John Allwright Fellowship to Study in Australia 2023-24

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john allwright fellowship

John Allwright Fellowships is awarded by the ACIAR which is short for Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. This award is co-funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The main aim of the JAF award is to help ACIAR partner countries to improve their research capacities. It is done by helping highly driven individuals through financial aid and other academic support to hone their skills so that they can help their home countries in development and drive significant change. 


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About John Allwright Fellowship

John Allwright Fellowships to Study in Australia 2023-24

With the John Allwright Fellowship (JAF), scientists from partner nations who are currently or have previously participated in ACIAR research programs can earn postgraduate degrees at Australian tertiary institutions. The primary objective of the Fellowship is to support institutions in countries that are partners of ACIAR to increase their capacity for doing scientific research.

The ACIAR Capacity Building Program’s JAF program has received the most funding. Through the Australia Awards program, it offers agricultural researchers PhD and Master’s scholarships. In Australia, there are roughly 38 JAFs enrolled in 18 different universities. Annually, applications are requested.

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Benefits of John Allwright Fellowships 

Following are the benefits provided under the John Allwright Fellowship to the awardees:

  • Entire tuition fees
  • Airfare for a single return in economy class to and from Australia via the direct route
  • A one-time allowance of AUD 5,000 (INR 2,74,000) which will help cover expenses of study materials and accommodation rent.
  • From 1 January 2023 awardees of John Allwright Fellowships will get AUD 30,000 (INR 16.44 Lakh) per year for living expenses. 
  • The selected candidates will get Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of the award. 
  • The awardees will be able to pursue the 15-month-long ACIAR’s John Allwright Fellowship Executive Leadership Program as a complementary studies program.
  • Selected candidates will get additional academic support. 
  • Only research students may be eligible for fieldwork, which may be covered by up to two round-trip economy class tickets for Masters students and up to three for PhD students travelling by the most direct route to their home country.
  • Pre-course English (PCE) fees money will be given to selected scholars for in-country or in-Australia instruction if considered essential. 

Application Process for John Allwright Fellowships

John Allwright Fellowships to Study in Australia 2023-24

The JAF program’s next round of applications, which will begin in 2024, will accept submissions beginning on February 1 through May 3, 2023. The equal involvement of ACIAR partner nations in the JAF program will be the main emphasis of this round of applications. Africa, South Asia, East, and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific are all included in this.

Through the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS), submit an online JAF program application. To begin your application, create an account on the OASIS system. You are not required to submit your application right away. Up to the specified closing date, you can create a fresh application form, amend it, and add your supporting material.

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Eligibility Criteria 

Candidates must be citizens of the nation in which they will be employed. For a candidate to be considered for selection, they must fulfil the following eligibility criteria: 

  • The candidate should have contributed to an ACIAR project within 24 months of application. 
  • The candidate should possess credentials at the time of application that, if assessed, would be at least comparable to an Australian bachelor’s degree in a field related to the proposed field of postgraduate study.
  • Be an economist or scientist from the developing country partner (apart from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, and the Philippines) who is actively engaged in a cooperative research project supported by ACIAR at the time of application (in some cases, ACIAR will consider supporting researchers from “advanced pipeline” projects, i.e. in cases where a full project proposal has been approved by ACIAR).
  • Be mutually supported in the application by the Project Leaders from Australia and the partner nation.
  • Request permission from the hiring institution, which must consent to the candidate’s absence if he or she is awarded a scholarship for the time required to complete the postgraduate degree.
  • Affirm the endorsement of the prospective research supervisor(s) in writing.
  • Establish that they have a permanent job rather than a temporary one.

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Documents Required

  • Proof of Citizenship (birth certificate) 
  • TOEFL or IELTS results
  • CV / Resume
  • Identity document (passport)
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts
  • Certified copies of degree certificates
  • Research proposal (for research students)
  • Employer approval letter
  • Referee report from collaborating country project leader
  • Certified copy of evidence of prizes and awards. Where they are not in English, please provide an English translation.
  • Statement of the university that English is the language of instruction
  • List of publications (if applicable)

Visa Requirements for John Allwright Fellowships 

For travel to and study in Australia, award recipients require a Student visa (subclass 500). Dual-national awardees are required to apply for their visas and enter Australia using their passports from the eligible nation for which they were given their JAF Scholarship.

Awardees must satisfy the financial, physical, and moral standards of the Department of Home Affairs and provide proof of their sincere desire to spend a limited amount of time in Australia.

Awardees are required to make sure they have a current passport and visa for the duration of their scholarship.

As soon as possible after accepting the scholarship, awardees must apply for their visa. They must make sure they have read the information on the Student Visa (subclass 500) and the various necessities on the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website. 

(Source: YouTube – UNE Armidale) 


What is John Allwright Fellowship? 

With John Allwright Fellowship (JAF), scientists from partner nations who are currently or have previously participated in ACIAR research programmes can earn postgraduate degrees at Australian tertiary institutions. 

How can I submit an application for John Allwright Fellowship? 

Through the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS), submit an online JAF programme application. 

What are the visa requirements for John Allwright Fellowship? 

Award recipients need to have a Student visa (subclass 500) in order to travel to and study in Australia. The passport from the eligible country for which the dual-national awardee received their JAF Scholarship must be used to apply for a visa and to visit Australia.

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