Brown University Scholarships: How to Apply & Important Dates

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Brown University Financial Aid & Scholarship

Brown University, a prestigious Ivy League institution, is renowned for its academic excellence and its strong commitment to making education financially accessible to all students. The university’s need-blind admissions policy ensures that a student’s financial status does not impact their admission chances, creating an inclusive environment.


In this blog, we have listed down some Brown University Scholarships that are provided to international students and how a student can apply for them.

LocationProvidence, Rhode Island, USA
TypeIvy League University
CampusUrban, 146 acres
Undergraduate Programs80+ majors, flexible curriculum
Graduate ProgramsDiverse range across various disciplines

Understanding Brown University Financial Aid

  1. Brown University offers a range of financial assistance, including scholarships, grants, and work-study programs.
  2. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, grants are need-based and do not require repayment, and work-study programs provide part-time job opportunities.
  3. Prospective students can apply for financial aid using the common CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE application, and the application deadline is the same as the admission deadline.
  4. Financial aid awards are determined by assessing factors like the student’s family’s financial situation, academic performance, and demonstrated financial need.

Scholarships for Prospective Students

  1. Brown University provides merit-based scholarships to recognise exceptional students.
  2. Scholarships consider academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and leadership potential.
  3. Notable scholarships include the Brown Plurality Scholarship, the Brown Presidential Scholarship, and the Brown International Scholarship.
  4. More information and application details for each scholarship can be found on the Brown University Financial Aid website.

Additional Financial Aid Options

  1. In addition to Brown’s aid, students can explore external scholarships and grants from various sources, such as private foundations and community organisations.
  2. Applying for federal and state financial aid, like Pell Grants, subsidised Stafford Loans, and Loans, is recommended for eligible students.
  3. Brown University offers student loans and payment plans to provide additional financial flexibility.

How to Apply for the Brown University Scholarship?

Following is the Brown University Scholarship Schedule

  1. The scholarship deadline aligns with the regular decision application deadline, which is January 3.
  2. Early submission is encouraged as some scholarships may have earlier deadlines.

Process of Applying for Brown University Scholarships

  1. Complete the Financial Aid Statement (FASFA) or the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile.
  2. Automatic consideration for eligible scholarships upon financial aid application submission.

For inquiries, contact the Brown University Financial Aid Office.


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What is Brown University’s need-blind admissions policy?

Brown University’s need-blind admissions policy means that a student’s financial situation does not affect their admission decision. Admissions are solely based on academic merit and personal qualities.

How can I apply for financial aid at Brown University?

To apply for financial aid at Brown University, use the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, which is a common application used by many colleges and universities. The application deadline is the same as the admission deadline.

What types of financial aid does Brown University offer?

Brown University offers scholarships (merit-based), grants (need-based, no repayment required), and work-study programs. These options aim to make education financially accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.

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