 score is an excellent score. The difficulty of the examination depends on the English language skills of the candidate.

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