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History, Affiliations, and Rankings

The University of Bremen is a public university in Bremen, Germany. Bremen has a long history of higher education, even though it was only recently designated as a university city. In 1584, the Bremen Latin School was elevated to the status of "Gymnasium Academic." The name was changed to "Gymnasium Illustre" in 1610. In 1811, during Napoleon's reign, the establishment of a "French-Bremen University" was contemplated. The University of Bremen first opened its doors in 1971. It is one of 11 institutions that were recognized as winners in the Excellence Initiative's "Institutional Strategies" category, which was established by the Federal Government and the Federal States in 2012. The institution also won in the initiative's "Graduate Schools" and "Clusters of Excellence" categories. For the year 2022, this university has been ranked at 571-580th place according to the QS World University Rankings, 351-400th according to the Times Higher Education, and 529th according to the CWUR 2022 Rankings. 

Infrastructure, Campuses, and Courses

The University of Bremen's development may be split into 10 to 12-year steps: foundation, reorganization, consolidation, and profile building. The University was established as a "scientific complex" in the early 1970s in a city centered around trade and seafaring that had little experience with academics, especially not with communist professors. The University of Bremen (together with six other German universities) took part in a Volkswagen Foundation-funded pilot program for structural reform of university administration from 1996 to 2001. The University of Bremen is a campus university with 118 majors to choose from. It awarded 2,028 bachelor's degrees, 1,357 master's degrees, and 303 doctorate degrees in 2016. Every year, the Berninghausen Prize is given out by the University of Bremen for outstanding teaching.  The prize, which was established in 1992, is the oldest teaching honor at any German university. The University of Bremen offers free tuition to both domestic and international students. There is, however, a semester payment of around €300, which includes a Bremen and Lower Saxony public transit pass.

Accomplishments and Alumni

The Berninghausen-Preis has been awarded to members of the teaching staff for excellent performance and inventiveness in teaching since 1991 by the "unifreunde" [friends of the University of Bremen and Jacobs University]. The nominees are nominated by students and coworkers. The prize, which was presented by the Berninghausen family and is worth 6.000 Euro, may be divided into many categories. The various academic prizes, honors, and memberships earned by the University of Bremen's great researchers, as well as the acknowledgment of their devotion to research institutions, academic organizations, and associations, demonstrate the university's successful research. Michael Kölling, a German computer scientist presently working at King's College London and best known for the invention of BlueJ, is one of the university's most prominent graduates. In the first Scholz administration, Sarah Ryglewski, a German politician (SPD), has served as Minister of State for Federal-State Relations since December 8, 2021.

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The University of Bremen seeks to reflect society's diversity, and as a result, it makes deliberate attempts to attract students from underrepresented groups. The University of Bremen's profile includes internationality as a major strategic component. Internationalization is viewed as a process that affects all aspects of the university. As an international institution, it invites students, faculty, and staff from over 100 countries to live, study, and work on campus. They contribute to our success by enriching our teaching and research. The University of Bremen provides businesses and other organizations with a variety of possibilities to promote themselves as desirable employment to our students. It might also assist you in filling employment openings. Please contact the people listed below to get things started. 

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