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Education plays a key role in the development of intellect as well as the overall personality of the students. Seeking education from the best place in the world is the desire of the majority of the candidates. Bristol is one such city in England which is famous for its academic excellence. Bristol majorly covers the southwest part of England and is known for its creativity as it is a multicultural place. Thus, the city has a lot to offer to the students. Bristol is the vibrant city of the United Kingdom and it attracts thousands of international students from all over the world. It has a mix of a new natural feel of greenery and natural beauty and old historic places. 

This blog contains all the information related to the cost of living in Bristol for international students including transportation, accommodation, food, fees and other expenses.

Why Choose Bristol to Study Abroad?

Bristol is one of the most expensive as well as famous cities in England, yet living expenses vary on the basis of demands and needs. The following is a breakdown which will help you choose Bristol for further studies:

  • The city possesses beauty in its old historic buildings, architecture, breweries and clubs. Bristol is famous for its art, music and theatre. 
  • The city is just 2 hours away from London. The cost of living in Bristol is affordable as compared to London. 
  • Apart from beauty, its academic excellence is the prime reason for student attraction.
  • Besides experiencing the international environment you would also get the chance to avail global career opportunities that will craft a successful future.
  • The QS World University Ranking 2024 has ranked the University of Bristol at 9th position in the UK and at 55th position in the world. 
  • The university also offers excellent graduate employment rates. 

Cost of Living in Bristol

Bristol is among the most trendy places for youth and aspiring candidates to live in the UK. The city is jammed with bars and cafes, music and cultural spots, diverse food, etc. and if we compare Bristol with London, Bristol is slightly cheaper. As a student living in Bristol will help to achieve the benefit of living in a big city at a lower cost than many other big UK cities. 

Talking about the cost of living in Bristol for students, the entire budget or expenditure may differ from person to person as it depends on individual lifestyle and financial support.

Nature of Expense Approximate expense 
Transportation £74 per month
Food £290 per month
Utility Bills £200 per month
Accommodation £416 (off-campus)£740 (on-campus)
entertainment/Housing/groceriesLiving cost for student  £234 per month£900 a month, excluding course fees

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Transportation & commutation

The cost of living in Bristol is 82,513.7₹ (788.0£) per month without rent for a single person. Bristol is deliberately linked with the major commutation system which makes it accessible within walking distance for the university students. Besides, various travel alternatives are also available for international as well as domestic candidates that include the world-famous Bristol railway station, taxis and buses. Public transport helps to reduce the cost of living in Bristol. 

Transport system Fare 
One-way ticket (local transport) 2.33 £
Monthly pass of local transport (regular price) 83.80 £
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 2.60 £
Taxi 1 hour 20.40 £
Taxi 1 kilometer 1.33 £


Students can have food at the university’s catered halls but if you wish to stay in a private apartment, then, you may manage your food expenses on your own. 

Some restaurants or quick bites present in Bristol are:

  • Taste of Napoli
  • Matina
  • The Crepe and Coffee Cabin
  • Eatchu, and many more.
Restaurants Price  Range
McMeal at McDonald’s £15    £ 10-22
Mid-range restaurant (three-course meal) £60 £ 35-80
Milk (1 litre)  £6.54 £5.99-7.88
Cappuccino (regular) £3.23 £1.50-4
Water £1.10 £0.80-1.10
Milk (1 liter)  £1.14 £0.55-1.33

Utility Bill/Expenses

Utility bills (monthly basis) Cost 
Mobile Phone Plan with Calls and 10GB+ Data (per month) 11.50 £
Basic (water, electricity, heating, cooling, garbage) for apartments 247.38 £
Internet (Unlimited data, 60Mbps or more) 32.84 £

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Entertainment/Recreation/Hangout places

Bristol comprises various entertainment and hangout places and the prices vary depending upon the services offered by them. There are numerous bars and restaurants. The cost of a cinema, international release for 1 seat is £8.00. 


Bristol has a variety of neighbourhoods that offer accommodation to international students. It is the most famous and sought-after place to live in the UK. the rent and utility would cost around $1141 for a single person. 

Here’s a list of some popular student housing alternatives that an international candidate could consider –

  • Dean Street Works
  • Zed Alley
  • Hotwells House
Accommodation  Cost of living in Bristol
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,146.82 £
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside City Centre 906.82 £
Apartment Price per sq meter to Buy Outside of Centre 3,309.81 £
Apartment Price per sq meter to Buy in City Centre 6,375.00 £

Student Accommodation in Bristol

Average Tuition Fees in Bristol

As the city contains only two universities their average tuition fee for several undergraduate and postgraduate programs on a yearly basis is listed below:

Program  Average Tuition fee
Undergraduate ₹13.61-₹18.01 lakhs per year
Postgraduate  ₹25-₹30 lakhs per year

Things to Consider When Moving to Bristol

There are certain things that a student must consider when moving to Bristol:

  • As Bristol is a place to live so there might be high competition for accommodation. 
  • You can reduce your cost of living in Bristol by doing a part-time job and using public transportation. As there are only two main universities in Bristol the student accommodation might get reserved too soon, thus, it is better to book your bed in advance.


Is it expensive to live in Bristol?

As per a rough estimate, the cost of living in Bristol for a single person is 1,001.2$ (788.0£) without rent. It is comparatively less expensive than in London. But it should also be considered that Bristol is a place to live so there might be high competition for accommodation.

How much do you need to earn to live in Bristol?

For a comfortable living in Bristol, you need to earn approximately £19.95 per hour.

Is Bristol an affordable city?

Bristol is an expensive city in England because it is one of the most-sought and attractive destinations for the majority of international candidates. Therefore, before applying to Universities in Bristol a candidate must make sure that he/she is financially capable to retain themselves in the city during the course of study.

This was all about the Cost of living in Bristol, if you are aspiring to study in Bristol then contact Leverage Edu where our experts will help you in your study abroad journey, making it a hassle-free experience.

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