BSc in Business Administration and Engineering

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BSc in Business Administration and Engineering

Many aspiring students are drawn to unusual subject combinations. This is because these courses provide some of the most fantastic prospects for career advancement. One such subject is BSc in Business Administration and Engineering, a dual degree program at the undergraduate level. This program typically spans over a period of four to five years. It offers many incredible chances in both sectors while assisting students in gaining knowledge and expertise in two very different professions. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about BSc in Business Administration and Engineering. 

Course Name BSc in Business Administration and Engineering
Course Duration4-5 years
Level Bachelor of Science 
Approx Annual Fee$16,960 – $34542
Job OptionsProduct Manager, Management Consultant, Financial Analyst, Entrepreneur, Data Analyst

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Why Should You Study BSc in Business Administration and Engineering?

If you are considering studying for a dual degree in Business Administration and Engineering, then it would be good to know the benefits. This can make you decide whether it is the right choice for your career or not. 

  • Pursuing a BSc in Business Administration and Engineering can open up plenty of job opportunities across various fields.
  • This dual degree can help you acquire problem-solving skills and learn business strategy, leadership, analytics, and other skills. 
  • You can expand your social network and connect with like-minded people.
  • A dual degree can save you time and money and provide double academic benefits.  

Top Universities for BSc in Business Administration and Engineering

Below we have mentioned a few universities that offer BSc in Business Administration and Engineering. Apart from this, we have also covered a few similar programs for your ease. 

Name of the University QS RankName of the ProgramDuration Approx Annual Fee
National University of Singapore 8Double Degree Program in Engineering & Business Administration5 years$16,960 – $22,123 
Comillas Pontifical University 582Dual Degree Program in Engineering for Industrial Technologies and Business Administration and Management [ADE]6.5 years$2209 – $3093 + nine monthly installments of approx $1837.
University of Waterloo112Business Administration (Laurier) and Computer Science (Waterloo) Double Degree5 years$65,000 – $73,942
University of Bayreuth509Business Administration and Engineering, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)3 years$13897 – $17211
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid319Dual Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering and Business Administration5.5 years$9700 – $14590
Quinnipiac University251 – 300BS in Mechanical Engineering / MBA5 years$67,321 – $55,102
The University of Queensland43Bachelors ofEngineering (Honours) / Business Management5.5 years $30500 – $34542
RWTHAACHEN University 106Business Administration and Engineering: Civil Engineering B.Sc.3 years$1323 – $1592
University at Buffalo491Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration BS/MBA5 years$14,265 – $17,121

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Eligibility Criteria 

  • Students are required to have the required academic performance in the high school record. 
  • Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in science, engineering, or related field.
  • Candidates must have scored at least the minimum CGPA (depending on the university)
  • Students are also required to score at least the minimum GRE score (depending on the university)
  • Students must score at least the minimum score required in English Language Proficiency Tests (varies). 

Documents Required 

Once you are certain that you meet the eligibility requirements, you can then move on to collecting the required documents. You will need all these to proceed with your application. Although these documents can vary from university to university, you can get a general idea by these documents: 

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Application Process

1. Collect all the official academic transcripts before starting the process. This will include high school mark sheets along with proof of English Proficiency Tests and GMAT/GRE (if required, depending on the course and university).  

2. Next, gather other essential documents including a Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Visa, and Passport. 

3. Now shortlist a university from the available options. You can use Leverage Edu AI University Course Finder to help you out.

4. Once the application process has started, go to the official website of your preferred university. Check the eligibility and documents required.

5. Register on the official university website by filling in your personal and academic details as mentioned in the official records.

6. Upload the necessary documents to proceed.

7. Finally, pay the application fee and submit your application. 

8. Once you are offered a seat in the university, arrange the funding and begin the visa process. 


Scholarships prove to be very helpful for bright students who are falling short on funds. Let us look at some of the top scholarships you can apply for this course!

Name of the University Name of the Scholarship
National University of Singapore Science & Technology (S&T) Undergraduate Scholarship
University of WaterlooInternational Student Entrance Scholarships
Universidad Carlos III de MadridSolidarity Scholarship Program to study
Quinnipiac UniversityInternational Student Scholarship
RWTHAACHEN University Scholarship for Special Commitment

Career Scope in BSc in Business Administration and Engineering

A BSc degree in Business Administration and Engineering offers a unique blend of skills that broadens the availability of career options for students. It equips graduates with a solid base in principles of engineering and business fundamentals. Accordingly, this unique combination allows them to work in diverse field options. Some common career prospects include product development, entrepreneurship, management, and so on.

Job Profiles

As mentioned above, graduates with a BSc in Business Administration and Engineering degree in hand can take up job roles in fields like:


Q.1. What is BSc in Business Administration?

Ans: A Bachelor of Science in Business  Administration (BBA) is a degree designed to provide students with a strong academic base in business. It includes different aspects such as business administration, accounting, finance, project management, etc.

Q.2. Is a BSc better than MBA?

Ans: BSc and MBA are two different course options.BSc is a Bachelor’s level course that focuses on providing students with the base knowledge of a specific branch of science. On the other hand, MBA is a more professional Masters level course that focuses on business. Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on your individual interests and preferences.

Q.3. What is a business engineer?

Ans: As the name suggests, a business engineer is a mix of a technology enthusiast and a business administrator. 

We hope this blog helps you with everything you need to know about BSc in Business Administration and Engineering. Follow Leverage Edu to kick start your study abroad journey.

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