10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day

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National Nothing Day

Yes, 16 January is celebrated as the National Nothing Day in the USA. Moreover, if you are a student out there or are planning to study in the USA then you might find some good ways to celebrate your first National Nothing Day Abroad here. In sophomore year? Then you must have already celebrated one. But wait, do people even celebrate it? Because technically you are not supposed to do anything, and celebrating is still doing. Confused? Don’t worry, here is what you should definitely not do on National Nothing Day.

Do Not Celebrate

Do Not Celebrate - 10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day

That is such a generic thing to do to mark some day and celebrate. So that is not what you are going to do on 16 January in USA. Instead, go for a normal day. Preferably, as normal as it could be. Normal morning breakfast, normal getting ready, morning walk and other chores to go about your day. 

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Do Not Rush

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day - Do not rush

Take it slowly, chill and look around at what you have, what you are doing, who are you accompanied by and what you have in life. A pro tip, if anyone says you are late to work to work, college or even lunch, just flash a National Nothing Day card and walk away. Take a back seat and enjoy the journey of your life on autopilot mode for a day and observe it as an outsider. Oh, that is totally a different experience. 

Do Not Cook Special Meals

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day - do not cook

No Christmas cake, no pudding, no cookies and no to all the special delicacies eaten out or just a normal noodle or oats for the day. It will keep you light and unburdened to think about what you should eat. Sometimes the best meals you have are the ones you do not think much about and the calm in your mind makes them special. 

Do Not Plan

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day - do not plan

Let this day bring the best calm nature has in reserve for you. Let yourself realise that sometimes it is best to let just go of things and that not being in control is the best way to go about life for a while. And most importantly, it is fine. No plans, no tension, no time constraints and the limitlessness in you is out. 

We have always been slaves of time, let this day bring a little chaos to the table. Let’s just hope that it does not transform into procrastination, rest everything is okay. Attend the lectures you want, get that book from the library you thought was irrelevant to your coursework, cycle around the city or just be cosy in bed. 

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Do Not Try Hard

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day - Dont try too hard

You tried hard to get into that university, tried hard to get that job, tried hard to get an apartment or tried hard to make ends meet, manage your sleep and assignments and so on. On your journey till now, the only thing you haven’t tried is resting. Your spirit might keep you going but your body and mind do need rest. Why not go for that movie night that you have been avoiding due to your work and college for a very long now? 

Do Not Share Your Day/ Do Not be Alone

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day

Well, this is completely your choice and based on your circumstances. For those who have spent the year socialising and meeting new people, take a break and self-reflect by avoiding any more people for a day. You need a little chat with yourself as well. 

As for those who have been an owl all year, get yourself some company. Sometimes, another person’s perspective is what you need even to understand yourself and the next step in your life, grow through networking even if just for a day (Warning: Socliasing can be a bit addictive if you find the right friends).

Do Not Dress Up

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day - Do not dress up

It takes effort to maintain a certain personality in front of others. Even if you are that person, you sometimes want to take a break from being that person. Today is that day for you, utilise the National Nothing Day and be effortless in your dressing. Do not take pictures and capture the world through your eyes and memories, it is too transient to last in pictures and eternal if preserved in memory. 

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Do Not Think of Tomorrow

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day - don't think of tomorrow

Take a chill pill, tomorrow is a whole day away. There is nothing that can stop you from enjoying your today if your worries about tomorrow and the day after, the next month and next year are set aside. Be as casual as you can so that it actually feels like you did nothing and also enjoyed it. 

P.S. If you have an assignment pending for a long, you better complete that first and then go into nothing mode. 

Do Not Sleep Throughout the Day 

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day - Don't sleep throughout the day

For one, that is such a boring way to commemorate such an important day. Secondly, given how little sleep you get these days, sleeping is considered celebrating and therefore it is out of the list. Go for a calming walk instead maybe a small picnic like an outing, subway hopping or a long drive would just be perfect.

Do Not Miss Out on Having Fun

10 Things to Avoid Doing on National Nothing Day - Don't miss out on having fun

The gist is that you do not restrict yourself even with celebrations today. Have fun in the most unconventional ways. Nothing is more important than we can ever fathom, it can unlock the deepest creative skills. If you do not agree then think of when you get the most creative ideas in your entire day. When you are bathing, brushing your teeth or in the loo, that is exactly when your mind is actually doing nothing and it has the freedom to explore its own treasures. 

So, enjoy your National Nothing Day the way you find best. Continue the list in the comments section and let us know how would you like to celebrate it. If you need more of such mind-boggling content, drop by our Infotainment page

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