Visa-Free Countries For India In 2023

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Visa-Free Countries For India

Did you know that you can travel to other countries without going through the visa application process? Yes, you read that right, there are many countries which allow the benefit of visiting the country without having a visa. According to the Visa Guide Passport Index as of March 2023, the Indian passport is ranked 154th in the world. As a result, citizens of India can visit 26 countries without a visa. Several countries do not require visas as an entry requirement for Indian passport holders irrespective of the purpose of the visit. To learn more, we have compiled a list of visa-free countries for India. 

List of Visa-Free Countries for India

It is possible to travel visa-free in several countries. Visa-free travel essentially means that a person does not require a visa to travel to the country. However, a passport might be essential. There are several countries that welcome Indians without a visa. Some of them are listed below.


Bhutan is one of the neighbouring countries of India and it permits entry without a visa for an Indian citizen for no longer than 14 days. Bhutan is known for its vibrant festivals like Thimphu Tshechu Paro Tshechu, and Taktsang Palphug Monastery. 


Visa-Free Countries For India In 2023

Nepal is another neighbouring landlocked country which shares a friendly relationship with India and hence permits entry into the country without a visa to Indian passport holders. The country is known for its hospitality, delicacies and tourism and for being home to the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. 


The island of Grenada is a Caribbean country also known as the “Spice Isle”. The reason is the fertile volcanic soil which is great for the plantation of various spices like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa and vanilla. An added benefit is Grenada does not require a visa for Indian passport holders. The country allows a total of 90 days for Indian citizens with passports to stay back. 

Hong Kong

Visa-Free Countries For India In 2023

One of the most popular destinations in China for both tourists and students looking to pursue higher education. The country is a perfect mix of natural scenic beauty and modern architecture. The country permits free entry to an individual Indian citizen with a valid passport entry for 14 days. However, to visit or transit the HKSAR visa-free, Indian visitors need to complete the pre-arrival registration online. It is not mandatory for those Indian citizens who are travelling by air and not leaving the transit area.


Maldives is one of the most famous beach destinations in the South Asian regions. This island is known for its beautiful beaches, dreamy sunsets, good weather and luxury resorts. Indian passport holders have the benefit of visiting the country with a visa for not more than 90 days for the purpose of tourism.


Mauritius is again known for its sandy beaches, delicious food, coral reefs and luxury resorts. The country is surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean and it makes an ideal tourist destination for people looking for a gateway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Indian citizens who have valid passports don’t have to apply for a visa application as Mauritius welcomes Indians without a visa for 60 days.


Dominica is a beautiful island country filled with mountainous ranges. The island is famous for its weather, national parks, rainforests, falls and a volcanic mountain inside the National park. Indian citizens having valid passports do not need to apply for a visa irrespective of the purpose of the visit as the country offers free entry for a total duration of six months.

Niue Island

Visa-Free Countries For India In 2023

This small island is located near the South Pacific Ocean. The country is home to the largest raised coral atoll in the world. The island is an apt location for those who are water sports and marine enthusiasts. Indian citizens with valid passports do not require a visa to visit Niue Island as it welcomes Indian citizens for free for 30 days.


Senegal is a country in West Africa which does not require Indian citizens with a valid passport to have a visa for 90 days of the stay duration. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world with a perfect balance of nightlife, national parks, city life and tourist sites. It is also home to small French-influenced cities like Saint-Louis, scenic Goree Island, and many more. Visit Senegal to experience true African culture and French lifestyle.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a beautiful island surrounded by other small islands in the southern Caribbean region. The island is underrated as its natural beauty is not much talked about. The remains of volcanic mountains are a magnificent attraction for researchers and tourists. The island has some of the most beautiful untouched gardens and remains of forts like Fort Charlotte built in 1806 which gives a panoramic view of the archipelago. The island again does not require a visa from an Indian citizen having a valid passport for 30 days. 

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List of Documents

The required documents are more or less the same for all the countries that allow entry without a visa. Listed below are some of the entry requirements for an Indian citizen. 

  1. A passport with a minimum of six months of validation
  2. A voter identity card
  3. Minimum 2 recent passport-size photographs
  4. A two-way flight ticket
  5. Proof of confirmed accommodation
  6. Bank statement for the last 3 months
  7. A negative health certificate for COVID-19
  8. Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 and yellow fever (if applicable)
  9. In case of entering a country by land, an Entry Permit is issued by the competent authority.

Where Can Indian Indian Citizens Go Without a Passport?

There are some exceptional countries around the world where Indian citizens can visit or transit without a passport. Both countries are landlocked, neighbouring and friendly countries of India where Indian citizens can travel with a valid identity card.

