IELTS Listening Topic: Listening Task 25 (Multiple Choice Questions)

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Listening Task 25 (Multiple Choice Questions)

This is a common question type in the listening section. You need to choose one correct answer out of three or four choices. You need to have skills such as understanding the specific points in detail and the ability to grasp an overall idea of the main points in the given text to crack this question type. 


Questions 31-32

Choose the correct letter A-C.

Q31. Corporate crime is generally committed …

A. against individuals

B. by groups

C. for companies

Q32. Corporate crime does NOT include …

A. employees stealing from their company

B. unintentional crime by employees

C. fraud resulting from company policy

Tips to Remember

  • Read instructions carefully
  • Mark keywords from the questions
  • Think of possible synonyms
  • Listen for the overall meaning of what the speaker is saying
  • Listen actively as the speaker may add more information or change the answer
  • Eliminate irrelevant choices
  • Make a guess if you find trouble with a question and move on to the next

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