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Agony antonyms

Agony Antonyms: The term “agony” is often used to describe the most severe and unbearable forms of pain, suffering, or distress. The most common antonyms of agony are joy, happiness, contentment, comfort, euphoria, satisfaction etc. The blog article below gives all the relevant information regarding the word “agony” with its meaning and antonyms with usage and examples.

Meaning of Agony

Agony refers to extreme physical or mental suffering, distress, or pain. It is a state of intense discomfort, often accompanied by a feeling of helplessness or extreme emotional turmoil. Agony can be both physical and emotional, and it is typically associated with severe or excruciating pain and anguish. Simply put, it is a state of suffering that can be overwhelming and may lead to feelings of despair and hopelessness.

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Origin of agony: agony antonyms

List of 50+ Antonyms of Agony with Meanings

The antonyms of agony are used to express the opposite of suffering such as a state of happiness or euphoria. Listed below are some antonyms of agony with suitable meanings for your easy reference.

PleasureA feeling of enjoyment or satisfaction
JoyA state of happiness or delight
ContentmentSatisfaction and fulfillment
BlissExtreme happiness and contentment
DelightA high degree of enjoyment or gratification
HappinessThe state of being happy or content
ComfortA state of physical ease and freedom from pain
EaseA state of being comfortable
ReliefThe alleviation of pain, distress, or anxiety
EnjoyTo take pleasure in something
EcstasyOverwhelming joy or delight
SatisfactionFulfillment of one’s desires or expectations
ElationGreat happiness or exhilaration
SerenityThe state of being calm and peaceful
ContentSatisfied and at ease
GleeExuberant joy or delight
CheerA state of being cheerful or in good spirits
EuphoriaA feeling of intense happiness and excitement
JubilationA joyful celebration or expression of triumph
CalmFree from agitation or disturbance
TranquilityThe quality of being calm and peaceful
PeaceA state of tranquility and quiet
AmusementEntertainment and enjoyment
FulfillmentThe achievement of one’s goals or desires
SatisfactionThe state of being pleased with a situation
EnjoymentThe pleasure derived from an activity or experience
TranquilCalm and serene
EaseFreedom from difficulty or effort
ComfortableProviding physical or psychological ease
ReliefA feeling of reassurance or comfort
DelightfulHighly pleasing and enjoyable
PleasantAgreeable and enjoyable
CheerfulIn good spirits and optimistic
GladdeningMaking someone happy or joyful
ElatedIn a state of high spirits and joy
ExhilarationA feeling of being invigorated and stimulated
GratitudeThe quality of being thankful and appreciative
SatisfiedContent and pleased with a situation
PleasurableEnjoyable and giving a sense of pleasure
RejoiceTo express joy and happiness
UpbeatOptimistic and positive
LightheartedCarefree and cheerful
PleasantnessThe quality of being pleasant
RejuvenateTo restore vitality and energy
UpliftedElevated in mood or spirits
GratificationThe pleasure derived from one’s achievements
BlissfulExtremely happy and content
RadiantEmitting joy and happiness

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List of Closest Synonyms of Agony

The closest synonyms of “agony” include:

  1. Pain
  2. Suffering
  3. Torment
  4. Distress
  5. Anguish
  6. Misery
  7. Affliction
  8. Torture
  9. Woe
  10. Aggravation

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10+ Examples Using Agony Antonyms

Here are some antonyms of “agony” along with sentence examples:

  1. Winning the championship brought immense joy to the team and their supporters, replacing the earlier agony of defeat.
  2. Celebrating achievements brought them genuine happiness.
  3. After achieving their life goals, they finally found contentment, erasing the agony of unfulfilled dreams.
  4. Completing the project on time and under budget was a source of great satisfaction.
  5. The cooling breeze provided much-needed relief, easing the agony of the scorching hot day.
  6. The serene lake and peaceful surroundings brought a sense of tranquility, dispelling the agony of the hectic city life.
  7. The soft, warm bed provided comfort and relief from the agony of sleeping on a hard surface.
  8. The unexpected success of their startup venture filled them with euphoria, replacing the earlier financial agony.
  9. Winning the championship filled him with delight.
  10. The unexpected good news replaced the agony with overwhelming joy.
  11. Completing the project with excellence gave him a sense of satisfaction.

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Did you know-Antonyms of Agony

Antonyms of Agony Quiz Questions to Practise!

1: Which of the following is a word with the opposite meaning of “agony”?

  1. Euphoria
  2. Grief
  3. Anguish
  4. Sorrow

Answer: Euphoria

2: What does the term “rapture” convey in relation to “agony”?

a) Similar meaning
b) Opposite meaning

Answer: Opposite meaning

3: Pick the correct and closest antonym of agony from the options listed below:

  1. Comfort
  2. Health
  3. Pain

Answer: Comfort & Health

4: Pick the correct antonym from the options listed below

  1. Stale
  2. Contentment
  3. Demand
  4. Magic

Answer: Contentment

5: What does the word “bliss” mean in relation to “agony”?

a) Similar meaning
b) Opposite meaning

Answer: Opposite meaning

6: What word is an antonym of “agony”?

a) Misery
b) Rapture
c) Torment
d) Despair

Answer: Rapture

7: Select the correct antonym for “agony”:

a) Pleasure
b) Turmoil
c) Wretchedness
d) Distress

Answer: Pleasure

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What are some common antonyms of agony?

Some common antonyms of agony are joy, happiness, contentment, comfort, euphoria, and satisfaction.

What is the meaning of agony?

Agony can be understood as some most severe and unbearable forms of pain, suffering, or distress.

List some synonyms of agony.

Some common synonyms of agony are pain, hurt, torment, anguish etc.

This was all about the antonyms of “agony” with meanings and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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