Is University of Toronto Actually Haunted?

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Is University of Toronto Actually Haunted

It is best not to roam around the halls of the University of Toronto at night. Legend says the place is haunted. After all, you don’t want the doors to be shut behind you, or meet apparitions that vanish into thin air. From students to professors, everybody in this university agrees there are some unwelcome guests. But is the UoT haunted? If it is, are the ghosts mean, or do they just want their story to be heard? Read this blog to uncover the truth behind the age-old tales.

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The Axe Remembers

Is University of Toronto
Actually Haunted?

The stonemasons Ivan Reznikoff and Paul Diabolos were involved in the construction of the University College in the 1850s. They got into a fight because Paul had an affair with Reznikoff’s fiancee. Decades later, Rezinkoff’s skeleton was found beneath an unfinished staircase. After all, Paul had hit him with an axe and didn’t speak of it. The axe mark can still be seen on the door. How do we know the story behind it? Well, Reznikoff told the story to an oblivious student journalist before the skeleton was ever discovered!

Knock Knock Nobody is Here 

Is University of Toronto
Actually Haunted?

The Christe Manor in the 1900’s was home to Robert Christie and his wife. Robert concocted an evil plan and had a woman trapped in a windowless room. Only Robert knew of her existence. When the woman hanged herself, the manor was sold to the UoT. As per female students, if you enter the room alone at night, the door will be shut behind you. The tormented soul will not let the door open till a rescuer opens it effortlessly from the outside. 

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Let Me Help You

Is University of Toronto
Actually Haunted?

In the Wallberg Building, an electrical engineering student and his lab partner were working on an assignment late at night. It was 1997, and students couldn’t figure out the issue with the circuit. It was then, that a man offered to help. He rightly pointed out that the wire was broken. When the students, turned to thank the man, he disappeared. Turns out nobody else working in the lab had seen the man. 

Be Careful What You Wish For 

Is University of Toronto
Actually Haunted?

The first master of the Massy College, Robertson Davies used to narrate ghost stories to students. The event was also known as the Gaudy Night, held every year at the annual Christmas party. Davis even went on to publish the stories in a collection called the ‘High Spirits’, and told the entire faculty that given a chance, he would like to become a ghost and haunt everyone. Turns out his wish was granted. 

After Davis passed away in 1997, students started witnessing unexplainable events. Karan Maaren, the president of Massy College, said she has heard stories about wraithlike figures that disappear into thin air, objects that turn up in unlikely places, loud thuds coming from empty rooms, and an impossible shadow of a man who looks just like the class photo of Robert Davies.

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The Founder Refuses to Leave 

As per  Richard Fiennes-Clinton, the owner of Muddy York Tours, and the guide at  Royal Ontario Museum, the founder of the Trinity College refuses to leave the building. Students who stayed out late on All Hawos Eve had reported seeing the man again. John Strachan, the founder passed away on November 1, 1867. Perhaps, the man doesn’t like students who break the rules.

Who Turned the Lights on?

Is University of Toronto
Actually Haunted?

According to Barry Been, the man who has served as a watchman in the University College, students held parties at the Lindsaw Library. The party was over at one, and at 4 am he was reading a book. When he looked through the window, it turned out that all 3 floors of the Lindsaw Library were lit up. Fearing a break-in he called the police. The building was shut and nobody was inside. It was assumed that the librarian had set the light timer incorrectly. Except there was no light timer. Barry later recalled how his colleagues used to say, that the locked doors would suddenly open, and the University was undeniably haunted. 

Is It Safe to Study at the University of Toronto?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to study at the University of Toronto. Thousands of students try really hard to gain admission to this formidable university. It is ranked #21 in the QS World University Rankings and #21 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings too. It is one of the best universities in the city of Toronto and the entire Canada. It is world-famous for its programs and research. Therefore, yes it is not only safe but one of the best universities to study at. 

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