GRE vs GMAT – Which One is Better for You?


If you are looking for postgraduate courses in universities abroad, you must already know the importance of GRE and GMAT. Grad schools over the globe attract scores of students across master’s level programs. With the growing competitiveness and quality of applications, they are finding it difficult to select the right fit of individuals. In this respect, both the GRE and GMAT exams serve a useful purpose by providing the admissions board a scale to measure the suitability of the candidate with a particular program. While both come under popular exams to study abroad, there are more than a few differences between them. In this blog, we will deal particularly with the GRE vs GMAT dilemma. 

GRE vs GMAT: Overview 

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE), as well as the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), are ability testing examinations required as part of an application for a postgraduate program in universities across the globe. However, Business and Management schools tend to ask for GMAT, whereas, STEM and humanities degree programs recommend GRE. Although this is not a strict rule anymore. In terms of structure and content, both examine problem-solving and critical analysis skills in quantitative, verbal and writing sections. The following table summarises all the necessary details regarding GRE vs GMAT.

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CriteriaThe Graduate Record Examination (GRE)Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
Conducting AuthorityEducational Testing Service (ETS)Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
EligibilityNo eligibility criteria. 
However, typically applicable for master’s program.
No eligibility criteria
However, typically applicable for Business and Management program.
Type of TestComputer-Adaptive Test(sectional)*Computer-Adaptive Test
Test FormatBoth online and paper deliveredOnly online
SectionsThree sections:
Verbal Reasoning (2 sections); Quantitative Reasoning (2 sections; Analytical Writing
Four Sections:
Integrated ReasoningQuantitative AbilityVerbal AbilityAnalytical Writing
QuestionsSection 1: Two essay questions(Issue & Argument)Quant: 20 questions per section (2 sections)Verbal: 20 questions per section (2 sections)
PLUS 20 unscored research questions
Section 1: Analysis QuestionSection 2: 12 questionsSection 3: 37 questionsSection 4: 41 questions
CalculatorBasic on-screen calculatorNot allowed
ScoringMaximum Score: 340
Verbal Reasoning: 130-170Quantitative Reasoning: 130-170Analytical Writing: 0-6
Maximum Score: 800
Integrated Reasoning: 1-8Quantitative Ability: 0-60Verbal Ability: 0-60Analytical Writing: 0-6
Score Validity5 years5 years 
(Read GMAT Score Validity )
Time3 hours 45 minutes3 hours 30 minutes

* Paper delivered versions are not adaptive.

GRE vs GMAT: Structure & Syllabus

As for the test content, structure and syllabus, the GRE vs GMAT dilemma is not much of a concern. While both have questions testing quantitative and verbal reasoning skills along with writing abilities, the type and nature of questions slightly vary. Further, one must also keep in mind that the level of difficulty rises according to one’s performance during both the tests. The GRE Exam Syllabus is almost fixated on vocabulary knowledge, unlike the GMAT Paper Pattern which emphasizes on grammar. Students who have appeared for both the tests have an inclination to say that the quantitative section of the GMAT is slightly harder than for GRE. Another important feature of the GRE is that it consists of multiple correct questions. 

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Can the GRE be Submitted for MBA Programs?

If we talk about the GRE vs GMAT dilemma in the context of applying to Management courses, multiple questions cross our minds like, whether GRE can be submitted for MBA programs? Or Is the GMAT the only exam prescribed for MBA studies? The answer is no it is not. During the past decades, university admission boards have recognised that to promote diversity in its incoming class, it is important to admit students from not just business but from all backgrounds. While tests in itself cannot be compared, there are now only a few Business schools which insist on the GMAT scores. Prospective students are advised to check specific course admission requirements beforehand.

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We hope, through this blog we provided the last piece to your GRE vs GMAT puzzle. Overseas education requires a meticulously crafted approach not only in terms of preparation but also during and after the application process. Needless to say, it is all but natural to feel daunted and hesitant by the demanding nature of this process. In this phase, the expert mentors at Leverage Edu can lend you more than a helping hand, assisting you in securing a position at the university of your choice and encouraging you to take that first crucial step towards a fulfilling career.

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