10 Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad

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Staying with your family in your home is pretty comforting right?

There are no responsibilities on you and you can take a chill pill and enjoy every activity, work,  and desire of your life without thinking about any consequences or any backlashes.

But once you are alone in a new city, creating a new life, being your own parent and doing everything by yourself things will start to appear different.

You will need to plan, analyse and then execute even your smallest activities.

I am sure you have made a lot of plans and dream castle about going abroad to study by now,  but are you sure you are ready for everything that is waiting for you there?

Let’s get you prepared and make your stay abroad comforting like your home by developing a few habits that will help you smoothen Your day-to-day activity and become independent easily in the matter of staying alone through the help of this blog. 

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Habits that are going to help you if you are moving abroad

Following is the list of a few habits that are recommended to be developed in advance if you are planning to study abroad and stay all by yourself in a new country to make your stay comfortable and easy:

Become a planner

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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If you really want to stay organised and want things to happen at a specified time, you have to become a planner. You need to manage your day in a way that fits everything that you want to do. This will only become possible if you plan your day ahead and make sure every activity that you are doing is happening according to your plan.  For example, at home you did not need to think about what you had to eat for dinner, the dinner used to be ready when you came back from school, or work. But who is going to prepare your dinner over there, who is going to Iron your uniform or the dress that you have to wear? Will it look good if you wake up in the morning and while getting ready you find out that there are no clothes in your wardrobe that are uncrumbled? And you are already getting late. What would you do in this situation? Will you not get annoyed by the fact that you have to iron your clothes at that moment?  How good would it be if the clothes were already ironed or you had done it the day before? This is the reason you will have to plan everything because every activity of yours will be in your hand, it’s you who has to do everything either do it on time or do it and hurry.

Set schedule

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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Now that you have planned everything, you should prepare a schedule. You need to develop the habit of working according to schedule.  You need to assign each activity at a time and a fixed duration in which you should be able to complete all of those so that you have time for the other activities of the day. For say, if you spend 2 hours after coming back from college just washing dishes, how will you be able to manage time to cook afterwards, to study, to relax and also to do other activities? You need to make a schedule and make sure that all the activities that you need to take care of in a day or assign sufficient time by leaving sufficient time for the others too, so your day is organised and well managed without any last-moment mess-ups.

Manage finances

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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The most important habit that you need to develop in yourself is to manage your finances.  All this while, your parents were the ones who were managing your finances. Till now your parents used to pay the fees and the bills and spend money for you but now as you know that you are your own parent and you need to do everything all by yourself, so definitely you must be aware of the fact that you also need to spend and calculate all by yourself. If you do not develop a habit of planning your finances you will end up mismanaging the finances and by the end of the month, you will be left with nothing to spend on your basic necessities too. Make a budget at the start of the month and spend according to the budget set,  this will help you know how much money you have in hand and how much money you can spend on which type of activity. 

Make sure to do every task you planned for the day

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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Just setting up of schedule is not the only thing that you have to learn full stop you have to learn to work according to your schedule. Most of the time students are observed making a schedule for the activities following it for a day or two and forgetting about it. This will get you to end up in the same unorganised situations where you will be exhausted and your task of the day will also not be completed. You need to make sure that you are doing every activity the way you had planned. 

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Limit the phone 

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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Believing the fact that the phone is the biggest distraction in a student’s life will not exactly be right because today half of the work of a student’s day-to-day activities is done over the phone. But using the phone in which it is disturbing your studies or makes you spend extra time on the phone when you have to do other work will definitely become a problem. Staying abroad, you will not have your parents all the time budging over your head to keep your phone down so you need to take care of this factor by yourself and limit the use of your phone and use it Wisely.

Maintain your nourishment requirements

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
Credit: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Taking care of your food is also your own responsibility now, so it’s better to start from your home itself. Make sure that you are not just eating food but also calculating the nutrients that it is going to give you. Make sure the nutrients that you are consuming and meeting the nutrient requirements of your body. This habit will help you keep yourself healthy without being under the supervision of your parents.

Keep clean

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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One factor that most study abroad students forget to take care is of keeping their room and themselves clean. Without your mom constantly being on your head and scolding you about cleaning your room and taking a bath I understand it is very difficult to remember all those things yourself in between all the other important things. But it is really important to maintain hygiene and keep yourself and your room organised so that there are no infectious Or bacterial issues that are taking place around you that may compromise your health.

Take responsibility 

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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Until you don’t start your journey abroad make sure you develop a habit of taking responsibility at home itself. This will help you smooth your journey once you have landed and your Dreamland. You need to start by doing your stuff yourself at home like cleaning cooking,  washing dishes, washing clothes, managing your studies without anybody scolding you,  keeping your things clean, eating on time and resting enough all by yourself without anybody else telling you to do all the things.

Keep yourself active

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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But not doing anything and keeping yourself active and in a lazy state may end you up with a face which is not particularly healthy and a lethargic lifestyle. This will cause you to gain weight, cause several other health issues, delay your work, and spoil all the other habits that we had discussed. So it is very important to keep yourself active and the best way and the best time to start this is while you are still at your home. Make sure you are working out, going for walks,  taking part in sports and doing every other activity that helps you stay active in your home and abroad.

Prioritise health 

Habits That You Should Develop Before Moving To Study Abroad
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For say, if there is a situation where you have an assignment to complete but you falling Ill due to a lot of work pressure, we suggest that you should take a break, take some time off, relax your nerves and start the work with a fresh mind. Make sure to learn to prioritise your health over all the other activities because once a vice man said “Make time for your health or you will be forced to make time for your illness”  so it’s better to stop over-straining and take the required breaks or the required essentials that help in keeping you healthy and active so that your fit for the rest duration.

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The habits mentioned above if taken seriously and developed will help you in making a study abroad journey easy and hassle-free. We hope the blog will prove helpful in making your dream smooth and comfortable.  To read more such interesting blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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