Five Ways to Lengthen Your TOEFL Sentences

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Five Ways to Lengthen Your TOEFL Sentences

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized test that assesses the English language proficiency of non-native speakers. One of the primary factors that determine the selection of the candidates is English proficiency tests such as TOEFL. One of the important skills in this test is the ability to construct longer sentences and maintain structured sentences. These longer sentences can improve your English proficiency and also demonstrate your ability to use correct grammar. In this blog, we will explore five effective strategies to help you lengthen your TOEFL sentences and improve your overall writing and speaking skills.

Five Ways to Lengthen Your TOEFL Sentences

These are some of the tips to lengthen your TOEFL sentences: 

Add Detail and Elaboration

One of the simplest ways to lengthen your sentences is by adding more detail and elaboration to your ideas. 

The candidates can always go deep with their thoughts on any sentences to make them long and relevant. Adding these also makes the sentences more expressive in comparison.

Use Adverbs and Adjectives

Incorporating adverbs and adjectives can significantly enhance the richness of your sentences. Adverbs describe how something is done, while adjectives provide additional information about nouns. 

Also adding these makes the sentence more interesting and descriptive in nature. 

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Integrate Connectors and Transition Words

Connectors and transition words help create a logical flow in your sentences. These do not abruptly end the sentence. It also guides the reader or the listener through your ideas and thinking. 

Use Relative Clauses

Relative clauses, also known as adjective clauses, are an excellent way to lengthen your sentences while also making sure to provide additional information. These clauses often begin with relative pronouns such as “who,” “which,” or “that.” 

Using these also depicts your ability to use and create complex sentences. 

Practice Using Complex Sentences

Complex sentences contain independent clauses (complete thoughts) and dependent clauses (incomplete thoughts). By combining these two types of sentences and clauses, the candidates can construct longer sentences and that are more impactful. 

Practice writing and speaking in complex sentences to naturally extend your TOEFL responses.

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How to improve your TOEFL score from 80 to 100?

Improving your TOEFL score can be very difficult. You need to choose a course, that can help you prepare for and also practise. 

How to get 60 in TOEFL?

To score 60, you need to read the text and practice according to the sections. Just be confident and take frequent breaks in between your practice to inculcate the syllabus in your mind. 

How can I improve my speaking and writing skills in the TOEFL exam?

To improve the speaking and writing tasks, make sure you practice the online tests available, make sure you take notes and improve your grammar and vocabulary.

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