Diploma Courses in Psychology in New Zealand (NZ) for International Students

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diploma in psychology nz

Psychologists play a crucial role in ensuring the mental well-being of people. The demand for these professionals is growing with the increase in mental health awareness around the world. If you want to pursue psychology, then New Zealand can be an ideal place to do so. The country boasts an excellent education system and affordable tuition fees, attracting tons of international students every year. Numerous prestigious universities in the country offer a diploma in psychology. We have listed below some of the best diploma in psychology NZ courses. Take a look at them and decide which one is most suitable for you. 


Postgraduate Diploma in the Practice of Psychology

The Postgraduate Diploma in the Practice of Psychology, offered by the University of Waikato, is created to fulfil the requirements for registration as a psychologist as per the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance (HPCA) Act. This course will help you prepare for a rewarding career and offer an enriching study abroad experience. Moreover, you will be offered a hands-on experience, ensuring a practical learning experience. The program’s great curriculum makes it one of the best diploma in psychology NZ courses. 

Course Postgraduate Diploma in the Practice of Psychology
University University of Waikato
QS World University Rankings 2024250
Total Course FeeNZ$ 32,615
Duration 1 Year

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Psychology – Diploma in Arts

Massey University offers a Psychology – Diploma in Arts program. This course will teach you about behaviour and relationships in cultural and social contexts. It will equip you with the skills required to examine the neurophysiological, sensory, and perceptual abilities. The degree aims to turn you into a professional psychologist dedicated to promoting human welfare. The high-in-demand skills relevant to psychology offered in this course make it one of the best diploma in psychology NZ courses. 

Course Psychology – Diploma in Arts
University Massey University
QS World University Rankings 2024239

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Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology

The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology at The University of Auckland prepares you for professional practice in the field of applied behaviour analysis. This course is flexible and draws on the interests and expertise of Psychology academic staff. You will get to work with up-to-date theory and practice. You will finish a supervised practicum that will enable you to apply your skills and knowledge in a real-world setting. The brilliant curriculum of this program makes it one of the best diploma in psychology NZ courses. 

Course Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology
University The University of Auckland
QS World University Rankings 202468
Total Course FeeNZ$ 46,752
Duration 1 Year 

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Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies

The Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies, provided by the Auckland University of Technology, is designed for people wanting to become psychotherapists. Moreover, this degree will offer you a detailed understanding of human behaviour and experience. This integrated psychotherapy programme will lead to qualification as a beginning psychotherapist. Further, graduates who go on to finish the Master of Psychotherapy can apply for provisional membership in the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists. The value offered in this program makes it one of the best diploma in psychology NZ courses. 

Course Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies
University Auckland University of Technology
QS World University Rankings 2024407
Total Course FeeNZ$37,274
Duration 1 Year

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Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Psychology

The University of Canterbury offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Psychology course. This program will train you to think independently and critically about psychological problems. Moreover, you will become knowledgeable about the important findings, key methods, and major theories of psychology. Moreover, this degree will teach you how to differentiate between genuine findings and implausible or suspect claims. 

You will also become familiar with the modern scientific research in psychology. Further, after completing this course, you will have the skills to study the behaviour and associated biological, social, and cognitive processes of humans and other animals. The program’s excellent curriculum makes it one of the best diploma in psychology NZ courses. 

Course Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Psychology
University University of Canterbury 
QS World University Rankings 2024256
Total Course FeeNZ$ 41,000
Duration 1 Year


Q1. Is New Zealand good for studying psychology?

Ans. Yes, numerous prominent universities in New Zealand offer psychology courses. 

Q2. Is psychology in demand in New Zealand?

Ans. Yes, the demand for psychologists is increasing in New Zealand and across the globe. 

Q3. How long is a diploma in psychology?

Ans. A diploma in psychology is usually about one year long in New Zealand. 

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