TOEFL Integrated Writing: Common Topics, Types of Questions, and Best Tips

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TOEFL Integrated Tasks Topics: TOEFL’s Integrated Writing Tasks require test-takers to come up with coherent, concise, and well-reasoned responses in just 20 minutes, after analyzing information from both a reading passage and an audio lecture.


Conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the TOEFL exam stands as a globally recognized benchmark for English language proficiency. This standardized test is taken annually by millions. It serves as a stepping stone for many international students seeking to pursue academic opportunities abroad. Numerous universities abroad use TOEFL test scores as reliable indicators of an individual’s ability to effectively communicate in an English-speaking academic environment. That being said, read the article to know more about TOEFL Integrated Tasks Topics.  

Purpose English language proficiency test
Conducting BodyEducational Testing Service (ETS)
Generally accepted byUniversities in the USA and Canada
Level of ExamInternational
Mode of ExamInternet-based and Paper-based
Sections Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking

Most Common TOEFL Integrated Tasks Topics

The TOEFL writing section comprises two types of tasks, namely independent writing tasks and integrated tasks. TOEFL test-takers are given around thirty minutes to complete their independent writing tasks, whereas they are given twenty minutes to complete their integrated writing task. Students must keep abreast of the common integrated writing topics in the TOEFL exam to ace the section. That being said, have a look at the list of the most common TOEFL-integrated writing topics below: 

  • Child Development 
  • Digital Advancements
  • Culture
  • Employment
  • Technology 
  • Print or Online
  • City or Countryside 

Other than that, have a look at some of the common TOEFL Independent writing topics below: 

  • History 
  • Environment
  • Health 
  • Science 
  • Politics 

TOEFL Integrated Writing Structure 

Students attempting the integrated writing tasks in the TOEFL exam must adhere to the following structure to bolster their chances of scoring well in the said section. Have a look. 


  • Students must elucidate the relation between the two things depicted in the earlier sections. 
  • Students must start writing their integrated tasks with a succinct description of the lecture. 


  • The body of the integrated TOEFL task comprises three primary paragraphs, namely Para 1, Para 2, and Para 3.
  • Students must paraphrase the points made during the lecture in their own words.  The response should be well articulated and detailed. One way of ensuring success is to compare your writing with the reading passage. Doing so will give you a solid idea of where you stand and what else is required more to come up with a solid answer. 
  • The third paragraph of your answer should include all the points made during the third issue of the lecture. One must ensure their Para 3 is much more detailed in comparison to the previous paragraphs.  


In the end, conclude your TOEFL integrated writing task by summarizing the relationship between the listening and reading sections.

Types of Questions in the TOEFL Integrated Writing Task 

TOEFL  test-takers attempting the Integrated writing task must expect the following types of questions: 

  •  A lecture from a professor that is 2–2.5 minutes long.
  • A reading passage of 250–300 words long.
  • A writing task based on the lecture on reading passages in 150–225 words.

One way of ensuring success in such a task is by taking notes after going through the passages a couple of times. This way, you will not only be able to identify the key phrases but also get a solid understanding of the questions and how to answer them.

Integrated writing tasks in TOEFL require candidates to write comprehensive, coherent, and well-articulated answers after reading and analysing the given passages. Test-takers can also take notes while listening to an audio lecture. Students must structure their answers into four separate paragraphs, with the first two being about the topic and the passage respectively. In the third paragraph, you can incorporate or add the primary points from the audio. The last paragraph must be concluded with three to four sentences.

Frequently Asked TOEFL Integrated Tasks Topics

Here are some of the most common TOEFL Integrated writing questions. 

Science and technology

  • What is the use of technology in education? 
  • What is the impact of renewable energy sources on the environment?

Social Sciences and Culture

  • What are the effects of urbanization on communities?
  • What is the role of social media in modern society? 

History and Literature

  • What is the Influence of historical events on contemporary society?
  • What is the interpretation of classic literature in modern contexts?
  • What is the significance of famous figures from history or literature?

Environment and Sustainability

  • What are the consequences of climate change on ecosystems?
  • What is the significance of conservation efforts for endangered species?

Health and Wellness

• What are the benefits and drawbacks of different healthcare systems?

• What is the importance of physical fitness and mental health?

• What is the role of preventive medicine in public health? 

Best Tips for TOEFL Integrated Tasks Topics 

TOEFL How to Prepare: While achieving a perfect score on the TOEFL the first time around can be demanding, however, thorough preparation and a strategic approach can significantly increase your chances of success. It’s important to remember that exam performance depends on factors beyond just your level of preparation; having strong coping mechanisms for unexpected situations is equally crucial. Here are some effective tips and tricks to bolster your preparation and equip you to confidently tackle the TOEFL:

  • To devise effective preparation strategies, familiarise yourself with the latest TOEFL format and question patterns. Official ETS resources and reputable test preparation providers serve as reliable sources of this information.
  • Solve numerous mock tests and practice questions. This comprehensive exposure will reveal the exam’s intricacies, refine your test-taking skills, and equip you to handle challenging questions with confidence.
  • Invest in quality resources. Purchase reputable test preparation books and study materials curated by experts. These resources offer in-depth coverage of the exam content and nuances, providing a well-rounded foundation for your preparation.
  • Dedicate time to taking detailed notes as you study. This active learning tactic strengthens your memory, improves information retention, and enhances understanding of key concepts.
  • Set timers during your preparation to enhance your overall speed and accuracy. 
  • Regularly revisit your notes and practice materials to solidify your knowledge and maintain long-term recall. This ongoing revision strengthens your understanding and boosts your chances of securing a high score on the TOEFL exam.

Top 5 Books For TOEFL Integrated Tasks Topics 

Here are the best books which you may purchase to expedite your TOEFL preparation. These books are written by notable authors/publishers, cover major topics and latest trends, and comprise various sample papers and questions. 

Name of the Book(s) Author/Publisher 
TOEFL iBT Prep Plus 2020-2021Kaplan 
TOEFL IBT Pamela J.Sharpe
Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume 1, Fourth EditionETS

So that was all about the TOEFL Integrated Writing task. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. What is integrated writing TOEFL?

Ans: The TOEFL Writing section features two distinct tasks: an Integrated Writing Task (20 minutes): and an Academic Discussion/Independent task. The integrated task requires students to analyse information from a short reading passage and lecture and come up with a cohesive response.

Q2. What is the minimum word count for TOEFL-integrated writing?

Ans: The minimum suggested word limit for the TOEFL integrated writing task is somewhere between 250-300 words. 

Q3. Who is eligible for the TOEFL exam?

Ans: There is no ordained set of credentials for taking the TOEFL Exam. The test requires that you have at least qualified for your class 10+2 boards from a reputable institution.

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