Cultural Diversity and International Students at Coventry University

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Coventry University

One of the most well-known universities in the UK, Coventry University accepts thousands of students from all over the world for higher education. Just like the multicultural aura of the city, Coventry University also celebrates and embraces the culture and diversity that emanates from its students coming from all over the world. The university, through its many facilities and means, makes sure that every student and staff in the university feels included. Read this blog to know more about the cultural diversity and International students at Coventry University. 


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team 

Coventry University has a number of Staff Equality Networks that come under the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team (EDI). They try to give a voice to the equality-related issues. The team is run by the staff for the staff and with the support from the EDI Team.

The Staff Equality Network Groups currently work in the following areas:

  • LGBTQ+
  • Disability
  • Race
  • Mental Health
  • Women
  • Cancer

What do the Network Groups do?

The focus, as well as the activities of every group, differs. However, all the groups work in similar lines, like they:

  • Give informal peer networking and support
  • Raise issues for discussion and hopeful resolution that are related to equality that they believe are of concern 
  • Be a part of the university consultations
  • These groups have also been a part of varied activities, that included events across campuses like guest lectures, campaigns, film nights, and displays that mark different days like International Women’s Day or Black History Month.

EDI structure was developed for the local and international students at Coventry University in order to enable them as well as the staff to have the ability to show any concerns they might have around the area of Equality and Diversity. 

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Society and Centres at Coventry University 

The International students at Coventry University can make use of societies and centres that promote inclusion. Here we will now talk about these societies and centres. 

The Chinese Society 

The students union of Coventry University (CUSU) has organised various societies including the Chinese Society. The Chinese society helps in promoting the Chinese culture as well as traditions on the university campus where students can get the most out of their international University experience. 

Spirituality and Faith Centre

Coventry University also has a Spirituality and Faith Centre that is located right in the middle of the campus. It is a safe and warm environment for all students of the university, and even staff, irrespective of their beliefs, to come and follow their faith.

The facilities at this centre include a chapel, a multi-faith meeting room, Muslim prayer rooms that also have ablution facilities, a lounge, a multi-faith library as well as a kitchen.

The Centre is made in order to promote a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere on the campus. It gives a space that welcomes diversity and encourages dialogue for the development of a supportive community. The centre also holds regular events and activities.

Dignity and Respect at Coventry University

Coventry University recognises that its employees and students have a right to be treated (and have an obligation to treat others) with dignity and respect so that the Institution is free from any form of harassment or bullying. The existence of any form of harassment can create a threatening and intimidating environment with adverse consequences for job and academic performance but, more importantly, for general health and well-being. This is completely unacceptable and potentially unlawful and actionable.  The University will therefore adopt a zero-tolerance approach to such action when proven.

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Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is an action plan through Athena SWAN. It ensures that there is a review by gender for starting salaries as well as there is development and performance review outcomes. It also ensures that staff policies are family-friendly and are made to encourage new mothers to return to work after their maternity leave. They, for example, provide a generous childcare voucher or on-campus childcare facilities. Other than this they try to eradicate the unconscious bias that is prevalent in the recruitment process and monitor the starting pay as well as pay on promotion, all in order to ensure fairness to both genders.


Q.1. How many international students are at Coventry University?

Ans: There are around 13,000 international students at Coventry University.

Q.2. What is the acceptance rate of Coventry University for Indian students?

Ans: The acceptance rate of Coventry University is 32%, which makes the university a bit difficult to get into for international students. If you are an Indian student, you will have to achieve a minimum score of 60% in the class 12th examination.

Q.3. What is the highest package at Coventry University?

Ans: The highest paying degree that is offered by Coventry University to its graduates is a PhD. The avg annual salary is 104,467 GBP (INR 1.05 Crores).

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