MBA in Australia Without Work Experience

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MBA in Australia without Work Experience

MBA in Australia is a professional degree in high demand among international students. More than 20,000 international students are recorded to be currently pursuing MBA in Australia. Over 80% of any Australian institution’s MBA class is made up of international students, primarily from India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, and Vietnam. One of the most common concerns about MBA programmes is pursuing a degree without prior work experience. It is possible to apply for admission to MBA without work experience in Australia. However, this can be challenging given the high level of competition among applicants. Let’s get insights into MBA in Australia Without Work Experience.

Benefits of Studying MBA in Australia Without Work Experience

The top Australian universities, including UTS Business School, RMIT University School of Business, AGSM Business School, etc., have made it mandatory for international applicants to submit proof of work experience as part of the admissions process.

The reason for including work experience in the admission process is that it can help students understand the practical-oriented course curriculum better than students who do not have any work experience. However, pursuing an MBA in Australia without a GMAT or prior work experience is feasible and advantageous. The following are the benefits of studying MBA in Australia without Work-experience:

  • During your MBA programme, you can gain exposure to and interact with industry experts through training, internships, and other activities.
  • You don’t have to take a career break to pursue a full-time MBA. You can finish your education, hone your relevant skill sets, and then start working.
  • You can jumpstart your career with a higher salary package after earning your MBA from an Australian university.
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Universities in Australia that Offer MBA Without Work Experience

While applicants to MBA programmes in Australia are expected to have at least 2-3 years of relevant professional work experience, some of the top business schools in Australia recognise that students without work experience are also competitive. The table below provides information on some of Australia’s top universities for MBA without work experience:

UniversityIntake MonthsMBA Tuition
James Cook UniversityFebruary, May, and September32,720 AUD/ year(INR 18.30 Lakhs)
University of TasmaniaJanuary, June34,950 AUD/ year(INR 19.55 Lakhs)
RMIT UniversityFebruary, July47,040 AUD/ year(INR 26.31 Lakhs)
Southern Cross UniversityFebruary, June, and October32,400 AUD/ year(INR 18.12 Lakhs)
Mendoza College of Business (University of Notre Dam)August29,015 AUD/ year(INR 16.23 Lakhs)
The University of NewcastleJanuary, August32,980 AUD/ year(INR 18.44 Lakhs)
Charles Darwin UniversityFebruary, August32,760 AUD/ year(INR 18.32 Lakhs)
Victoria UniversityMarch, July, and November33,400 AUD/ year(INR 18.68 Lakhs)
Charles Sturt UniversityMarch, July, and November31,936 AUD/ year(INR 17.86 Lakhs)

Academic Prerequisites

Given that the MBA is one of Australia’s most sought-after programmes, admissions are generally based on a holistic evaluation that includes both academic and non-academic factors such as extracurricular participation.

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree and a high GPA from an accredited institution are eligible for admission to an MBA programme in Australia.
  • GMAT or GRE scores that meet the institution’s requirements. A GMAT score of 550-590 is considered competitive for admission on average.
  • You must present your true self in the statement of purpose because institutions carefully read them.

You must understand that even if you lack relevant work experience, your application must demonstrate your efforts and motivation to participate in the programme. Leadership skills are extremely important in a programme like the MBA. Any prior experience demonstrating your leadership abilities can be an asset to your application. As part of the selection process, many institutions conduct evaluative interviews. The interview assesses the applicant’s potential, communication skills, and English language proficiency.

Documents Required

Some of the required documents for applying for an MBA in Australia without work experience are:

Cost of MBA in Australia without Work Experience

MBA programmes in Australia are unquestionably expensive for Indian students. Some of the most prestigious institutions in Australia charge up to 50 lakhs in tuition for an MBA without any prior work experience. 

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Scholarships for MBA in Australia

The following are the scholarships and related information available to international students pursuing an MBA in Australia without prior work experience.

JCU International Merit StipendJames Cook UniversityAUD 700 per month(INR 39,157)
Australia Award ScholarshipMultiple UniversitiesTuition fee waivers, stipend, health coverage
Monash MBA International Women in Leadership ScholarshipMonash UniversityAUD 22,000(INR 12.30 Lakh)
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying MBA In Australia Without Work Experience

There are various benefits and drawbacks to pursuing an MBA degree in Australia without prior work experience. The table below discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages.

MBA studies can take up all of one’s time.Your internship and placement opportunities may be jeopardised if you lack professional work experience.
One can set aside more time to develop new abilities that will benefit them personally and professionallyA lack of on-the-job experience does not provide a clear picture of how to apply the skill set.
Have a variety of academic, cultural, and professional experiences at such a young agePosting Job Opportunities MBAs with no experience will be less valuable than those with some experience.

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Job Profiles and Salary

There are numerous career opportunities available after completing an MBA from Australia without prior work experience. The knowledge and skills gained while studying the course will assist one in entering the world of a competitive job market.

The following is a list of some popular job profiles for MBA graduates, along with their average salary.

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Managing Consultant90,241 AUD / 47,99,000 INR
Marketing Manager90,832 AUD / 48,30,200 INR
Financial Manager99,316 AUD / 52,91,300 INR
Supply Chain Manager101,231 AUD / 53,84,000 INR
Human Resource Manager91,581 AUD / 48,70,000 INR
Investment Banking Manager92,081 AUD / 49,00,000 INR


Can I do an MBA without work experience?

Yes, indeed! MBA programmes have evolved and are now designed to assist candidates in achieving their long-term goals. Students with no professional experience can also enrol in the MBA programme. This will help them prepare for their first professional job.

What is the eligibility for MBA in Australia?

An international applicant must have successfully completed a 3- or 4-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade point average of 60% in order to apply to study MBA in Australia. He or she must also have a few years of managerial experience. Besides these entry requirements, most management schools require GMAT scores.

Can I get PR in Australia after MBA?

The only option available to MBA students is the post-study workstream. This stream is available to students who started their studies after November 2011.

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