Duolingo Daily Topic: Writing Task 3 (Write about the Image for about 1 minute)

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Duolingo Daily Topic: Writing Task 2 (Write about the Image for about 1 minute)

Q. Refer to the image given below and write about it for one minute.

Ans: The image encapsulates an enchanting view from a bustling street market. A woman wearing black clothes is sitting on a handmade blanket. She is engaged in the trade of selling exquisite hand-knitted bags to an eager customer seated before her. In the periphery, another individual who is with a camera is trying to capture their profile in a candid shot. 


Q. Refer to the image given below and write about it for one minute.

Ans. This image seizes an interesting moment in a live ice hockey match. There is a player who is strategically positioned near to the ice, is making a valid attempt to drive the disc and make a goal, aiming to notch up the score for his team. Simultaneously, a defender, donned in oversized white knee pads, is poised to throw back the incoming disk, ready to safeguard his team’s lead. 

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