Ireland Visa Application Process: Key Decisions and Insights for 2024

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Ireland Visa Decisions

Ireland is an excellent country to study, work, or travel. Those who want to visit the country would have to apply for an Ireland visa. The Ireland visa decisions would impact the visa acceptance or rejection of the application. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the details regarding the Ireland visa decisions such as the visa processing time, reasons for rejection, and more. The Irish visa decision can be checked by visiting the official website of the Irish embassy or by contacting the embassy to know the results. Keep reading to learn more about the Ireland visa decision process.

Ireland Visa Decisions Process 

The Ireland Visa decision making  process is as follows:

  • First, the Irish embassy separates the Ireland visa applications from the visa appeals. 
  • Next, these are divided based on the visa types
  • Each application and appeal is placed in the order that has been received in the Dublin visa office. (Note: applications arrive days later after it has been sent).
  • Later the applications that are under processing are updated on the official website. All the dates are updated every Tuesday. Lastly, applicants can visit the website of the embassy to know about the Ireland visa decision.

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Consequence of Ireland Visa Decisions 

The Ireland visa can either be rejected or approved. Therefore we have provided the details of what happens after a visa application decision in both cases. 

In case of Visa Approval 

Once an Ireland visa has been approved, the embassy will contact the applicant regarding issuing of the visa. If the embassy has not contacted the applicant, the applicant must contact the embassy or Honorary Consulate /Dublin visa office where the application has been sent.

Ireland Visa Decisions

In case of Visa Rejection 

In case of the Ireland visa rejection, the applicant will be informed of the same. An email regarding the same will be sent to the applicant. Those who have not received the email can contact the Irsh Embassy/ Honorary Consulate/  Dublin visa office depending on where you have sent the visa application. 

Once a visa has been rejected the application can appeal the visa decision without paying any extra fees. The appeal has to be submitted within 2 months of the visa refusal letter. 1 appeal per application is permitted. 

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Emergency Ireland Visa Decision

The visa application process is fair to all the applicants. The applicants are processed on the order they have been received. However, in case of an emergency situation the visa application process can be expedited. For example, in a life-threatening situation,  a family member has been hospitalized, or in the unfortunate event of a bereavement. Under such circumstances, the applicant can email ([email protected]). The subject of the email has to be titled “EMERGENCY TRAVEL REQUIRED”. Moreover, the applicants must provide the visa application number for faster processing. 

Ireland Visa Application Processing Time 

The Ireland visa application processing time depends on the visa type. The visa application is processed based on the order they have received. Below we have provided the median Ireland visa processing time. Note: It is possible for the visa application processing to take longer than expected. It is also advisable that the application to be submitted 6-8 weeks prior to the travel plans. 

Visa Type Median processing time (working days)
Join family35
Business / Conference / Event10
Employment (General / Other permit)35
Employment (Critical skills permit)15
Appeals (approx.)40

Ireland Visa Approval Rate

The Ireland visa rejection rate is around 1%-4%. Approximately, 96% of all student visa applications are accepted. Hence, the Ireland Visa Decisions acceptance rate is high.

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7 Reasons for Ireland Visa Rejection 

There are several reasons for Ireland’s Visa Decisions rejection. These reasons are provided below. Note: after a visa rejection an appeal is possible for 1 time. 

  1. The purpose of the travel is not clear 
  2. The applicant does not have adequate financial means 
  3. Has a criminal record or a person’s criminal conviction history
  4. Invalid passport, fake documents, or wrong visa selection in the application form 
  5. Travel history showcasing Irregularities or failure in following the immigration laws
  6. Provided wrong information on the visa application 
  7. The applicant is not medically fit to travel


How do I know my Ireland visa is approved?

The embassy would contact the applicant regarding the Ireland visa approval, In case, the applicant has not been contacted he/she can visit the embassy or consulate to know about the same.

Is an Ireland visa easy to get?

The Ireland visa application can take between 8 weeks. In case the visa application is successful, the passport will be provided with the visa. However, getting the visa approval does not guarantee that the individual will be allowed to enter the country. 

Is Ireland’s visa strong?

The Ireland passport strength ranks 5th in the world. With an Ireland passport a person can enter 189 destinations around the world. Therefore, the Ireland visa is strong as well.

What is the processing time of an Ireland visa?

The processing time of an Ireland visa depends upon the type of visa. However, usually it ranges between 12 months to 6 weeks.

We hope you now you know all about Ireland Visa Decisions, process, approval rate etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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