Cost of Living in Bristol: Updated Prices, Other Cities Comparison

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Cost of Living in Bristol : Expenses Guide

Bristol is one such city in England which is famous for its academic excellence, and creativity. Bristol is the vibrant city of the United Kingdom and it attracts thousands of international students from all over the world. If you’re considering pursuing higher education in Bristol, it’s important to understand the monthly cost of living in Bristol for a single person in the city.


It has a mix of a new natural feel of greenery and natural beauty and old historic places. It is essential for a student to be aware of the latest information on the cost of living in Grenoble. This blog contains all the information related to the cost of living in Bristol for international students including transportation, accommodation, food, fees and other expenses.

Cost of Living in Bristol Overview

The cost of living in Bristol, including rent, is on average GBP 812 per month, according to the numbeo. However, this expenditure amount may vary depending on a person’s preferences, lifestyle and budget. Living in Bristol as a student will help you get the benefits of living in a big city at a lower cost than many other big cities in the UK.

The cost of living in Bristol is affected by several major categories, housing, food and groceries, utilities, and public transportation. It’s important to understand these expense categories to get a clear picture of how much it costs to live in Bristol:

Nature of ExpenseApproximate Cost 
Cost of Local TransportationGBP 83 per month
Meal, Inexpensive RestaurantGBP 15
Basic Utility BillsGBP 229
1 bedroom Apartment in City CentreGBP 1369
Cinema Ticket 1 SeatGBP 9

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Cost of Food in Restaurants in Bristol

Whether you prefer dining at a restaurant or sampling street food, Bristol caters to every food enthusiast. However, students can have food at the university’s catered halls. The cost of food in restaurants can impact the cost of living in Bristol.

On average, a lunch menu at an affordable restaurant costs around GBP 15, while a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant is about GBP 60. A cup of cappuccino typically costs around GBP 3.45, making it an affordable treat for anyone. Some restaurants or quick bites present in Bristol are:

Type of Food at RestaurantsApprox Cost 
McMeal at McDonald’sGBP 15   
Mid-range restaurant (three-course meal)GBP 60
Cappuccino (regular)GBP 3.45
Source: numbeo

Cost of Grocery in Bristol

If you are a student, and live in a private apartment, then, you can manage your food expenses on your own. Cooking at an accommodation in Bristol is a smart choice as it can save you a lot of money. Eating out or ordering food online can be expensive and put a strain on your overall cost of living in Bristol’s budget.

Additionally, it’s important to keep track of the grocery budget as it is a fundamental component of the cost of living in Bristol. For your convenience, the average cost of groceries in Bristol is detailed in the table below:

Grocery ItemApprox Cost
Milk (regular), (1 litre)GBP 1.11
Oranges (1kg)GBP 2.67
Apples (1kg)GBP 2.17
Banana (1kg)GBP 1.00
Potato (1kg)GBP 1.32
Tomato (1kg)GBP 2.34
Water (1.5 liter bottle)GBP 1.21
Onion (1kg)GBP 1.06
Cheese (1kg)GBP 7.60
Rice (white), (1kg)GBP 1.26
Eggs (regular) (12)GBP 2.46
Fresh White Bread (500g)GBP 1.16
Source: numbeo

Cost of Utility Bills in Bristol

When living in an apartment, things like electricity, water, heating, and garbage pickup are crucial. In Bristol, residents typically spend around GBP 229 each month on these essentials. Below, we’ve listed some basic utility costs in Bristol to help you plan your budget better. Take a look and adjust accordingly.

Utility bills (monthly basis)Cost 
Mobile Phone Plan with Calls and 10GB+ Data (per month)GBP 12.74
Basic (water, electricity, heating, cooling, garbage) for apartmentsGBP 229
Internet (Unlimited data, 60Mbps or more)GBP 32.50
Source: numbeo

Cost of Transportation in Bristol

Bristol is deliberately linked with the major commutation system which makes it accessible within walking distance for the university students. Besides, various travel alternatives are also available for international as well as domestic candidates including the world-famous Bristol railway station, taxis and buses.

Cost of Transportation in Bristol

Public transport costs form a significant part of the cost of living in Bristol. To provide you with a better understanding, we have arranged the average transportation expenses in Bristol below, offering an estimation to assist you in budgeting for your transportation needs.

Transport systemAverage Cost 
One-way ticket (local transport)GBP 2
Monthly pass of local transport (regular price)GBP 83.80
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)GBP 4.50
Taxi 1 hourGBP 20
Taxi 1 kilometerGBP 1.37
Gasoline (1 liter)GBP 1.49

Miscellaneous Cost in Bristol

Bristol comprises various entertainment and hangout places and the prices vary depending upon the services offered by them. There are numerous bars and restaurants. The cost of a cinema, international release for 1 seat is GBP 9.00. 

