International Marketing: Courses, Universities & Scope

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International Marketing

Marketing has long been a backbone of modern industries and it plays an imperative role in informing people about an organization’s product offerings, its working philosophy as well as building a reputation in the market. However, international marketing further extends this by inculcating the feeling of ‘brand’, marketing collaborations with other brands and stars and building an everlasting presence throughout the world. Companies like Mercedes Benz, Tata, Amul, and Goldman Sachs have managed to do so in the past decade for their respective products across the Indian market and abroad. So, if you are wondering what is the meaning of international marketing then it simply means to promote the business in scores of countries through e-commerce marketing, digital and service marketing, and advertising, among others. This has led to the birth of innumerable career opportunities of which here we mention a few top ones.

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Marketing Researcher

The current industry works on the principle of constant innovation and experimentation and this is precisely the job of a marketing researcher. Be it offline or online international marketing campaigns, projecting the product/service/strong points of the company in a new light positively impacts the reach and traction gained by the company throughout the global community. Primary job responsibilities include diving deep into modifications of the current marketing strategy, shaping future marketing plans, developing, designing and running campaigns, etc. Further, as you go up the ladder, you can also shift towards senior-level roles of management. You can also go for a Masters in Marketing Management for brighter career options.

International Brand Manager

Brand management is a quite broader term that involves international marketing efforts, brand marketing campaigns, customer satisfaction, etc with the aim of promoting the company’s offerings in the global community and in turn, building a brand. Moreover, it is closely related to other departments of sales, product development, distribution and so forth. In particular, an international brand manager ensures the creation and shaping of the organization’s brand through a long term strategy that also involves short-term targets. You can pursue a career in this field by enrolling in one of the Brand Management courses

Non-Profit Marketing Manager

The need for marketing and communications is not limited to big corporations but also extends to organizations that work for in areas of benefits or for causes, be it social, environmental or political. This includes charities, non-governmental institutions, societies, trusts, religious or theological organizations, animal safety, environmental protection, health awareness organizations and so forth. A marketing manager’s job in such settings tilts towards disseminating information related to the institute’s works, building contacts with existing and prospective funders, liaising with government officials and be in close touch with individuals within as well as outside the organization. As the job also requires a certain level of outreach within the community, one can also be tasked with community events of engagement, fund-raising initiatives, training, and coaching, etc.

Retail Manager

Especially for companies that deal in physical products and goods, international marketing and retailing is a demanding yet exciting responsibility. It involves bringing the product offerings into the market and into all big and small stores across cities. As a retail manager, your primary tasks may include liaising with store and chain managers, managing demand and supply of existing and new products, getting feedback from retailers and customers and relaying it to senior management, among others. Furthermore, it also requires frequent travel to ground locations and constant evaluation of the performance of the company in local markets. You can, later on, combine an MBA in Retail Management to gain entry into top executive roles

Marketing Management Analyst

This is an entry to a mid-level job that involves performing core research and analysis in order to increase the productivity of international marketing campaigns and turn them effectively into positive results for the company. Further, one also needs to be in close contact with the board to improve the performance and regularly evaluate and design new marketing programs. Entering into new markets presents a different set of problems that are tackled by such professionals. Analyzing company data, marketing sense, and branding projection, among others, can also be some of the tasks of the marketing management analyst.

Other Options

In addition to the above, there are numerous other career pathways in the field of international marketing that offer exciting learning, growth, and prospects.

  • International Promotion and Sales Advisor
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Public Relations Officer
  • International Service Marketing Manager
  • Professor/Lecturer
  • Public Policy Analyst

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What is International Marketing?

International Marketing is the application of marketing principles to satisfy the varied needs and wants of different people residing across national borders. It is also referred to as Global Marketing, Global Strategy or Worldwide Marketing.

It is a process of understanding the culture, traditions, values and expectations of different target customers and tailoring the products/services to meet their needs for better market penetration and selling.

International marketing refers to activities that foreign organizations undertake in other countries in order to promote their products, services or brands.

Marketing is a dynamic process where you have to be on top of your game in order to identify potential opportunities and threats. You need to develop a competitive advantage over your competitors but at the same time, you should be able to observe their strategies and react accordingly.

International market research requires an extensive amount of time, budget and human resources. Before embarking on an international marketing venture you should have thorough knowledge about:

– The Political Stability of the Country

– The Economic Stability of the Country

– The Social Stability of the Country

Subsequently, you need to gather information regarding:

– Existing Laws & Regulations

– Language Barrier

– Local Culture & Traditions

– Competition

After obtaining this information you can then proceed with your marketing plan by addressing all possible obstacles.

International Marketing: Top Courses & Universities

Owing to the intensive yet broad nature of the discipline of international marketing, a considerable number of individuals choose to pursue a full-fledged degree program such as an MBA in International Marketing or even a Masters in Marketing. Alternatively, one can also work in the industry at an entry or mid-level job and then, later on, pursue Executive MBA programs. Further, there are several other options in terms of courses, for instance, dual degrees. In order to apply, you may be required to possess a prior qualification in relevant discipline as well as submit GRE/GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL scores, SOP, LOR, transcripts, etc. Here are few universities offering courses in and around international marketing that you may consider exploring:  

University Location THE World University Rankings 2021 Courses
King’s College,
UK 35th MSc International Marketing
University of
UK 51st MSc International Fashion Marketing

MSc International Fashion Retailing
[Multichannel Marketing]

Boston University USA 54th MSc in Global Marketing Management

Graduate Certificate in Global Marketing
Management [Online]

University of
The Netherlands 80th MA/MSc in International Business and Management: DDM – Advanced
International Business Management
and Marketing
Lund University Sweden 103th Master’s in International Marketing
and Brand Management
Maastricht University The Netherlands 121st MSc in International Business
[Specialization in Strategic Marketing]
Arizona State
USA 184th Graduate Certificate in Global Marketing
Macquarie University Australia 195th Master of International Business
and Master of Marketing (2 years)

Master of International Relations
and Master of Marketing (2 years)

Griffith University Australia 201-250 Master of Marketing/Master of
International Business

Master of Marketing/Master of
International Tourism and
Hospitality Management

Hong Kong
Baptist University
Hong Kong 350-400 Master of Science (MSc) in
Entrepreneurship and Global

Master of Science (MSc) in
Global Marketing Management

New Zealand 601-800 Master of Business
(Global Management and Marketing)

Pursuing any of the above courses can gear you up for countless solid professions in both the corporate as well as academic fields. Needless to say, the application process can be a demanding job. Here, a little bit of guidance goes a long way! Take assistance from the experts at Leverage Edu in a FREE 30 minutes career counseling session and make an informed decision towards a rewarding career! 

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