Latest GMAT Sample Questions 2023

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Latest GMAT Sample Questions

The Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT is an admission test taken by students who want to enroll in a business management program. The GMAT examination tests a student’s analytical skills, writing skills, verbal reasoning, quantitative, and reading skills. More than 110 countries accept the GMAT scores of students. For this reason, the examination is extremely important. To secure good marks in the GMAT examination a student must practice well. Therefore in this blog, we have provided the GMAT sample questions that a test taker can check out. Keep reading to learn more.


GMAT Sample Questions

The GMAT sample questions help a test taker prepare well for the examination. It also gives the candidate an idea about the kind of questions that will be asked in the examination. Here we have provided some of the GMAT sample questions that go into the overall score of 200-800 points. Data sufficiency, in the quantitative section, is the least liked question. On the other hand, the reading comprehension can be difficult for others. However, everyone can improve their GMAT scores. Hence, it is important not to evaluate the GMAT score just based on these sample questions.

GMAT Sample Questions -Quantitative Reasoning 

Sample 1- GeometryClick here
Sample 2-StatisticsClick here
Sample 3- Word ProblemsClick here
Sample 4- Linear Equations; Number PropertiesClick here
Sample 5- InequalityClick here

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GMAT Sample Questions -Verbal Reasoning 

Sample 1 StrengthenClick here
Sample 2- Find the AssumptionClick here
Sample 3- Agreement; Grammatical Construction; Idiom; Logical PredictionClick here
Sample 4 -Subject Verb Agreement; Verb FormClick here
Sample 5- Idiom; Logical PredictionClick here

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Tips to Prepare for the GMAT exam

Here are some tips that students can use to prepare for the GMAT examination. 

  • Identify the schools  the candidate is interested in applying to, check the application deadlines, and the GMAT score requirements
  • Prepare a timetable and give yourself enough time to prepare for the examination. For example, taking classes for 3-6 months
  • Take advantage of the official GMAT practice products and practice sample questions regularly
  • Next, book a GMAT exam at a test centre/online based on the study schedule
  • Worl through the free questions in the GMAT official free starter kit. Check the progress and create strategies to improve the weak areas
  • Add more study time and practice tests to the calendar and focus on areas where most help is required 
  • Lastly, access the progress and focus on the weakest areas to improve scores. It is also important not to forget about strength areas. Hence, practice that as well.

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1. What kind of questions are on a GMAT?

The GMAT examination consists of several questions. Several of them are from the analytical writing and integrated reasoning section. The AWA section has a 30-minute essay, and analysis of an argument, and an integrated reasoning section has 4 question types-  multi-source reasoning: graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, and table analysis, 

2. How hard is it to get 750 in GMAT?

To get a score above 750 the student will have to solve medium-difficulty questions in the quantitive reasoning and the verbal questions. Moreover, the candidate will have to solve several difficult questions.

3. Is the GMAT test hard?

The GMAT examination depends on the section. For example, in the quantitative section is the average difficulty level is medium to hard. However, the average difficulty is below medium to hard in the verbal section.

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