Cost of Living in Rome: Updated Prices, Comparison with Other Cities

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Rome, the capital of Italy, is known for its rich culture and stunning architecture. Compared to other major European cities, the cost of living in Rome falls into the middle range, which makes it more affordable than many other European capitals. Rome is famous for its enjoyable environment, living conditions, and high-quality education with advanced programs, which draws people from across the world to come here.


If you’re thinking of moving to Rome, you should compute the cost of living there to live comfortably and enjoy its wonderful ambience. Regardless, the cost of living in Rome can be more convincing along with reasonable studying in Europe. Some categories may contribute to the cost of living in Rome. Let us know about these expenses in detail.

Cost of Living in Rome Overview

Near about EUR 849 is the average cost of living in Rome for a single person except for housing rent according to the numbeo. However, this expenditure may change by the living standard, preference for things and region you select. 

The cost of living in Rome includes accommodation, meals, groceries, transportation, utility, and amusement costs. Here, we have shown the average cost of living across different categories for individuals looking to live and study in Rome. Please take a look at this comprehensive overview:

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Costs of Accommodation in Rome

One of the leading factors that can influence the cost of living in Rome is accommodation costs. However, it depends on the location, size, and type of residence, due to which the cost of housing rent in Rome can vary significantly. For your amenity, we have collected some data on the average expense of various lodgings located inside and beyond the city centre.

Apartment LocationApprox. Monthly Cost 
Apartment of One-bedroom in the City CentreEUR 1,084
Apartment of One-bedroom Beyond of CentreEUR 669
Apartment of Three-bedroom in the City CentreEUR 2,102
Apartment of Three-bedroom Beyond of CentreEUR 1,240

Cost of a Utility in Rome 

The cost of utilities in Rome should be carefully evaluated as it includes basic costs for gas, water, electricity, heating, etc. Nevertheless, locality, area, and energy source all influence utility costs. An outline of the average expenditure of utility bills in Rome is given in the table below.

Utility TypeApprox. Cost 
Basic Utility Bills for Water, Electricity, Heating, Cooling, and GarbageEUR 212
Monthly Plan Mobile Phone (including Calls and 10GB+ Data)EUR 11.58
Internet (Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL monthly)EUR 27.66

Restaurant Food Costs in Rome

Pizza, spaghetti, pasta, maritozzi (pastries), saltimbocca and many other delicious dishes and cushions are famous in Rome. In Rome, eating out can be exciting and a little expensive. Food prices vary depending on the style of the restaurant and preferred location. How much does food cost in restaurants in Rome, see the following table:

Type of Restaurant Approx Cost of Meal in Restaurant 
Meal at an inexpensive restaurantEUR 15
Meal for 2 people (in a Mid-range Restaurant)EUR 63
Equal meal. to McDonald’sEUR  10
CappuccinoEUR 1.48

Although the food in Rome is delicious and varied, it is somewhat pricey. So you can save money by cooking in your room, and it won’t affect your budget for the cost of living in Rome.

Cost of Grocery in Rome

Food costs in Rome are crucial as they have an immediate influence on the overall cost of living in Rome. Essential grocery items including bread, fruits, vegetables, dairy goods, water, etc. are normally found in supermarkets. The cost of groceries in Rome can vary by location, order and quality. In the following table, we have provided an outline of average grocery costs in Rome for a person.

Grocery ItemApprox Cost 
1 litre of Regular MilkEUR 1.54
500g Bread (White) EUR 1.72
1kg OrangesEUR 1.92
1kg Apples EUR 2.04
1kg Banana EUR 1.85
1kg PotatoEUR 1.47
1kg white RiceEUR 2.47
1kg TomatoEUR 2.37
1kg OnionEUR 1.59
1.5 litre Water bottle EUR 0.37

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Transportation Costs in Rome

It’s necessary to calculate transport costs in Rome because they have a notable impact on the comprehensive cost of living in Rome. You must be aware of how much monthly passes or daily tickets for public transport cost.

