PTE Exam Tips: How Music Can Improve Your PTE Score?

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PTE Exam Tips: How Music Can Improve Your PTE Score?

Music can improve your mood, but can you believe it can also improve your PTE score? It has been proven that listening to music can relieve stress and improve concentration. As you know, The PTE Academic exam requires continuous practice and thorough learning to secure higher marks. However, if you study and practice in a fun way, you will find it easy to learn. Let’s explore this blog to know about the PTE exam tips and how music can improve your PTE score.


PTE Exam Tips: How Music Can Improve Your PTE Score?

Music has many benefits for human health and well-being. Research has shown that music helps in lowering stress hormones and blood pressure. Music can also rewire your brain, making you more likely to think new thoughts. Let’s learn some tips to improve your PTE exam tips using music.

Songs Can Improve Your Language Skills

Songs are addictive, there is always a song we hear it gets stuck in our heads. English songs often contain short words and simple phrases. If someone is a beginner in learning English, he can start listening to English songs.

Building Vocabulary While Listening To Songs

Research has shown that listening to music improves vocabulary acquisition. Students can learn new words and emphasize the phrases. The rhythmic aspect of music helps with memorization.

Improve Your Pronunciation

Listening to songs and singing along is a great way to improve your English pronunciation. You are more fluent when you sing a song, it’s another way to gain confidence and improve your language skills.

Music Aids Your Memory

Music is good for your brain. Research has shown that listening to music has helped patients suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Listening to music can help you concentrate better and reduce stress.

Train Your Brain With Music

 A lot of stress affects your studies. Plug in some good music and elevate your mood. It is proven in a study that, listening to music makes the brain more focused and detail-oriented. If you are struggling to study, put on your headphones and relax for a few minutes. Listening to music helps your brain to analyze and process information faster.

Uplift Your Mood And Relieve Stress With Music

Music can boost your mood as well as your productivity. Music is also a stress buster, studying continuously can cause mood swings and sometimes even depression.

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General Tips for PTE Exam Preparation

PTE exam preparation can be challenging for some students, but if you study with the right strategy, you can get a good score in your PTE exam. Here are some tips for studying PTE exam with the right technique:

  1. Understand the format of the exam.
  2. Create a Time Table.
  3. Give ample time to each section.
  4. Work on your English grammar.
  5. Learn and memorize new words every day.
  6. Learn the pronunciation of common English words.
  7. Practice PTE exam questions.

PTE Exam Preparation Self-Study Strategy

You can prepare for PTE Exam on your own without any coaching or purchasing a course. Here are some tips to prepare for the PTE exam that can help you.

  1. Start your PTE  preparation by knowing the pattern and syllabus of the exam.
  2. Collect the study materials for the exam that is available online. You can also refer to the Official website of the PTE exam.
  3. Dedicate every day of the week to each section of the exam, for eg: On Monday study Reading and writing, and on Tuesday you can practice speaking and listening.
  4. You can download PTE mock tests available online and practice them on a daily basis.
  5. PTE preparation blogs can help you with the exam.

Best Books for PTE Preparation

In this section, we will talk about the best book for PTE exam preparation. There is so much material available online but you have to choose what’s best for you. Here is the list of some PTE preparation books:

  1. The Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academics.
  2. Aspire C1 Practice Tests with Key
  3. PTE Practice Test Plus with Key, Vol 1 and 2
  4. Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 and B2
  5. PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2022


What are the best books to prepare for the PTE exam?

Students can refer to The Official Guide to the PTE exam book and the PTE Academic Official Preparation App.

How many questions are asked in the PTE exam?

You are given 2 hours to complete the exam. Each section has about 20 questions.

How much time is allotted to each section of the PTE exam?

There are four sections in the PTE exam. The reading section has to be completed in 29-30 minutes. Speaking and writing are generally given together about 54-67 minutes are allotted for this section. The listening section is given 30-43 minutes.

How many times can I apply for the PTE exam?

There is no limit on the number of times you can apply for the PTE-A exam. You can retake the test after a gap of 5 days from the previous test date.

I am 16 years old, can I apply for the Pearson Test of English?

Yes, you can apply for the  PTE exam. The student should be at least 16 years old to give the PTE exam. However, for students under the age of 18, their parents had to sign a consent form before the exam.

Students can easily score high in the PTE exam if they follow the right strategy. The only thing to keep in mind is to practice more questions and get your concepts clear. Music can help you concentrate and get back on track, but in the end, the only thing that can make you score high is your strategy toward exams and practice.  You can score high in your PTE exam with Leverage Live

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