🎓Scholarships for High ACT Score: Merit-Based Scholarships for ACT Scores

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Scholarships for High ACT Score

Individuals with good ACT scores can apply for numerous scholarships available for students who wish to pursue their higher education abroad. Such scholarships are designed to provide financial aid to students who do not come from wealthy backgrounds but demonstrate exceptional academic prowess and aptitude for studying overseas. High ACT scores can serve as a testament to your academic competence and aptitude. This can help you further avail the benefits of  ACT scholarships. In other words, if you get good ACT results, you can get a lot of financial aid and so support your academic expenditure. That being said, to get the most out of your SAT and ACT scores, you should be aware of the guaranteed SAT and ACT scholarships. Read the article to know more about scholarships for high ACT score. 

Name of the Test ACT
Conducted By ACT Inc. 
Types of Questions MCQ
Mode Computer-based/ Pen-Paper
Age Limit  13 Years and above
Frequency  8 (For national students)
6 (For international students) 
Duration 2 Hours 55 Minutes 

What are Merit Scholarships for ACT?

Study abroad aspirants with above-average ACT scores can apply for various merit-based scholarships that offer monetary aid to promising, young minds. Such scholarships are offered by the government, private organisations, or universities. Merit-based scholarships for ACT scorers can lie between the range of 10%- 50% tuition fee waivers. 

Did you know? The majority of merit-based scholarships are offered in the United States, with countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom following suit. 

Top Universities Offering Merit Scholarships to High ACT Score Holders

There are numerous universities across the globe that offer merit scholarships to students with high ACT scores. Here are the top universities in the world offering merit-based scholarships to individuals with high ACT scores. 

Name of the University  Minimum ACT Requirement 
University of Missouri  23-30
University of Arizona 21-29
University of Nevada, LA 22-26
Clemson University 27-32
Colorado State University 23-29
Florida A&M 17-23
Florida Gulf Coast University 19-25
University of Oregon 25-28

Best National Merit-Based ACT Scholarships

Apart from the ACT scholarships offered by universities, ACT test takers can also opt for national merit scholarships in the US.  Here are some of the best national merit-based ACT scholarships for international students. 

Name of the Scholarship ACT Score Required  Grant 
Lloyd M. Fujie Scholarship for Accounting Major Students 21 2,500 USD
MSLP Governor’s Best and Brightest Scholarship 20 N/A
Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program 23 4,000 USD
Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship 24 2,000 USD 
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship 21 30,000 USD 
Matt Logies Memorial Scholarship 24 5,000 USD 
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Asian ERG Scholarship 25 2,000 USD 
CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program 21 18,000 USD 

How to find ACT Scholarships?

Individuals intending to apply for ACT scholarships can visit popular scholarship websites to find scholarships based on ACT scores. Some of the most popular websites to find ACT scholarships are the College Board’s BigFuture Scholarship Search and scholarships.com. 

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1. What is a good act score for scholarships? 

A score of 28 or above on the ACT test is considered good enough to get merit-based scholarships abroad. 

2. What is the lowest ACT score for scholarships?

There are scholarships available for every ACT score range, so much so, you’ll find scholarships for an ACT score as low as 10 and as high as 30. 

3. Can I get into Harvard with a 32 ACT?

Yes, an ACT score of 32-33 is required for admission into Harvard. 

There are numerous scholarships available for meritorious young minds with good ACT scores. These scholarships are provided to individuals on the basis of their acquired scores on the ACT test. 

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