Getting around in Rome involves using different means of public transport, such as metro, tram, taxi, bus, suburban trains, etc. Consider the following table for the cost of transportation in the Rome area:

Mode of TransportApprox Cost
A one-way ticket for local public transport EUR 1.50
Local tariff for the Taxi Ride of 1 km EUR 1.50
Normal Tariff of taxi for 1 hour Waiting EUR 31.50
Ticket for Monthly Pass in a Public transportEUR 35
1 L or 0.26 gal Gas / PetrolEUR 1.81

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Miscellaneous Costs in Rome

Cinema tickets, pairs of dresses, short doctor visits, etc, expenses might be taken into consideration in addition to the overhead categories of the cost of living in Rome. By budgeting carefully, you can enjoy all that this vibrant city has to offer. Please go to the table below for a list of the miscellaneous costs that we have given.

Miscellaneous Approx Cost 
Movie TicketEUR 9.93
Brand Jeans EUR 64
Branded SneakersEUR 74.3
Fitness ClubEUR 54.5
Doctor’s visitEUR 96.7
Cold MedicineEUR 8.91
Hair ShampooEUR 3.92
Haircut, simpleEUR 18.6
Source: livingcost

The Cost of Living in Rome Compared to Other Cities

Rome is generally viewed as an affordable city to live in compared to some cities in Europe with economic stability. Additionally, the cost of living in Europe can change enormously from city to city. So to give you an idea of ​​how the cost of living in Rome compares to other countries, we’ve given the cost of living in other cities (not including rent). Please have a look:

Cost of Living City WiseAverage Cost of LivingComparison with Cost of Living in Rome
Cost of Living in LondonEUR 1295Higher than Rome
Cost of Living in MilanEUR 1,032Higher than Rome
Cost of Living in the USEUR 1074Higher than Rome
Cost of Living in TorontoEUR 1019Higher than Rome
Cost of Living in BarcelonaEUR 783Lower than Rome
Cost of living in MadridEUR 818Lower than Rome
Cost of Living in ParisEUR 1,125Higher than Rome
Cost of Living in DublinEUR 1,088Higher than Rome
Cost of Living in BerlinEUR 1,013Higher than Rome
Cost of Living in ChicagoEUR 1205Higher than Rome

Average Tuition Fees in Rome

The average tuition fees of Rome universities require a financial commitment to various courses and programs. Scholars need to comprehend these costs for their academic journey in the city. Scholars can budget more effectively for their chosen university by checking the average cost of tuition fees at universities in Rome, Italy

It is important to remember that the cost of tuition fees at Rome universities may change depending on the university and chosen study program. Consider the table below for a summary of typical tuition fees at selected Rome universities:

Name of UniversityApprox Tuition fees per year 
Sapienza University of RomeEUR 2820 – EUR 2,920
The University of Rome Tor VergataEUR 1,000 – EUR 25,000
Rome Business SchoolEUR 5810 – EUR 1,8300
LUISS – Free International University of Social Studies Guido CarliEUR 9,300 – EUR 12,000
Accademia Costume e ModaEUR 11,000 – EUR 15,000
Istituto Europeo di Design, RomeEUR 19,200 – EUR 20,100

Note: Maintaining the average tuition fees in Rome requires careful consideration and strategic planning. By understanding the factors that influence cost, exploring financial aid opportunities, and taking a proactive approach to affordability, students can confidently begin their educational journey in Rome. For more information kindly visit the official website of the university.

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Q.1 What is the Cost of Living in Rome?

Answer: Generally, the cost of living in Rome is considered moderately higher than other cities in Italy. The average cost of living in Rome for one person is around EUR 849 without rent and the living expense amount can vary depending on various factors such as accommodation, lifestyle and personal preferences.

Q 2. What is the average rent in Rome, Italy?

Answer: The average rent in Rome, Italy ranges from EUR 700 to EUR 1500. The rental price may vary according to the location, size and type of apartment you prefer.

Q 3. Is it expensive to live in Rome?

Answer: The average cost of living in Rome for one person, including rent, is near about EUR 849. It is significantly less expensive than other European cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Milan. Along with the affordable cost of living in Rome, you can enjoy a good quality of life here.

So, this was all about the cost of living in Rome. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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