Digital Marketing Courses in Germany: A Guide

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Search engine optimisation is the newest trend in digital marketing, which enables all marketing professionals to quickly adopt the most recent abilities required for the sector. Although recent changes have made it a must for businesses to have a good marketing plan, the German market is continuously looking for new hires to have some SEO skills.


Most German businesses value candidates that exhibit an eagerness to change to new marketing developments, have talent, inventiveness, and the ability to convey great enthusiasm, in addition to experience and developed digital marketing abilities. Gaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in digital marketing in Germany may enable foreign students to use the skills they learn while studying abroad to find employment elsewhere in the world.

Why Study Digital Marketing in Germany?

Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after fields for international students because there are so many opportunities for graduates in Germany. German universities are known for their excellence, and they give students the chance to join a distinguished group of graduates.

Here are a few good reasons to study digital marketing in Germany:

  • Germany’s graduating students have outperformed students in other nations, according to Education News + Reviews (WENR).
  • In Germany, the range of salaries for positions in digital marketing is between €41,700 and €53,000.
  • The digital marketing sector is able to successfully reach the target audience because Germany is rated ninth among the nations with the highest usage of smartphones and social media.
  • 11.7% of university students in Germany are international, making it a desirable location, according to World Education News + Reviews.
  • Since Germany’s e-commerce sector was estimated to be worth $108.2 billion by 2019, earning a degree in the subject of digital marketing will be very helpful to you in terms of your future professional goals.
  • Graduates in digital marketing can work for large corporations like L’Oreal, Microsoft, Google, HP, Nestle, Apple, and more.

You have the choice to work remotely as a freelancer and enrol in free courses offered by many German universities if you operate in the field of digital marketing. There are many specialisation possibilities available after earning a master’s degree in digital marketing, including strategic marketing,  digital marketing, international marketing, etc.

The employment prospects in the field of digital marketing are growing every year, and some of the positions that are available include UX designers, content analysts,  social media content producers, and marketing professionals.

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Top Undergraduate Digital Marketing Courses in Germany

If you want to pursue an undergraduate degree in the field of digital marketing then Germany is one of the best places to do so. Following are the top undergraduate digital marketing courses in Germany. 

BSc Digital Media & Marketing

University: University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Media and marketing professionals are influencing future trends in everything from blockchain to artificial intelligence. Our students graduate with the knowledge and leadership abilities required for employment on a global scale. They will also possess solid interface expertise in managerial skills, media, communication, and business administration/economics.

Bachelor in Digital Marketing

University: IUBH

It is regarded as one of the best private colleges in Germany that provides education at the highest level on the global scale. All educational programmes employ English because it is a universal language. IUBH offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes for all courses.

The market suffered a paradigm shift that is generating rapid change with the advent of the Internet. New challenges are being faced by businesses and business houses in order to better serve their market. After recognising the aforementioned problems, IUBH developed a course in digital marketing for students.

Duration36 Months

Course Highlights

  • Basics Of Digital Marketing
  • Market Analysis
  • Configuring Your Website
  • Email Promotion
  • Internet Analytics
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Strategy for Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Content Promotion

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Bachelor of Science- Digital Marketing  

University: XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences

It has the distinction of being Germany’s first university to place a heavy emphasis on courses in technology and digital marketing. Postdam is where it is located. XU was accredited by the Ministry of Science in 2018. The university focuses on cutting-edge ideas and how they might be used in practical settings.

In an era where every encounter is conducted digitally, the institution lays a heavy emphasis on training students to face business challenges. Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in digital marketing are offered.

Duration3 Years

Course Highlights

  • How To Make Your Consumers Feel Welcome Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Digital Analytics and Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Income From Investment
  • World Wide Web Marketing
  • Planning, implementing, and carrying out online marketing
  • Advertising, marketing, and optimization on social media
  • Customers in the Digital World

Top Postgraduate Digital Marketing Courses in Germany

If you want to pursue an postgraduate degree in the field of digital marketing then Germany should be one great country to go to. Following are the top postgraduate digital marketing courses in Germany. 

MSc Digital Marketing

University: Berlin School Of Business & Innovation

Berlin School Of Business & Innovation conducts a master-level programme in digital marketing named.  The University for the Creative Arts, which has been ranked 7th in business, marketing, and management (The Guardian League Tables 2021) and 13th overall among UK universities, is a partner in the provision of this programme.

You’ll have the ability to develop analytical and creative abilities throughout this programme that is tailored to your business, which will help you reach consumers, generate more leads, and greatly improve your chances of landing some of the most sought-after marketing positions. 

Duration3 Months + 2 Months Internship
Fees425.15 Euro + GST

Course Highlights

  • Enhancing the efficiency of websites
  • Digital marketing basics
  • Create blogs of the highest calibre to draw readers.
  • SEO tactics for promoting businesses
  • Creation of Content
  • Using social media
  • Cost Per Click
  • Video marketing technique
  • Email advertising

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MSc in Digital Marketing

University- Quadriga Hochschule Berlin University

The accredited, private university places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary education. It offers executive training in a range of disciplines, including government, business, human resources, and sales & marketing. If you choose to study at this university, you will engage in transdisciplinary knowledge exchange, research that is application-focused, and professional networking for career advancement.

In Germany, it provides MBA programmes for courses in digital marketing. An MBA in digital marketing is designed to equip students with the managerial abilities and marketing expertise they need to handle issues for various firms. It also encourages the growth of interpersonal communication abilities. The digital marketing course has received approval and accreditation from the FIBAA. The instruction languages are both English and German.

Duration18-30 Months

Course Highlights

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Twitter Promotion
  • Writing and marketing of content
  •  Linkedin
  • Making A Website
  • marketing with videos on YouTube
  • Quora Advertising

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MA (Public Relations and Digital Marketing)

University: HMKW University of Applied Sciences

The government-sponsored Council of Science and Humanities handed HMKW, a private institution, its seal of recognition. The FIBAA has approved all of the university’s digital marketing courses offered in Germany. Students can enrol at one of three campuses, one each in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Cologne.

The college believes that students should obtain practical experience by fusing theory with a real-world business endeavour, nonetheless. This helps students prepare for careers. Even though it is a privately run college, it aims to attract students from abroad, which is why its master’s degrees are only provided in English.

A digital marketing course is offered as part of its master’s programme. The curriculum aims to equip students with the skills necessary for professional work in a range of cutting-edge communication mediums. 

Duration24 Months

Course Highlights

  • Copywriting
  • SEO for WordPress
  • Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ads
  • Retail Psychology
  • Channels for Digital Marketing
  • Freelance Projects for Social Media Channel Marketing

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Is digital marketing in demand in Germany?

Germany is known for having highly skilled digital marketing professionals, and the field offers many opportunities for career progression there.

Is studying marketing in Germany worth it?

Students who pursue a master’s degree in marketing in Germany are in luck because they have access to fantastic job placement options. The remuneration is between 100k and 31k euros.

How much is digital marketing course in Germany?

The fee ranges between 5,500€ – 30,000€ for a digital marketing course in Germany.

Hope this blog gave you all the necessary information regarding Digital Marketing Courses in Germany. For more such information, visit us at Leverage Edu.

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