6 Travel Hacks for the Broke Students Who are Studying Abroad on a Budget

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Travel Hacks for the Broke Student Studying Abroad on a Budget

Traveling abroad while studying and staying can be a tough task for students in the matter of money sometimes. The expense of living, accommodation, etc, at times, leaves the students with very little money to spend on other leisure activities, especially if they are not working part-time alongside their studies. 

Traveling is something most study abroad students like to enjoy, the urge to explore and experience new places and things is innate in the students. But what to do if you are financially broke? Not travel at all?

No, maybe we can find you some solutions and give you some mindful tricks that can help you travel abroad even while being broke on budget. 

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Budget Travel Hacks 

The following hacks are going to help you travel in small amounts while staying abroad and save a lot of money on your plans:

Choose the right plan and package

Travel Hacks for the Broke Student: Studying Abroad on a Budget

If you want to travel on a budget then you first need to conduct thorough research on several plans rather than jumping on the first package you see. You need to find a package that provides you with all your necessities but at lower rates.  If you do not want to take up a fixed package then you need to plan each step of your trip yourself cutting down the cost at each step and making arrangements in a way that costs you less. For example, instead of taking a single train to a specific location at a higher cost, you can take the train with a stop if it costs you less. Like planning your itinerary in a day that matches the public transport timing of the city and saves you the money you would spend on cabs and private transport.

You can take the help of the videos of various bloggers on several destinations and see the price breakdown given by them to decide the location that fits in your budget.

Plan in advance

Travel Hacks for the Broke Student: Studying Abroad on a Budget

planning in advance helps you in booking the tickets and accommodation places at much cheaper rates as the availability is very high. The hotels or tickets booked at the last moment always cost more due to the demand. So the best hack to save money on booking and crack the best deals is to plan way before the desired date.

You can use various tools like the Skyscanner for lowest-cost booking and other similar apps for the lowest-priced transportation and accommodations.

Be flexible with your destination

Travel Hacks for the Broke Student: Studying Abroad on a Budget

Choose the travel destination according to the season contradiction. If you choose the destinations that are in high demand at the point of time then you are going to end up paying more. Try to travel to the locations that are yet to be the peak tourist locations and are working silently on the days of your trip. You might need to compromise with the weather a bit but it will be a boon for your pocket and the fore will be worth it. 

Suppose your plan is for a location that is costing you more at the moment, maybe consider switching the destinations and opt for the one that will cost you less.

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Travel Hacks for the Broke Student: Studying Abroad on a Budget

Instead of the luxury and costly destinations choosing a low-budget accommodation can help you in budget travelling. You can choose and find the following types of accommodation and make a stay:

You can stay in a hostel. The set-up will help you get a room which other people will share but the cost of it will be very low compared to private accommodation. 

A low-cost Airbnb can also be a very good option for a budget stay.

A homestay can also be a very good option if you are comfortable living in a home set up where people live as a family but give a room or two as rented accommodation to travellers.

Food and activities

Travel Hacks for the Broke Student: Studying Abroad on a Budget

A trip can also be very low if food costs are reduced. You can opt to eat the local or street food of the city instead of the five-star restaurants. The street food will be comparatively costing a very low amount and is going to give you the real taste of the city.

If not, then you can choose to cook for yourself in a hostel or homestay if occupied.

Check out everything free in the city and enjoy it rather than buying expensive tickets for everything. Look up ancient museums, free nightclubs, free tourist spots, etc and save on sightseeing.

Chose right transportation

Travel Hacks for the Broke Student: Studying Abroad on a Budget

One city that you are visiting will have a lot of places tourists or places that you wish to visit. Travelling to each place by cab or private vehicle will cost you a fortune. So the best way out is to plan your day in a way that matches the timetable of the public transportation to the desired locations. If not the public transport then you can probably rent out vehicles for yourself and drive to the spots yourself. You can easily get two-wheelers on rent at almost all the tourist spots. 

If the locations are close and you have plenty of time in your bucket, just walk it through. It will also help you explore other small things along the way, like street food, or shops that might give you some souvenirs. 

The students have an advantage at the historical and tourist spots even if charged, you can ask for a student discount. This way you can save on ticket money and add a couple of more places to your list. And a suggestion is if you have good photography and creative skills, who knows maybe you can become an influencer and generate a source of money for your further trips. So always keep your mind and camera ready and enjoy your budget-friendly trip.

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Hope the travel hacks given above helped you with some ideas and suggestions and made your trip budget-friendly. To read more such interesting blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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