For your reference, we have compiled data on various miscellaneous costs, including sports, entertainment, and clothing expenses. Feel free to review the table below and factor them into your living expenses budget as well.

Miscellaneous CatagoryAverage Costs
Fitness Club, for a monthGBP 30.06
Doctor’s visitGBP 76.4
Cinema 1 personGBP 9.00
1 Pair of Branded JeansGBP 62.78
1 Pair of Nike Running ShoesGBP 76.92
Source: numbeo,livingcost

Cost of Accommodation in Bristol

Bristol has a variety of neighbourhoods that offer accommodation to international students. It is the most famous and sought-after place to live in the UK. The rental cost of the one-room apartment is around GBP 1,369 for a single person. 

Housing expenses make up a significant portion of the overall cost of living in Bristol. By examining the table below, you can clearly understand the average housing costs in Bristol and their impact on the city’s total living expenses.

Type of Accommodation Approx Cost
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre1,369
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside City Centre971
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre2,150
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre1,542

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Average Tuition Fees in Bristol

The tuition fees at Bristol’s universities can vary based on the program and level of education you’re interested in. Finding information about tuition fees can be overwhelming for students. As the city contains only two universities the average tuition fee for a few universities is listed below:

Name of University in BristolApprox Tuition Fees per year
University of BedfordshireGBP 12000 to GBP 18000
London Metropolitan UniversityGBP 12800 to GBP 15500
University of HertfordshireGBP 14,000
University of West LondonGBP 13,000

Cost of Living in Bristol Compared to Other Cities

When you compare the cost of living in Bristol to nearby cities you will notice some differences. Generally, living in Bristol is more affordable than other major cities and offers a wonderful lifestyle.

To help you understand better, we have compared the monthly cost of living in Bristol with nearby cities like London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brighton, and Bristol without including the rent  The below table will show you how affordable Grenoble is. Take a look and see how it affects your expenses.

Cost of living city-wiseApprox CostsComparison Cost of Living in Bristol
Cost of Living in LondonGBP 1,102Higher than Bristol
Cost of Living in ManchesterGBP 851 Higher than Bristol
Cost of Living in GlasgowGBP 836Higher than in Bristol
Cost of Living in EdinburghGBP 896Higher than in Bristol
Cost of Living in BrightonGBP 880Higher than in Bristol
Source: numbeo

Bristol is among the most trendy places for youth and aspiring candidates to live in the UK. The city is jammed with bars and cafes, music and cultural spots, diverse food, etc. and if we compare Bristol with London, Bristol is slightly cheaper.

Why Choose Bristol to Study Abroad?

Bristol is one of the most expensive as well as famous cities in England, yet the cost of living in Bristol varies based on demands and needs. The following is a breakdown which will help you choose Bristol for further studies:

  • The city possesses beauty in its old historic buildings, architecture, breweries and clubs. Bristol is famous for its art, music and theatre. 
  • The city is just 2 hours away from London. The cost of living in Bristol is affordable as compared to London. 
  • Apart from beauty, its academic excellence is the prime reason for student attraction.
  • Besides experiencing the international environment you would also get the chance to avail global career opportunities that will craft a successful future.
  • The QS World University Ranking 2024 has ranked the University of Bristol at 9th position in the UK and at 55th position in the world. 
  • The university also offers excellent graduate employment rates. 

Things to Consider When Moving to Bristol

There are certain things that a student must consider when moving to Bristol:

  • As Bristol is a place to live there might be high competition for accommodation. 
  • You can reduce your cost of living in Bristol by doing a part-time job and using public transportation. As there are only two main universities in Bristol the student accommodation might get reserved too soon, thus, it is better to book your bed in advance.

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FAQs on Cost of Living in Bristol

Q 1. Q.1 What is the Average Cost of Living in Bristol?

Ans: The average cost of living in Bristol is around GBP 812 If we exclude rent for a one-room apartment. However, these living costs can vary depending on personal preferences and location within Bristol.

Q 2. Is it expensive to live in Bristol?

Ans: As per a rough estimate, the cost of living in Bristol for a single person is GBP 812 without rent. It is comparatively less expensive than in London. But it should also be considered that Bristol is a place to live so there might be high competition for accommodation.

Q 3. How much do you need to earn to live in Bristol?

Ans: To live comfortably in Bristol, you need to earn approximately GBP 812 per month. This amount is equal to the cost of living in Bristol for a single person without rent.

Q 4. Is Bristol an affordable city?

Ans: Bristol is an affordable city in England as it is one of the most sought-after and attractive destinations for most international candidates because to live comfortably in Bristol, you need around GBP 812 per month without considering the rent.

So, this was all about the cost of living in Bristol. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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