PTE Score For Spouse Visa

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PTE Score For Spouse VISA

The Pearson Test of English, also known as PTE, has become one of the most sought-after student immigration tests, right after the test of TOEFL and IELTS. Being a country-specific assessment test, anyone who wants to immigrate to or apply to any university located in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK is required to submit their PTE scorecard before applying for the student visa. If a student wants to move out with his or her spouse, then the spouse will also be required to register for the PTE test by paying INR. 14,700 (including GST) and clear the test with more than 60 points. The PTE test score is marked on a scale of 10 to 90 points. 


PTE Exam Overview

ParticularsRelevant Details
Name of ExaminationPearson Test of English (PTE)
Types of PTEPTE Academic, PTE General, and PTE Young Learner
PTE Eligibility Criteria
  • PTE Academic- 16 Years and AbovePTE General- Anyone can ApplyPTE Young Learner- 13 to 16 Years
PTE Score Validity
  • PTE Academic- 2 YearsPTE General- LifetimePTE Young Learner- Lifetime
Registration FeesINR. 14,700
Mode of ExaminationOnline

Type Of PTE For Partner Visa

In a broader spectrum, there are two types of Pearson Test of English, majorly undertaken by candidates planning to study or work abroad. The applicable categories are PTE Academic and PTE General. If an immigrant is accompanied by his or her spouse to a foreign country, then they would be required to submit their PTE score for a spouse visa. While the spouse is eligible to apply for both the Academic and General PTE, it is suggested that the applicant should go for the PTE General test before applying for the spouse visa.

PTE General Exam

The candidate appearing for the PTE to obtain a scorecard for the spouse visa, has the convenience of choosing to undertake the examination either in May, June, or December. Since the test is conducted a year thrice, the applicants can register three times for the PTE General exam as well, till obtaining a satisfactory PTE scorecard. The purpose of the PTE examination is to check the English proficiency of the candidates. While other insights related to the PTE General examination are given below:

  • The PTE General exam concludes in two stages namely, a written test and a spoken interview. 
  • Through these sections, the examiner tries to check English language proficiency on the ground of writing, speaking and listening ability. 
  • The approval of a PTE score for a spouse visa depends on the merit point specified by the applied country. In general, the merit score may stand between a scale of 30 to 60 points.

PTE General Exam Pattern

The Pearson Test of English, irrespective of being applied for a spouse visa, carries a weightage of 100 marks in total. While the written test comprises 75 marks, the spoken interview allows the candidate to score 25 marks. The PTE General examination has been further divided into seven levels, which later helps the examination conducting body in identifying the level of proficiency of the candidate. 

Credit: @milestonestudy
PTE LevelExam DurationRelevant Detail
Foundation Level1 hr 15 minsTest the writing and speaking skills at the beginner level.
Level 11 hr 35 minsTest the writing and speaking skills at the beginner level.
Level 21 hr 35 minsTest the writing and speaking skills at an intermediate level.
Level 32 hrsThe test is similar to level 2 and is also on an intermediate level.
Level 42 hrs 30 minsThe test is a high-level PTE, suitable for candidates planning to study abroad.
Level 52 hrs 55 minsThe test is a high-level PTE, suitable for candidates planning to study abroad.

Candidates who are in need to obtain a PTE score for a spouse visa, are required to have a Pearson account and schedule their test in advance on the official website.

PTE Spouse Visa Syllabus

The purpose of the PTE score for a spouse visa is to check whether a candidate is proficient enough in terms of reading, writing, and speaking in English. To ascertain that, the candidate is asked questions from the general English aptitude and comprehension divided into these sections:

To ace the PTE examination, the candidates need to first understand and be well prepared for the PTE examination by following the PTE syllabus, and then move on to the process of registration. 

PTE Spouse Visa Registration Process

The process of registration for a PTE examination is very easy and requires the applicant to follow these step-by-step processes precisely to take up the test:

Important StepsRelevant Procedures
PTE Official WebsiteVisit the official PTE Website
Pearson Account CreationClick on step one and create a web account for PTE registration. Then choose the type of PTE exam relevant to your passport.
Booking of PTE Exam SlotAfter filling in all the required details, click on ‘Schedule this exam’ choosing a date, time, and test centre for the PTE examination.
Registration Fee PaymentOnce you are done with the registration, you would require to pay INR 14,700 as the PTE exam fee.
PTE Examination DayCandidates can choose any date and any centre, as per their convenience. 
PTE Score CardThe PTE scorecard will be provided within 48 hours after the examination. 

Candidates need to submit the obtained PTE score band for the approval of a partner visa.

PTE Fees for a Spouse Visa

The PTE Fees for a Spouse visa vary depending on the country. The minimum PTE score required for a spouse visa application is provided below.

Country Minimum PTE Score PTE Fees
USA50 – 58USD 185 – 275 (INR 15,126 – 22,485)
Australia33 – 50AUD 410 (INR 22,750)
Canada50 – 58CAD 300 (INR 18,366)
UK42 – 67EUR 180 (INR 16,258)
New Zealand36 – 50NZD 385 (INR 20,726)
India50 – 58INR 15,900

Application Fee for Spouse Visa

The application fee for a spouse visa is as follows. Note: the application fee can vary depending on the country and the immigration policies.

CountryProcessing Times (Approx.)Application fees
UK2 – 12 monthsEUR 490 (INR 44,260)
USA12 – 18 monthsUSD 325 (INR 26,573)
Australia12 – 18 monthsAUD 385 (INR 21,363)
New Zealand 9 months – 1 yearNZD 1,930 (INR 92,286)
Canada12 – 24 monthsCAD 850 (INR 52,038)
India2 – 9 monthsINR 35,950

PTE Spouse Visa Result

The overall results for the PTE score band would indicate the inclusive marks of the candidates granted by the Pearson examination conducting body (PLC group). To obtain the scorecard, candidates are required to visit their Pearson Account and request a view of their scorecard within two working days of the examination.

English Proficiency Score & Validity for Spouse Visa 

The minimum English proficiency Score for a Spouse visa, and the English proficiency validity for a spouse visa are as follows:

English Proficiency Test ValidityScore 
TOEFL2 years32 or higher
IELTS 2 years4.5 minimum (recommended 5.5 or higher)
PTE 2 yearsMinimum 30 points (for UK 59 points)

Countries Accepting PTE Score

The acceptance of PTE scores for spouse visas has grown by 80%, especially since the compulsion has been taken more seriously by the Australian government. There are 74 countries worldwide, that are accepting PTE scores for students applying to study abroad or working in a foreign country. The top PTE-accepting countries are:


What is PTE Exam for?

The Pearson Test of English is an examination that allows students the opportunity to study abroad or work in a foreign country.

Is the process of registration for PTE Academic and PTE General the same?

No, For PTE Academic, you can register through Edexcel Online System. While for PTE General, you would need to create a Pearson Account before registering for the examination.

How much PTE score is required for Australian PR?

The minimum score band required for the Australian PR is 30 points.

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