Cost of Living in Oman 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

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Cost of Living in Oman: A Complete Guide

Oman is a beautiful country in the Arabian Peninsula, known for its rich culture, natural wonders, and friendly people. But how much does it cost to live in Oman as an international student in 2024? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of the cost of living in Oman, such as food, housing, transportation, utilities, healthcare, education, and entertainment. We will also provide some tips on how to save money and budget wisely in Oman. So dive in to get a clear picture of what to expect in terms of expenses and lifestyle in this Middle Eastern country.

Why Live and Study in Oman?

Compared to other countries of the world, the cost of living in Oman is relatively low, around OMR 285.5 per month. Students can get affordable housing for OMR 147-265 per month

In terms of education, Oman houses some of the world’s top universities that provide top-notch courses with international recognition, such as Sultan Qaboos University and Muscat University. Known for its reputation in the oil and gas industry, it offers many job opportunities to aspiring students in the sector. 

With warm and sunny weather throughout the year, Oman has a pleasant climate. Also, the Arabian country is considered safe with little to no crime, and has English spoken in most of its areas.

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Cost of Living in Oman for International Students

As of 2024, the cost of living in Oman for international students is OMR 285.5 per month. This covers basic living expenses like rent, food, entertainment, utilities, and transportation. Here’s a general breakdown of those costs:

CategoryMonthly Cost (OMR)

Let’s cover these costs in detail.

Cost of Living in Oman: Accommodation

This cost of living in Oman comes to around OMR 507 per month for a single student. There are many accommodation options available for international students according to their lifestyle and budget. Some of them are as follows:

Type of ApartmentMonthly Rent
University dormitoriesOMR 50 – 150 per month
Shared apartmentsOMR 150 – 300 per month
Studio apartmentsOMR 250 – 400 per month

Given below are the monthly rents of the apartments in Oman according to their locations:

Apartment LocationMonthly Rent
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City CentreOMR 218.71
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of CentreOMR 147.03 
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City CentreOMR 367.95 
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of CentreOMR 265.00 

Cost of Living in Oman: Food

Another cost of living in Oman is food, which costs OMR 150 monthly. Given below is the list of grocery items and their prices available in the country:

Milk (regular), (1 liter)OMR 0.71 
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)OMR 0.45 
Rice (white), (1kg)OMR 0.69 
Eggs (regular) (12)OMR 0.91 
Local Cheese (1kg)OMR 2.23 
Chicken Fillets (1kg)OMR 1.95 
Apples (1kg)OMR 0.88 
Banana (1kg)OMR 0.69 
Oranges (1kg)OMR 0.69 
Tomato (1kg)OMR 0.46 
Potato (1kg)OMR 0.37 
Onion (1kg)OMR 0.36 
Lettuce (1 head)OMR 0.43 
Water (1.5 liter bottle)OMR 0.21 
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)OMR 7.00 
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle)OMR 1.76 
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle)OMR 3.18 

Cost of Living in Oman: Entertainment

On average, the cost of living in Oman is roughly OMR 50 per month. Here is a table of estimated monthly entertainment costs for international students in the country:

ActivityCost per person (per month)
Cinema ticketOMR 5
Museum entryOMR 3
Bowling gameOMR 7
Dinner at a mid-range restaurantOMR 15
Nightclub entryOMR 10
Coffee at a cafeOMR 2
Basic gym membershipOMR 20
Streaming service subscriptionOMR 10

Cost of Living in Oman: Utilities

This cost of living in Oman is around OMR 37.5 per month. Here’s a breakdown of the costs for basic utilities for international students in the country:

Utility Monthly Cost
ElectricityOMR 10 – 30
WaterOMR 5 – 10
InternetOMR 20 – 40
Garbage collectionIncluded in rent

Cost of Living in Oman: Transportation

Transportation contributes to around OMR 25.5 per month in Oman’s overall cost of living. Here’s how much the different modes of transportation cost every month:

Mode of TransportMonthly Cost
Public BusOMR 15 – 30
Shared TaxiOMR 2 – 5 per trip
Monthly Public Transport PassOMR 20 – 50

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Cost of Living in Oman: Average Tuition Fees

The cost of living in Oman for international students also includes their tuition fees. Undergraduate programs generally cost less than postgraduate programs. Some specialized programs, particularly in medicine and engineering, may have higher tuition fees.

While it will vary with the institute, program and level, here’s a rough estimate of this academic expense for learners:

Course TypeAverage Tuition Fees
UndergraduateOMR 1,000 – OMR 3,500 per year
PostgraduateOMR 2,000 – OMR 5,000 per year

Things to Consider Before Moving to Oman

Moving to a new country for studies can be exciting and enriching, but it’s essential to be well-prepared. Besides finalizing the budget for the cost of living in Oman, here are some key things international students should consider before moving to the Arabic country for their higher studies:

  1. Research and apply for the appropriate student visa well in advance.
  2. Be familiar with tuition fees, living expenses, and any additional academic costs. Also, consider scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
  3. Familiarize yourself with Omani culture, customs, and social norms. Respecting local traditions is essential.
  4. While English is spoken to some extent, learning basic Arabic phrases can be helpful for daily life and cultural immersion.
  5. Research healthcare options and consider purchasing health insurance, if necessary.
  6. Open a local bank account for managing finances and expenses.
  7. Research local phone and internet service providers and choose a suitable plan.
  8. Be aware of your surroundings, take precautions, and familiarize yourself with emergency contact information.
  9. Seek out resources and support from the university’s international student office or online communities.
  10. Embrace the opportunity to learn about a new culture, make new friends, and broaden your horizons.

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Q.1 Is Oman an expensive place to live?

Answer: Compared to other countries in the world, Oman is a relatively affordable place for students to live with a monthly living cost of OMR 285.5 per month.

Q.2 What are the biggest expenses for international students in Oman?

Answer: Accommodation, tuition fees, and food are typically the biggest expenses in Oman for international students.

Q.3 How can I save money on living costs in Oman?

Answer: Several strategies can help you reduce the cost of living in Oman, such as:

1. Choosing affordable housing options like shared apartments or student dormitories.
2. Utilizing public transportation or alternative options like cycling when feasible.
3. Cooking meals at home instead of eating out frequently.
4. Taking advantage of student discounts on various services and activities.

We hope that this blog gave you a complete insight into the cost of living in Oman for international students in 2024. For more such content on student life abroad, subscribe to Leverage Edu today. Thank you for reading!

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