The Smart Side of Poo From K3G

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Poo from K3G

Who is he? Was the first thing that Poo wondered after not getting the effortless attention from Rohan that she was used to. Nevertheless, the character, her dialogue, dressing style and persona became iconic, inspiring youngsters in India even today. 

Her self-loving nature with a kind heart and a lot of attitude made Pooja, oh sorry, Poo… an unforgettable screen presence. However, some traits of this sassy, stylish and overtly English character are overlooked when it comes to analysing her character. 

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Poo the Class Topper

Yes, Pooja was good at studies. Though it is not openly depicted in the film, however, it is evident from how her character arc goes. Pooja was like any other Indian middle-class girl from Chandni Chowk who lost her father and shifted to London. She continued her studies in London and ended up getting admission to King’s College London

KCL is one of the most prestigious colleges in London. The college is at #40th position in QS rankings, #38 in THE WUR rankings and #33 in US News. It takes a good deal of hard work and studies to get admission to the college not to mention the 3.3 GPA on the scale of 4.0. So, don’t be baffled by her style, this beauty has got brains. 

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Adapting to a Foreign Environment

It was clearly difficult for Kajol to let go of her Bhartiya sabhyata but Poo quickly adapted herself to the new environment, made friends and blended in. Whether it was partying around with friends, her unbeatable fashion sense or over-the-top confidence one really needs to commend her networking skills. 

From the iconic dance at ‘It’s Raining Men Hallelujah’ to selecting her prom date, Pooja has been a complete GenZ in K3G until, the Poo bani Parvati moment with Rohan. Pooja is seen wearing ethnic clothes and performing Aarti in the morning. This clearly shows she didn’t let go of her sanskaar while transforming into a diva.

Quiz Time

How old is the Maughan Library at King’s College London?

  1. 200 years old
  2. 700 years old
  3. 22 years old
  4. 1200 years old

Was it too much? Or was Poo the perfect blend of how much one should engross themselves in a foreign culture? Let us know through comments. For more such bing boggling content stay tuned to our Infotainment section. 

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