Cost of Living in Seoul

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cost of living in seoul

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is officially known as Seoul Special City. Seoul, located in extreme East Asia is known for its culture, heritage, cuisine, architecture, technology, business and natural beauty. The city justifies its name as a special city because of all its remarkable features. Above all, Seoul boasts its quality of life. Han River, the most appreciated water body in South Korea is located in Seoul. It offers one of the most serene and breathtaking views. The city offers a perfect balance of modern and traditional culture. Seoul offers one-of-a-kind living experiences. And if you wish to know more about the cost of living in Seoul, continue reading the blog to find out more!

Why Choose Seoul to Study Abroad?

The following are the reason to study in Seoul:

  • South Korean education system is highly esteemed and globally acknowledged
  • Seoul is the home of the most popular and high-ranking university, Seoul National University (SNU)
  • It offers abundant opportunities in a wide range of fields including engineering, medicine, architecture, business, finance and fashion
  • Korean universities are equipped with advanced high-tech facilities to provide students with the perfect study experience 
  • Another great advantage of studying in Seoul is its cost-effectiveness. Studying in Seoul is comparatively cheaper than in other European cities 
  • Korean universities and the government offers many scholarships for international students to pursue their education in the country 

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Average Tuition Fees in Seoul

The following is the cost of pursuing your education in Seoul:

Course Level  Average Tuition Fees/ Semester  In INR 
Associate Degree USD 1,500 – USD 2,600 1.22- 2.12 Lakh
Undergraduate Degree USD 1,600 – USD 10,000 1.31 – 8.19 Lakh
Postgraduate Degree USD 1,100 – USD 10,000 90,091 – 8.19 Lakh

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Cost of Living in Seoul

The average overall cost of living in Seoul for an international student is around USD 1,075 (1,260,000 Won) (INR 88,196)  per month. 


The transportation cost in Seoul depends on your travel duration and average travel time of a month. Usually, Korean spends around 55,000 Won on the regular monthly pass. The cost of purchasing your own vehicle depends on the brand of car you are buying. It ranges from 35,000,000 – 38,000,000 Won. 

Food Expenses

South Korea follows effectively a healthy lifestyle and is known for its diet culture. The country has the lowest obesity rate. Furthermore, the cost of having a meal at a regular restaurant is around 8,000 Won. The cost of other food items ranges between 2,000 Won – 7,000 Won.

Utility Expenses in Seoul

Seoul being a metropolitan city is comparatively more expensive than other cities in South Korea. The city is still quite affordable than many European cities. Moreover, South Koreans spend around 200,000 Won (inclusive of all expenses like gas, water, electricity and more)

Accommodation Cost

Rent and accommodation expenses depend highly on the location of your stay. Some metropolitan areas are more expensive than others. The average monthly rent of 1 bedroom apartment in Seoul is 975,000 Won. The accommodation or dormitory expense is around 792,150 Won – 1,848,350 Won.


Healthcare is one of the most integral factors while living in a foreign country. South Korea enables the residents to choose their own healthcare facilities and providers. There are two types of healthcare insurance schemes in South Korea. However, the cost of purchasing both Private or Public health insurance schemes is 14,000 Korean Won. 

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Things to Consider When Moving to Seoul

The following are some important things to keep in mind when moving to Seoul:

  • People of South Korea are very particular about their culture and traditions. One must read about Korean culture and mannerisms before moving to Korea
  • It is important to know about the basics of the Korean language. It differs from the English language in terms of script and addressing people of different ages
  • South Korea has a humid climate, sweltering summers and dry and cold winters
  • Seoul is a megacity and is densely populated, almost twice as populated as New York. It is quite fast-paced when commuting and getting around the city
  • You are likely to experience culture shock living in Seoul in terms of cuisine, greetings and other components


What is the cost of living in South Korea per month?

The average overall cost of living in Seoul for an international student is around 1,260,000 Won per month. 

Is it expensive to live in Seoul?

Living in South Korea could be expensive depending on the location of your stay. However, the city is less expensive than mon European cities.  

What is a good salary to live in Seoul?

The average salary to live well in Seoul is between the range of 83,000 KRW per month to 17,400,000 KRW per month. 

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