Learning English Online is Scary What if Your Coach is a ‘Babli Bhai’

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Learn English Online

Learning things online has surely made things much much easier. However, it still poses some challenges based on the credibility of the service provider. We know you will be just fine with a bad meal or low-quality shoes if you accidentally choose the wrong vendor online. But what if, you choose the wrong counsellor to learn English online? Based on our assumptions, you might end with someone like Babli Bhai from Golmaal Again. How? Well, you will just have to read to discover. 

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Learn English Online with Babli Bhai

Bad at Basics

Get ready to learn ABCD the new way, 

Hello A, B, C, D

A For Aatma

B For Bhootni

C For Chudail

D For Dayan

Come on Baby Bhootni Show Your Moves

Learn English Online with Babli Bhai

A Babli bhai will do anything for the sake of innovation to make you believe you have made the right choice. They can even get to the point of trying to change your basics including your pronunciation. Learning weird phonetics and grammar might ring a bell for you, but why get that far with Babi Bhai yaar?

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The Confident Mistaker

The reason why it is so difficult to spot an imposter is because of their unflinching confidence. 

Are Mere Fling Jet Yai Such Hai, Haan Yahan Bhoot Hai, Bhoot Hai, B Double O T Y Bhoot.

Learn English Online with Babli Bhai

Someone has put it quite right, the fool is always full of confidence while the intelligent is full of doubts. But an expert my friend is full of knowledge, wisdom, the right techniques and just the right amount of confidence. We suppose you can spot a Babli Bhai there. Don’t give in to counsellors you feel dubious about just because you see how confident they are in what they do and have a bunch of freaky followers to agree with. 

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The Charming CheatSheet

You can also catch them off guard to ensure that they are the right counsellors or imposters working on someone else’s cheat sheet. 

Kya Karay Kya Na Karay Do What Will Do Scooby Doo.

Learn English Online with Babli bhai

Wrong counsellors are usually those who do not possess the knowledge and do not intend to learn either. They have developed or cheated a learning concept from someone and just go about it in circles. Much like a cheater Babli Bhai was in Golmaal Again. Trying to make people believe something that didn’t exist. (Well, at least according to him). 

Mock Tests and Results? What’s That?

Well, for someone mocking you so well, what is there to do with mock tests and results? If you ask them for mock tests, they might just… 

Ghost G, S, T Ghost you

Learn English Online with Babli Bhai

It is Babli Bhai, there are no mock tests, and you directly jump into the danger that is before you without any safety gear. Just like Babli bhai walks right into the mansion when Gopal tells him there is a Ghost, you might be walking into the test centre unprepared. His classes will be just like the Ghost Busting mantras he gave to Anna, unspeakable and won’t work. If Anna hadn’t been practising, she would have read Plasma 32 inches in front of Vasu Reddy. Who knows, even that fool might have recognised their little act. 

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How to Stay Safe From Babli Bhai While Learning English Online?

With the previous points, you can spot a Babli Bhai. But that might just be too late as you will notice these things after getting enrolled. But there are steps to make sure you do not fall into this trap altogether. The first step is to consult a wise person from your home. 

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Learn English Online with Babli bhai

If someone is well-versed in English or has had such classes in the past, they might be helpful. Apart from that, refine your research. If you are someone who is looking for a list of the best coaching centres to learn English online and then book on the first link, you need to check your practice. 

Is Learning English Online Actually Scary?

No, not at all. Everything in the world is moving to an online culture and not learning about it might just leave you behind. Learning English online is not actually scary, scary is getting the wrong coach for it. Therefore, you must learn to choose the right teacher or coach and rest everything is fine.

  • You can check their reviews online to be sure.
  • Try connecting with alumni if required.
  • See the track record, if they have made scoring easy for students.
  • ALWAYS try out mock classes before enrolling.
  • Look at their syllabus and study material.
  • Check the qualifications and aptitude of your teachers on social media platforms.

Go through multiple lists and then research every coaching or counsellor on their websites. Try some mock sessions before enrolling and also go for genuine student reviews. Learn English online in the safest way possible because your time, money and effort are precious. And if you need more of such mind-boggling content, drop by our Infotainment page

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