What If Joey Tribbiani Was Your Acting Class Professor?

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Joey Tribbiani Acting Classes

If you are a fan of the FRIENDS series, first of all, “How you doin’?” 

Secondly, I assume you must believe that the character of Joey is a prodigy of acting. You hear the word actor it automatically sounds like Joey. Acting? No, It’s Joey!.  Act? No, It’s Joey!. Theater? No, It’s Joey!. Dr. Drake Ramoray? That’s definitely Joey! 

And if you once truly believe this statement to be the only truth of acting the rest of your statements should automatically turn out like, “I am a very good actor!” no, it’s “I am a very good Joey!” or “I am training to be an Actor” no, It’s “I am training to be a Joey”.

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How you doing? Joey Tribbiani
Credit: YouTube

For the people who don’t fall into the category of FRIENDS fans, let me tell you who Joey is.

Joey is one of the six friends who is a big flirt by action and an actor by profession. He chose acting as his full-time career but probably acting didn’t choose him as a full-time actor, leading him to play the part of a dying man in some movie and nobody in another, until he landed the role of Dr. Drake Ramoray in a TV soap making the fans believe that the acting choose him too until he screwed that too and landed on the corpse phase again. Joey and Acting were like a couple in an unhappy marriage, not working, not happy, but can’t separate! Because who would take the blame? Not Joey because he was trying his best and his better half would definitely not, I hope you know how women are in marriage and blame! 

Joey Tribbiani acting classes
Credit: Friends Wiki – Fandom

Well Well not just an actor, Joey is seen performing as an acting class professor too!


Acting classes by Joey Tribbiani
Credit: Tenor

Yes, you heard me right, an acting class professor!

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How Would Classes be If Joey Was Your Acting Class Professor?

No Time Restrictions

There would be no late entries in the class. Guess why? By the time he remembers that he has a lecture to give, there would hardly be a few minutes left for class to get over. So you can have the independence of time and can come any time you prefer and you’ll still be in class before him because Joey believes in giving his students freedom and nobody can ever be as late as our professor himself. 

Subject Flexibility

You: “Sir give us a tip for passing a theatrics audition”.

Professor Joey: “Bread, Cheese, Tomato, and Meat, and that’s your perfect sandwich”.

You: “Sir we are in an acting class”.

Professor Joey: “Until your tummy is satisfied you can’t be a good actor, so we will learn to make a good sandwich first.”

The subject would be anything your professor likes, anything but not ACTING. 

You need relation advice you will get it, you need health advice you will get it, you need food advice and you will get that too but if you need an acting tip, oh, no no that’s out of the syllabus!

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Do Not Learn

Whatever the situation be your priority should always be focused on “Not Learning” because if you learn something in the class of Joey you end up like Joey, probably performing the role of somebody’s hand in a movie, if you know you know.

Joey Tribbiani acting
Credit: Meghan’s Whimsical Explorations and Reviews

Skills You Would Learn If Joey Was Your Acting Class Professor

Trust me the skills that you are going to learn in class are going to be the best part of your class with Joey the greatest professor of all time.

Let me give you some Joey special tips to get you amazing facial expression skills:

  • If you have a scene where you have to cry, just cut a hole in your pants, take a pair of tweezers and just start pulling.
Joey acting classes
Credit: Favim.com

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  • If you have to perform in a scene where you have to show an evil expression, just imagine you have a fish hook in your eye and you like it.
Joey Tribbiani acting classes
Credit: BuzzFeed
  • Reacting is not acting again. Reacting is just a shock reaction which should look like you forgot your lines in mid of the shoot and it suddenly occurred to you.
Joey Tribbiani acting classes
Credit: YouTube
  • Let’s say you have to perform for a scene where you hear a piece of bad news, to express this start dividing 232 by 13.
Ace up with Joey Tribbiani acting classes
Credit: Pinterest
  • And best of all, if you have to try on a serious expression behave as if you are smelling a fart.
Have you tried Joey Tribbiani acting classes?
Credit: X.com

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Now tell me, would you have got to know about such amazing tricks even if you had not been to the class of Joey Tribbiani? 

Your answer clearly shows that Joey is one gem of a professor.

Tip For The Joey Tribbiani’s Students

Consider me your god-sent angel, mark my words and thank me later, Never, I repeat Never let your Professor know about any audition that you don’t want to lose, because once the information is his the role is his, after all, he is the professor and he teaches you, by practically being in the role on the screen. 

Enrol now for Joey Tribbiani acting classes
Credit: The Mod Misfit

I personally definitely believe you should enrol in the acting classes by Joey Tribbiani if you want to become a great actor of your generation and If you want to read more such amazing blogs you should follow Infotainment Archives.

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