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australia investor visa

A lot of people travel to Australia for different purposes on different visas. like business visas, student visas, etc. The government of Australia welcomes foreign investors. These investors need to travel to Australia for business purposes, to travel to Australia the visa granted for the investor is Business Innovation And Investment Visa (subclass 188), commonly called Australia investor visa. If you are an investor and need to learn about the Australia Investor Visa read this blog to the end.

australia investor visa

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What Is An Australia Investor Visa?

It is a temporary residence permit in the country for investors or people with business purposes. It allows the investor to stay in the country for up to five years. The applicant and family members are allowed to stay in the country along with working, studying, or running a business.

This visa can not be converted to permanent citizenship, however, if you maintain permanent investment in the country a permanent residence is granted.

australia investor visa

Basic Requirements To Get an Australia Investor Visa

The investor must submit an Expression Of Interest (EOI) before applying for the visa, post which nomination from state or territory government agencies will be sent if approved, you will receive an invitation later to apply for the visa. Now to apply for a visa, the following are the basic requirements:

  • The maximum age should be 55 years
  • Should have been nominated by the Australian state or territory government agency or Austrade
  • Should have considerable business experience
  • The source of income should be legitimate 
  • The test conducted for visa should be passed by the minimum asked score
  • Should have no debt to the Australian government
  • You should meet the character requirements
  • Should not have a previously cancelled or refused visa
  • Functional English IELTS certification
  • Should have medical insurance with benefits of AUD 1 million 
  • If you have lived in any country for more than 1 year, a certificate of no criminal record from that country is required
  • Should meet the health requirements for the visa application.

All about Australian Visa Requirements

Requirements To Get an Australia Investor Visa

australia investor visa

Apart from the basic requirements, the following are the specific requirements for the visa grant:

Visa type Minimum InvestmentProcessing time Visa feeOther requirements
Business innovation stream-1881.25 million AUD13 to 28 months6,270+ AUDThe funding agreement with a third party to carry out entrepreneurial activity a business plan
Investor stream-1882.5 million AUD26 to 39 months6,270+ AUD65 points in test results and years of experience in business or investment.
Significant investor stream-1885 million AUD8 to 26 months9,195+ AUDInvestment intent till visa expiryIntention to live in a state or territory where you are nominated2.5 million AUD balancing investment balance managed funds1.5 million AUD in approved managed funds for listed companies in the Australian stock exchange,
Entrepreneur stream-188None3 to 7 months4,240+ AUDFunding agreement with a third party to carry out entrepreneurial activityHave a business plan

Application Process For Australia Investor Visa

The following is the application process for an Australia investor visa:

  • Submit the EOI before the application for a visa. Once the EOI is accepted by a state or territory government agency you will receive a visa application invitation.
  • The application for the visa can be submitted online through the official website of the country by making an account.
  • The visa will be processed after the verification of the document. The processing time will vary based on the type of investor visa application.
  • If the visa is accepted you will be informed about the visa start and end date, if it is refused you will be informed of the reason. No fee will be refunded on the refusal of the visa.

The Permanent Residence Procedure For Australia Investor Visa

After 4 years in the country, investor visa applicants can apply for permanent residence in the country. The applicant must meet the business capital turnover requirement and other requirements. You will be given a Permanent business innovation and investment visa (subclass 888). This is the same as permanent residence in the country. This allows the visa holders of subclass 188 to reside in the country permanently. The processing time for this permanent visa is 21 to 27 months and the fee is 3,025 AUD per person.

australia investor visa

Requirements For Permanent Residence Procedure For Australia Investor Visa

The following are the basic requirements for a permanent visa:

  • The nomination by the state or territory
  • Must hold a valid visa of subclass 188 for up to 3 years
  • Should comply with the laws of the country
  • Should have the intent to continue business
  • IELTS exam certification and English language proficiency 
  • Character requirements should be met
  • You should have no debts to the government of Australia
  • Should not have a previously cancelled visa.

Procedure To Get Permanent Residence 

Here are some main points that you need to know about the procedure to get permanent residence. 

  • Should have a valid Business innovation and investment visa (subclass 188)
  • Should be nominated by state or territory government
  • Should submit all the documents on the portal in scanned or coloured format
  • After submitting the documents and filling documents, submit the application
  • You will need to apply for an Australian passport if your application for the investor visa gets approved.  

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After getting a permanent residence permit, what are we permitted to do?

Once you get the permanent residence permit you have to get an Australian passport post which you can enjoy all the benefits of a residence in the country. You can work, study, or do any other thing like a normal citizen.

How long is the business Innovation and investor (visa subclass 188) applicable for?

It is applicable for up to 5 years, post which you can apply for permanent residence or an extension on the present visa.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Australia?

Yes, Australia allows dual citizenship, but the citizens need to enter and exit Australia on an Australian passport.

What is the minimum investment for an investor visa in Australia?

A minimum of AUD 2.5 million was invested for a minimum of five years in a State or Territory of Australia. possess, with supporting documentation, commercial and personal net worth of at least AUD 2.5 million that was possessed by the applicant and/or spouse in the two fiscal years prior to the filing date.

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