Acceptance Rate of Free University of Berlin 2023 

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In 1948, academics and students in Berlin founded the Free University. The effort to establish a free university was well received by the general public and received a lot of financial support. Students who desire a top-notch education in a dynamic, international setting might consider FU Berlin. Berlin University should be high on your list if you’re thinking about studying abroad. The admittance rate at the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin) is 15%. This implies that just 15 out of every 100 applicants are accepted. Only students with outstanding academic records and extracurricular accomplishments are admitted to the university because of its strict admissions policies. Compared to German students, international students have a slightly lower admission rate. The admittance rate for foreign students in 2022 was 13%.  Read this article to know all about the Free University of Berlin acceptance rate

The University Name Free University of Berlin 
Country Germany 
University Type Public 
Acceptance rate 15%
Admission process Based on score and eligibility Requirements 

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Why Study at the Free University of Berlin?

There are several reasons to study at the Free University of Berlin, the following are listed below 

  • One of the top research universities in Europe is Free University Berlin. Our reach is international, Based on the EDUopinions rankings, the Free University of Berlin rating is 4.2.
  • At Free University, staff and students come from more than a hundred different nations.
  • Opportunities to study and work abroad are deeply ingrained in our university’s culture, and our graduates actively contribute to shaping the world we live in today.

The Free University of Berlin Acceptance Rate 

The Free University of Berlin is one of the most selective universities in the world. The FU Berlin is a highly competitive university, but if you have excellent academic records and extracurricular achievements, you have a good chance of being admitted. The acceptance rate of the Free University of Berlin is around 15%, which depends on the student’s academic performance, to beat the eligibility requirements students should be a strong academic background also, exam results, letters of recommendation, and personal statements are among the many variables that affect the acceptance rate at FU Berlin. If candidates do not speak German as their first language, they must also complete a language test. 

Rankings of Free University of Berlin 

Here is the table given below for the Ranking of the Free University of Berlin:

Ranking Position 
World University Rankings 2023=91st
Impact Rankings 2023101–200th
World Reputation Rankings 2022101-125th

Courses Offered By Free University 

There are lots of courses offered by the Free University of Berlin. Over 150-degree programs are available at FU Berlin through its 16 academic departments and central institutes, which cover a wide range of subject areas. It offers 105 master’s programs, 52 doctorate programs, and 73 undergraduate degree programs. All undergraduate programs, with the exception of the Mono-Bachelor North American Studies degree, are taught only in German. 23 master’s level courses given by FU Berlin or in collaboration with other universities are taught in English

Here is the table for some famous programs which is offered by the Free University of Berlin: 

Courses Duration 
MA1-2 Years 
MS1-2 Years 
MIM1-2 Years 
BDS 5 Years 
B.Pharma 4 Years 
BA 3 Years 
B.Tech /BE3-4 Years 
B.Sc 3 years 
MBBS 75 Months 
BBA 3 Years 
LLB 3 Years 
LLM3 Years

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Eligibility Requirements 

Eligibility for taking admission to this university depends upon the course, you want to pursue from the Free University of Berlin: 

For Graduation

  • The requirements for undergraduate programs at FU Berlin vary based on the course and major. 
  • It accepts a 10+3-year education degree, which can be either a grade 10 qualification with a three-year diploma or a grade 12 qualification with a one- or two-diploma in the relevant topic.
  • Depending on the language of teaching for the course chosen, competency examinations in either German or English are necessary. 

For Post Graduation

  • The requirement for Post Graduate Programmes at Free University Vary Based on the course and major.
  • Candidate should be a Bachelor from a recognized university with at least 55 % marks 
  • Depending on the language of teaching for the course chosen, competency examinations in either German or English are necessary. 

English/German proficiency Requirements 

For enrollment in the free university of Berlin, students need to give his or her English and German proficiency tests:

English Proficiency Test German proficiency tests accepted
TOEFL: 80 or higherDSH
IELTS: Overall 5.0 or higherTestDAF
Cambridge CAE/CPE: B2 or higherGerman proficiency in CEFR: C1 or higher

Admission Process 

  • First, choose the suitable course as per your eligibility and choose the university from which you want to pursue your course.
  • Visit the university’s official website and submit the application form with all the necessary documentation. 
  • The admissions committee at the Free University of Berlin may extend invitations to some applicants after receiving their applications for undergraduate admission.
  • Interviews and written applications will both be used to select the candidate.
  • The interview procedure may also be used to determine whether the potential applicant qualifies for a scholarship.
  • If you have any questions reach out to Leverage Edu for better assistance our expert will help you and guide you through the admission process call us at 1800 57 2000 

Documents Required 

Here is the list of documents which is required to enroll in the Free University of Berlin 

Free University of Berlin Intake 

Both the summer and winter semesters are application deadlines for the university. The following are the deadlines for the winter semester:

Intake Application Deadline 
Fall 1, April 2023
Spring 1, Nov 2023 

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Q1. Is the Free University of Berlin good?

Ans. The free University of Berlin Germany ranking based on the EDUopinions rankings, the Free University of Berlin rating is 4.2.

Q2. What GPA is required for admission to the Free University of Berlin?

Ans. Candidates must have completed at least two semesters of university- or college-level coursework at their home institution, and they must have a GPA of at least 3.0 (students with GPAs below 3.0 are welcome to apply, but admission cannot be guaranteed until their overall qualifications are more carefully examined).

Q3. Which university in Germany has the highest acceptance rate?

Ans. Universities With A High Acceptance Rate In Germany:
1. Schiller International University.
2. University Of Bonn.
3. Berlin International University Of Applied Sciences.
4. University Of Freiburg.
5. Humboldt University Of Berlin.
6. Friedrich Schiller University.
7. Ludwig-Maximillian University.

This was all about the Free University of Berlin acceptance rate, if you are also planning to study at this university reach out to Leverage Edu for a smooth admission process, directly call us at 1800 57 2000 our expert will help you with the same. 

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