  1. Bhutan
  2. Nepal

What Countries Issue e-Visa to Indian Citizens?

An e-visa is much like a regular paper-based visa. However, applicants do not have to visit the visa application centre, one can register online at the e-visa registration portal and make the visa fee payment online. Once the visa application is approved, the applicant will receive an email regarding the confirmation of the e-visa along with an attached document that is needed at the time of crossing the border. It is issued by a country’s embassy/immigration official that permits visitors to enter it. Below is the list of countries that accept e-visa as a visitor’s permit.

  1. Armenia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bahrain
  4. Barbados
  5. Benin
  6. Cambodia
  7. Columbia
  8. Côte D’Ivoire
  9. Djibouti
  10. Ethiopia
  11. Georgia
  12. Guinea
  13. Kazakhstan
  14. Kenya
  15. Kyrgyzstan Republic
  16. Lesotho
  17. Malaysia
  18. Moldova
  19. Myanmar
  20. New Zealand
  21. Papua New Guinea
  22. Russian Federation (specific areas of the far eastern federal district, Kaliningrad, Leningrad regions and St. Petersburg regions of Russian Federation)
  23. Saint Lucia
  24. Saint Vincent and Grenadines
  25. Singapore
  26. South Korea
  27. Sri Lanka
  28. Taiwan
  29. Tajikistan
  30. Tanzania
  31. Thailand
  32. Uganda
  33. Uzbekistan
  34. Vietnam
  35. Zambia

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What Countries Issue Visas on Arrival to Indian Passport Holders?

Visa on arrival is commonly known as the on-arrival visa. It is granted to the visitors at the time of entry into the country by the embassy or consulate of the country. The entire application process of visa issuance is initiated and completed at the point of entry itself by the competent government authorities. Here is the list of the countries that offer visa-on-arrival to Indian citizens.

  1. Angola
  2. Bolivia
  3. Cabo Verde
  4. Cambodia
  5. Cameroon Union Republic
  6. Cook Islands
  7. Djibouti
  8. Etiopia
  9. Fiji
  10. Guinea Bissau
  11. Indonesia
  12. Iran
  13. Jamaica
  14. Jordan
  15. Kenya
  16. Kiribati
  17. Laos
  18. Madagascar
  19. Mauritania
  20. Mongolia
  21. Myanmar
  22. Nigeria
  23. Niue Island
  24. Qatar
  25. Republic of Marshall Islands
  26. Reunion Island
  27. Rwanda
  28. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  29. Saint Lucia
  30. Samoa
  31. Senegal
  32. Seychelles
  33. Somalia
  34. Sri Lanka
  35. Suriname
  36. Tajikistan
  37. Tanzania
  38. Thailand
  39. Tunisia
  40. Tuvalu
  41. Vanuatu
  42. Vietnam
  43. Zimbabwe

Additional Notes

  1. Earlier Serbia was the only European country visa-free for Indian citizens to visit. However, from the 1st of January 2023, Serbia is no longer a visa-free country to visit for Indian citizens. The Indian citizens now travelling to Serbia must apply for a visa beforehand.
  2. Upon arrival in the aforementioned visa-free countries, the customs officials will go through the passport and only after verification of identity and completion of formalities will provide an entry stamp. 

What are visas?

A visa is a document issued by the government that allows people to visit a country. Passports act as proof of the country of origin. However, visas state the duration of stay as well. Several countries put forth different types of regulations for visas. These are as follows:

Visa-freeIt means a person is not required to attain a visa to travel to a country
Visa- on ArrivalIt means the visa will be granted at the port entry.
e-VisaIt is an electronic visa that acts as an alternative to the paper visa.
Entry Permit It is an electronic visa that acts as an alternative to a paper visa.


Is the UK a visa-free country for Indian citizens?

No, the UK is not a visa-free country for Indian citizens irrespective of the purpose of the visit. Indians will require a visa to visit the UK.  

What is the rank of the Indian passport according to the Henley Passport Index?

According to the Henley Passport Index, the Indian passport is ranked 85th in 2023. 

Is there any country which does not require visa fees to enter for Indian citizens in 2023?

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, 16 countries give free visa facilities to Indian citizens.

How many nations may an Indian visit visa fee?

Learn about the nations to which Indian citizens can travel visa-free
According to Henley & Partners’ ranking of the most powerful passports, India’s passport comes in at number 87. Passport holders from India are permitted to visit 60 nations without a visa. Few nations provide Indian passport holders with visa-on-arrival options.

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