How Much TOEFL Score is Required for Canada?

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TOEFL Score for Canada

TOEFL Score for Canada: The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardised assessment designed to measure the English language proficiency of non-native speakers seeking to study or work in English-speaking environments. Recognised globally by universities, colleges, and employers, the TOEFL evaluates reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Through a combination of real-life scenarios and academic tasks, it gauges one’s ability to comprehend, communicate, and interact effectively in English. TOEFL scores provide insights into an individual’s language capabilities, aiding institutions and employers in making informed decisions. This test plays a vital role in facilitating international education and fostering cross-cultural communication.


What is the Ideal Score Range for TOEFL?

The ideal TOEFL score range depends on the specific requirements of the universities or colleges you’re applying to. Generally, a good TOEFL score falls within the range of 90 to 100, with individual section scores of 20-25. However, this can vary based on the institution and program. Some competitive universities might have higher score expectations, while others may accept scores in the lower range.

A score of 100 or above is often considered competitive and demonstrates a strong command of the English language. It’s important to research the requirements of your target institutions and aim for a score that aligns with their expectations. Additionally, higher scores can enhance your chances of securing scholarships or financial aid.

Remember, while TOEFL scores play a significant role in admissions decisions, they are just one component. Other factors such as academic achievements, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and relevant experience also contribute to the overall evaluation of your application.

What is Better for Canada – TOEFL or IELTS?

Following is a comparison between TOEFL and IELTS for Canada, Make sure to go through the table thoroughly-

Test FormatAvailable in Academic and General TrainingformatsAcademic Language Skills Assessment
Test SectionsListening, Reading, Writing, and SpeakingReading, Listening, Speaking, and writing
AccentBritish English orientationNeutral English accent
Content FocusGeneral language skills assessmentAlso widely accepted in Canada, administered by ETS
Speaking SectionMore interactive and conversationalStructured tasks, academic-oriented
Test DurationAround 2 hours, 45 minutesAround 3 hours
Score RangeBands 0-9Scores 0-120
Score ReportingResults in bandsResults on a numerical scale
AcceptanceWidely accepted in CanadaAlso widely accepted in Canadaand administered by ETS

Top Universities in Canada that Accept TOEFL

Following is a table of TOEFL score requirements for the top universities and colleges in Canada that accept TOEFL scores for undergraduate (UG) and graduate (PG) programs:

University / College QS World Rankings 2022 TOEFL Score Range Accepted
University of Toronto34McGill University PG TOEFL: Minimum iBT 86, tests reading, listening, speaking, and writing. UG: Exempt for native English speakers, iBT 86 otherwise. May vary basis individual programs
University of British Columbia47For UBC undergrad: TOEFL iBT 90+ (Discretionary Range: 89-99) with Writing 22.UBC PG admission: TOEFL 90+ overall, no section below 90. May vary basis individual programs
McGill University31For the University of Alberta, the TOEFL requirement is a minimum score of 100 (internet-based), with at least 22 in each skills area. May vary basis individual programs
University of Waterloo154Successful University of Waterloo admission requires a TOEFL score ≥ 90. May vary basis individual programs
University of Alberta110For the University of Alberta, the TOEFL requirement is a minimum score of 100 (internet-based), with at least 22 in each skill area. May vary basis individual programs
York University456For York University, the accepted TOEFL score is iBT: 88. May vary basis individual programs
Memorial University of Newfoundland751-800For Memorial University of Newfoundland, the accepted TOEFL score is iBT: 79. May vary basis individual programs

Why Should International Students Take the TOEFL to Study in Canada?

Following are the key reasons why international students should choose to take the TOEFL exam when studying in Canada:

  1. Wide Acceptance: The TOEFL is recognised by Canadian institutions, ensuring your scores are valued.
  2. Academic Focus: The TOEFL evaluates skills needed for success in university studies.
  3. Full Proficiency: It tests reading, listening, speaking, and writing, showcasing comprehensive skills.
  4. Fair Evaluation: Standardised scoring provides consistency for institutions.
  5. Global Recognition: TOEFL scores are accepted globally, offering flexibility.
  6. Language Requirement: It fulfils English language requirements for visas and institutions.
  7. Score Requirements: Specific score expectations for admission are met.
  8. Permanent Residency: TOEFL is accepted for certain Canadian immigration programmes.


Can we go to Canada with TOEFL score?

Yes, TOEFL scores are accepted for Canada study visas, demonstrating English proficiency required for admission. Check specific institution and program score requirements.

What TOEFL score is required for Canada study visa?

For a Canada study visa, TOEFL score requirements differ by institution and program. Generally, undergraduate programs seek 80-100 iBT, while post-graduate programs look for 90-100 iBT. 

Is TOEFL better than IELTS for Canada?

Both TOEFL and IELTS are accepted; choose based on preference and program.

The required TOEFL score for studying in Canada varies based on the chosen institution and program. Typically, undergraduate programs seek scores ranging from 80 to 100 on the iBT scale, while post-graduate programs may require higher scores of 90 to 100. It’s crucial to research and confirm specific score criteria for your desired academic pursuit in Canada. Build a plan with Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes and our top trainers to strengthen your English score as well as your application so that you can secure your spot in your dream college.

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