Biological Anthropology: Jobs, Books, Salary

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Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology refers to the study of the genetic study of homo sapiens, evolutionary theories, demographics, and human adjustment to the environment. People interested in the study of fossils can pursue different courses in various top-ranked universities in the world. To enrol in different courses abroad, eligible students must check out the admission process, included in this blog, to apply to the apt university abroad. One can build a lucrative career in the field of anthropology after studying various aspects of evolutionary biology. 


Why Study Biological Anthropology?

Also known as Physical Anthropology, this branch of anthropology is concerned with the study of biological and social studies. This academic discipline enables students of different programme levels to learn about the evolution of human beings and human biological and social variation. Enrolment in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses of this anthropology branch qualifies students to decipher the remains of our ancestors, track the genetic evolution of mankind, mutations in homo sapiens, and extinction of species by studying different types of fossils. Enroled students deploy new methodologies and techniques to study the fossils to track different aspects of evolutionary history. 

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Biological Anthropology Abroad

Top universities of the world impart bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and postgraduate degrees in Biological Anthropology. The curriculum of each course deals with the study of biosocial variation and mutations in homo sapiens. The underlying themes of these domains are nutrition, human genetics, child growth, adaptation to climate change and environment, and public health.

To encompass extensive theoretical and practical knowledge about these themes, international students can pursue different courses in the below-mentioned universities and gather information about the admissions process, eligibility criteria, and mandatory documents.

Top Universities

To build an illustrious career in this field of science and social science, international students can start their academic journey in the following universities and opt for different programmes:

UniversitiesCourses in Biological AnthropologyQS World University Rankings 2023
New York University, USADoctor of Philosophy39
University of North Carolina Wilmington, USABachelor of Arts
Colorado State University, USABachelor of Arts408
California State University Sacramento, USABachelor of Arts
George Washington University, USABachelor of Science362
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USADoctor of Philosophy83
University of Washington, USADoctor of Philosophy80
Durham University, UKMaster of Science92
University of Sheffield, UKMaster of Science (Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology)96
University of Cambridge, UKDoctor of Philosophy; Master of Philosophy2
Liverpool John Moores University, UKBachelor of Science (Hons.); Bachelor of Science (Hons.) (Human Evolution and Behaviour with Foundation Year)801-1000
University of Bradford, UKMaster of Science; Post Graduate Diploma 701-750
University of Greenwich, UKBachelor of Science (Hons.)801-1000
University of Kent, UKMaster of Science (by Research); Master of Science (Forensic Osteology and Field Recovery Methods )375
The University of Exter, UKMaster of Science (Human Osteology)
The Australian National University, AustraliaBachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science30
Western University, Ontario, CanadaBachelor of Arts (Archaeology and Biological)
Trent University, CanadaBachelor of Arts (Hons.)
McMaster University, CanadaDoctor of Philosophy152
University of Calgary, CanadaDoctor of Philosophy242

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Annual tuition fees for different universities are tabulated below:

UniversitiesAnnual Fees
George Washington University$62,110 (INR 51,15,659)
University of Cambridge£35,673 (INR 35,97,518) (PhD); £35,517 (INR 35,81,786) (MPhil)
New York University$50,638 (INR 41,70,773)
Durham University£21,465 (INR 21,64,638)
The Australian National UniversityAUD43,790 (INR 23,99,054) (BA); AUD49,330 (INR 27,02,566) (BSc)
University of Sheffield£25,600 (INR 25,81,573)
University of North Carolina$19,063 (INR 15,70,078)
University of Kent£18,000 (INR 18,15,569) (MSc by Research); £21,900 (INR 22,08,628) (MSc)
Liverpool John Moores University£16,100 (INR 16,24,081) (BSc (Hons.)); £11,000 (INR 11,09,328) (BSc (Hons.) Hons.) (Human Evolution and Behaviour with Foundation Year)
Western University (Ontario)CAD39,105 (INR 23,46,331)
Colorado State University$31,962 (INR 26,32,725)
California State University Sacramento$15,840 (INR 13,04,748)
University of Exter£22,500 (INR 22,69,059)

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Eligibility Criteria

Each programme level requires separate academic qualifications and each university accepts different English language proficiency tests. Some of the basic requirements remain the same, but some criteria differ as per the courses. Here are the eligibility criteria for various courses of this academic domain:

  • For bachelor’s programmes, master’s, and doctoral programmes, candidates must have completed 10+2, a bachelor’s course, and a master’s course, respectively.
  • Each candidate must appear for the requisite English proficiency test, whichever is accepted by the university.
  • Applicants must be able to produce a valid passport and financial evidence at the time of admission.

Admission Process

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Documents Required

The documents required to secure admission to a foreign university are mentioned below:

Common Areas of Study

Each university has a distinct Biological Anthropology syllabus, which is designed by the faculty of each university. The curriculum for each programme level is based on the study of fossil classification, human evolution, mutation of species, differences in humans due to genetics and demographics, and extinction of species. 

Here are some common domains of study in this academic discipline of the biological study of human behaviour and evolution:

  • Osteology
  • Paleoclimatology
  • Paleoanthropology
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Human Genetics
  • Molecular Anthropology
  • Population Genetics
  • Demography
  • Human Variation
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Human Ecology

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Some of the most recommended books for this academic field are as follows:

S.No.Book TitlesAuthor
1The Descent of ManCharles Darwin
2The World Until YesterdayJared Diamond
3The Origin of SpeciesCharles Darwin
4Lucy: The Beginnings of MankindDonald C. Johnson
5Mother NatureSarah Blaffer Hrdy

Career Scope 

A Biological Anthropology degree can help individuals pursue different careers. Here are some of the lucrative job titles for the degree holders and salaries for each profile:

Job Titles Estimated Annual Salary in India 
NutritionistINR 3 lakh
Biological AnthropologistINR 11 lakh
ArchivistINR 9 lakh
CuratorINR 5 lakh
Technical WriterINR 6 lakh
Forensic ScientistINR 5 lakh
Collection ManagerINR 6 lakh
ProfessorINR 11 lakh
ResearcherINR 8 lakh


Q1. What is biological anthropology?

Ans. It is the study of human evolution and human behaviour toward climate change and the environment. It is the study of different aspects of genetics, mutation, and extinction. 

Q2. Can you study abroad with anthropology?

Ans. Indian students can pursue anthropology courses in top-ranked universities of the world like the University of Cambridge, the University of California, the Australian National University, the University of Calgary, etc. 

Q3. What is the scope of biological anthropology?

Ans. After acquiring a degree in this anthropology branch, one can be employed as an Archivist, Curator, Researcher, Professor, Technical Writer, Nutritionist, Forensic Scientist, Collection Manager, and Biological Anthropologist. 

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