Top 20+ Diversity and Inclusion Interview Questions to Ask Your Employer

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Diversity and Inclusion Interview Questions

Every job seeker and employer seeks diversity and inclusion. Diversity ensures a broader talent pool and helps create a positive reputation and brand image. In this blog, we have listed some important questions that you may ask your employer before accepting the offer. This will help you get a better understanding of whether you will fit in their team or not. Read below for important diversity and inclusion interview questions.  

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What is Diversity and Inclusion?

Diversity and Inclusion, often clubbed with equity are a set of values followed by some companies to be supportive of people associated with it. These 3 are closely linked values that work closely for the settlement of people from different races, castes, genders, ethnicities, and interests to work together under the same roof. 

Diversity term is used to address people who come from different races, castes, ethnicities, religions, ways of thinking, and everything in between. Equity refers to the unbiased and fair treatment for all. Inclusion refers to how an organization embraces its diverse workforce to help them in making meaningful contributions.

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10 Important Diversity Interview Questions

  1. Does the company embrace diversity in the workplace?
  2. Is there any bias in hiring people from the same region?
  3. Are festivities celebrated for people belonging to different religions?
  4. What do diversity and inclusion mean to you and why do you think they are important?
  5. Can you please share how many diverse groups are there in this team?
  6. How inclusion is promoted among different diverse groups?
  7. Are the teams collaborating well in a diverse environment?
  8. How do you approach understanding the vision of two colleagues who belong to different backgrounds?
  9. How do you resolve conflicts among different diverse groups?
  10. How do you resolve the conflict of opinions at work among different diverse groups?  

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10 Important Inclusion Interview Questions

  1. How included do the different diverse groups feel in the workplace?
  2. How well are the ideas accepted coming from different diverse groups?
  3. How do you spread the word of inclusivity if there is a conflict among different diverse employees?
  4. How inclusive is the company of the people’s unique identities and interests?
  5. What approach does the company take to make people from different backgrounds feel included?
  6. Are any optional holidays provided for people from different backgrounds?
  7. What company policies are there for people belonging to different backgrounds?
  8. What approach does the company take to make the people feel inclusive after they have a conflict?
  9. How do you make people of different backgrounds come and celebrate events and festivities at the workplace?
  10. What is the company’s holiday calendar like? 

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How to Answer Diversity and Inclusion Questions in an Interview?

Everybody loves stories, especially when they come from personal experiences. Now, think about a time or a situation you encountered where understood the importance of diversity and inclusion in both personal and professional environments. Check out this sample answer for a better understanding:

‘Absolutely. In my previous role, I had the opportunity to work on a project where we had people from different parts of the country and some even talked about their native cultural values and customs. One particular instance that stands out to me was when we encountered a communication barrier due to cultural differences in communication styles. But a nice thing about this challenge was it encouraged us to share our perspectives and communication preferences, and allowed us to develop a shared understanding and establish more effective communication channels.’

My experience working in this diverse team taught me the importance of embracing differences, fostering open communication, and actively promoting inclusivity. I’m committed to bringing these values to any team I work with in the future and contributing to a culture of diversity and inclusion within the workplace.’


Q.1. What is the purpose of diversity and inclusion?

Ans: Diversity and inclusion are a set of core values that companies follow to make people from diverse backgrounds work and cooperate effectively in the workplace. 

Q.2. How to answer the diversity and inclusion interview questions?

Ans: If your employer asks you a question on diversity and inclusion, he sure is expecting you to be a diverse person who strongly believes in the inclusivity of all diverse groups. In such a case, you may answer like – “I am open to having a fruitful conversation from different backgrounds. I love sharing ideas with different people and love to know about different cultures. Working with diversity is not only a team task for me but, I take it as an opportunity to learn more about the diverse groups”. 

Q.3. Why are diversity and inclusion important in the workplace?

Ans: Diversity and inclusion are essential for the overall growth and success of a company. A team where people from different backgrounds feel included will create a long-lasting impression, a strong culture, and improved productivity.

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