Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Some people believe that the government should fund space exploration.

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Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Some people believe that the government should fund space exploration.

Q. Some people believe that the government should fund space exploration, while others believe that hospitals should be built. Which viewpoint do you agree with?

Ans: Among all the things that a country should prioritise, a debate often arises between funding for space exploration and investing in hospitals. While exploring the world of different cosmos and planets for knowledge is important, I firmly believe that a government’s primary responsibility should be the welfare of its citizens which includes a focus on building hospitals. 


Hospitals serve as the backbone of a country’s healthcare system, providing immediate assistance for emergencies, surgeries, and chronic diseases. These institutions are also hubs for medical research and the training of future healthcare professionals. Without adequate funding, hospitals cannot function properly, resulting in a decline in public health and quality of life. Moreover, investing in hospitals yields long-term economic benefits as well. This is because a healthy population will be free from illnesses and can contribute effectively to their communities and the nation’s economy.

While space exploration promises technological advancements, the benefits are often realized in the long term and may not have a direct impact on the public. In contrast, the impact of well-funded hospitals is immediate and tangible. Every citizen, irrespective of their interest in space, inevitably interacts with the healthcare system at some point in their lives. This emphasizes the immediate significance and widespread importance of prioritizing funding for hospitals rather than space exploration.

In conclusion, while space exploration certainly holds value and should not be disregarded, the government should give greater priority to the construction of hospitals. The health and welfare of its citizens must always remain the foremost concern of any government.

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