Study in US: 15 Colleges Offering Maximum Financial Aid to Overseas Students

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Study in U.S: 15 Colleges Offering Maximum Financial Aid to Overseas Students
The average financial aid provided by US colleges and universities is $73,000. Among them, Wellesley College offers the most aid.

Studying in the US is quite expensive. Typically, an international student has to pay the tuition fees, travel expenses, housing fees, meal plans, books and supplies, and more. Consequently, to recruit more students, U.S colleges are offering financial aid.


For example, the data submitted to U.S news (annual survey 2022-23) showcases that an average of $22,000 (INR 18.05 lakh) is granted to international students. However, the average financial aid granted was triple the amount in the top 15 colleges that gave the most financial aid. That is, the amount was $73,000 (INR 59.89 lakh).

Mostly, the 15 colleges in the U.S are offering need based financial aid. However, 5 colleges are providing merit based scholarships as well. However, most of the financial grants are provided by Wellesley College. The schools that provide the most financial aid are located on the East Coast. 

Private Colleges Offering the Most Financial Aid 

Most of the colleges providing financial grants to international students are private colleges and universities .The average tuition fees in these universities range between $57,000 (INR 46.76 lakh) to $65,000 (INR 53.32 lakh)

The largest amount of financial aid per international student is provided by Wellesley College. During  the academic session 2022-23 a total of 82 international students have received financial grants from this college. 

Study in U.S: 15 Colleges Offering Maximum Financial Aid to Overseas Students

Excluding the Stanford University, most schools that offer financial grants are located in the East Coast. Among them, 4 are located in Massachusetts, 3 in New York. The rest are situated in Connecticut, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

All colleges except Skidmore College rank 39 among the National Liberal Arts Colleges . Additonaly, they also come under the top 20 in their respective ranking categories. The U.S. News Best College Ranking does not include the financial aid provided by colleges. However, the better resourced schools tend to have more money to grant financial aid.

Public Colleges Offering the Most Financial Aid

 The University of Vermont is offering the most financial aid among the public schools. About 117 students received financial aid during the academic year 2022-23. The university has given out a total of $34,000 to international students.

Arizona University is another public university that has offered $10,000 (INR 8.20 lakh) per international student. Moreover, the university has granted aid to 2,304 non-need-based international students.

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