These are the Weirdest Study Abroad Myths You Can Find on the Internet

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The great part of living in India is that a lot of beliefs are still based on hearsay. That is why even a single tale has localised versions and a variety of endings. Nonetheless, so are our myths about studying abroad. Passed through generations and inculcated in natural thinking. So much so that some of them sound really weird to hear today. Here are some that we found to be the weirdest study abroad myths that you can find on the internet. 

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Sit for the GRE If You Have Money to Burn

A lot of students believe that you need a lot of money to register for the GRE Test. Compared to the exam fee you pay for entrance examinations in India, the amount is on the higher end. Nevertheless, it is not like you will have to take a loan to sit for the GRE. In India, the GRE test fee is INR 22,550 with tax.  

Homesickness Would Get the Better of You 

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Your curiosity might take you there but as the grass is always greener on the other side, you fear you might feel too homesick to stay till you graduate. The truth is, that the change in environment will take at most a month or two to adjust but then you will see the time slip by. You will have lots of assignments, projects and bucket list tasks to complete. And maybe a large social circle too. 

It Would Take Ages to Graduate

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A lot of students believe that universities abroad take a lot of time to get them to graduate. The truth is, that this is entirely based on you. You have a certain number of credits to complete that can be completed before the normal graduation timeline as well. Or you might choose to take it slowly and complete it in an extended period. However, this will take permissions and student visa regulations as well. 

Your Gadgets Are Mere Toys

Now, this is interesting. Students often have experiences of their devices getting shut down after long flights. Besides, the charging points abroad have different sorts of wall sockets than those in India. Due to this, students often believe that their devices are useless abroad while all they need are just appropriate adaptors!

Only The Class Topper Can Get Scholarships

Have you heard of this one? Or are you too someone who believes it? It is a popular belief that only a good GPA or Merit can get you scholarships. The truth is, there are need-based scholarships as well. Moreover, some scholarships are offered automatically upon enrolling on a certain course due to its demand. 

It Will Always be You Vs the Common Stereotypes

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Western culture will never understand you and actual India and you will always have to keep explaining stuff. Not at all, there are so many Indians abroad right now that most of the stereotypes have been busted. Moreover, people abroad are more keen to know each other rather than telling you what ideas they have. Nonetheless, you might still encounter a little mischief. 

Studying Abroad is All About Shelving the ‘Study’ Part

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If you feel that studying abroad is all about a party then my friend tightens your seatbelts and let’s burst the bubble. Studying abroad is a transformative experience, it will help you gain experience, networking, extraordinary skills and mindset to become a global citizen. Sure, you will get time to explore the city and country but remember that you need to prioritise education. 

Only the Top Dogs Send Children to Study in Europe

Source: Times of India 

Europe is an exclusive place to study and only the wealthy and famous politicians or great celebrities send their children to study in Europe. Now, honestly, it is not our problem that you only watch celeb stories and have seen people like Indira Gandhi, Soha Ali Khan, Abhishek Bachan and Varun Dhawan. More than 50,000 Indian students travel to Europe for studies each year. Not all of them are celebs. 

Just Getting Into a Good University Ensures a Good Job

The weirdest thing we heard of is that you only need to get admission to a good university and the rest is all up to them. The university will get you a good job and internship etc. Well, the university’s name and reputation will definitely help you but you also have to showcase your skills and knowledge in the field. Similarly, the universities might arrange career fairs and networking events or alumni meets but then the ball is in your court. 

It’s Always Cold in Canada

Source: Travel Triangle

No… Canada also has summer months, it is a whole beautiful summer season. The cold is definitely more than in India but Canada has a diverse climate. You can wear your summer clothes too as some coastal areas get as warm as 25° C to 30° C. It is in fact a pleasant 20° C in most areas. So, you can actually enjoy the mild summers. Moreover, the Autumn season with falling palm leaves looks more aesthetic. 

You Will Definitely Get a Job and an Opportunity to Stay Back 

This is such a common misconception that you will definitely get a job abroad after you complete your studies and you can just slack off lazily. On the contrary, you need to start building networks and working part time or intern at different companies to get a lucrative job option after your graduation. Some courses and jobs are in demand and might land you a job easily but it is better to not delve on that. 

Non Degree Courses Hold No Value

If you ask us, we found it the weirdest. Some people believe that if you are undergoing a certificate or diploma program it will hold no value. Truth is, that these short courses have great value even in India, especially if you have completed your graduation and the course is a specialised short term practical oriented program. These can help you cover your career or educational gaps, help you get a jobs by adding relevant skills to your CV and what not. 

Let us repeat it for you, in case you have forgotten, ‘Chase after excellence, and success will always follow behind.’ (we believe you got the reference) Make it a point that this ideology of excellence, knowledge and skills is what works abroad and that is what will land you most jobs. 

These were some of the weirdest myths about studying abroad that we found. Do let us know which one did you find the weirdest or which one did you believe in too. Moreover, if you are also starting your college life soon or are already in there, you can drop by our Infotainment page to find some awesome relatable content. 

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