Signs That Your Study Abroad Dorm Room Is Haunted

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Signs That Your Study Abroad Dorm Room Is Haunted

Shhhhhhh! Koi Hai! Feel closely, there is someone behind you! 

Don’t tell me you have never had that feeling. At least after watching an amazing horror movie? If you have not, you have missed on a very interesting thing in life. 

You missed the increased heart rate when you feel someone’s presence in your room, the abnormal sweats when the door starts knocking at 3 in the night, and the shivers of terror. All of it has a different experience of its own. Yes, it is terrific at some point but when you look back you have a lot of stories to narrate to your grandkids.  How big a fan will they become of yours when they hear that you lived in a haunted place, you spoke to spirits, or you could fight the fear? Do you not wish to be famous amongst your little admirers? If you do, great, let’s see if there is anything to help you out.

Signs That You Are Living In A Haunted Dorm

If you feel the paranormal then good, but if you have ignored the signs and you do not get the feeling come naturally to you, then below are the signs of your dorm room being haunted. Check them out and find out if there is someone actually behind your back!

Signs That Your Study Abroad Dorm Room Is Haunted

Are your curtains still and nobody knocking on the door?

The first thing you do going to the room today is keep a close eye on your curtains. Watch their movements, check if they move unusually, and see if there is any way of air coming into the room when your curtains are moving. Because if they move and there is no air behind it, there is definitely someone else!  

And keep your ears stuck to your door, was there a knock on it, that you thought was your friend playing a joke on you? No, it was not your friend who knocked on that door. Go check it out with your friends if they did knock and you will be more sure that it was no human! Think twice before opening the door. 

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Do you hear noises of moving furniture or running?

Most of the people living in haunted places can feel the presence of the entities through the noises of moving chairs, and tables on the flat above. You may also feel that someone is running and walking in your flat or the one above. You need to stay awake past midnight to hear to hear these noises. If you hear them, don’t go and start running with them. Go back to your sleep and let them have their workout session.  

Signs That Your Study Abroad Dorm Room Is Haunted

Can you hear a lady walk wearing anklets after everyone sleeps?

The most common type of ghost is usually women. Or maybe they are the most evident ones because they wear Payal (anklet) and make their presence obvious. No one can match the strings of why these female ghosts are so obsessed with the anklets. But if you hear such noise, be sure it’s not the aunty in your neighbourhood but an aunty who is no longer alive but is coming to visit you. You can wait for her if you wish to have a session of greetings. 

Do you feel someone is watching you while you sleep?

Not everyone feels this because most of the people are too busy sleeping. They forget to feel the presence of anyone but when you jerk up suddenly in your sleep and wake up. It was not your body, it was someone who woke you up. The entity was feeling bored watching you snore peacefully. So they woke you up. But lazy you, went back to sleep and made them fail in their efforts, leaving the ghost feeling disappointed too. 

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Do you not find the things where you kept them?

Did you keep over the table which you found on your bed? Did you think you may have by mistake taken them to bed with you? Did you not even once doubt your memory of keeping it on the table? My child, you again missed the sign the ghosts were giving you of their presence. But you ignored it too! Next time when you find things where you had not kept them, know that someone has purposely moved them to tell you that you are not alone in the room. 

Signs That Your Study Abroad Dorm Room Is Haunted
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Do you get scary dreams?

Did you start dreaming of ghosts suddenly since you came to this room? Did you think it was just the effect of the horror movie you watched in the evening and your subconscious is just still digesting the scenes? But what if it’s not just your subconscious mind? What if that room you are living in stores some secrets that you have not explored yet and your sleep is telling you to do so? Pay attention next time you have a dream. 

Do you feel someone is following you or calling you? 

Next time you hear a whisper when there is no one actually whispering, pay attention. What of that whisper is for you! What if you are the one who is being talked to? what if someone is calling you? You may not be able to see them but you are lucky enough to be able to hear those whispers too. But don’t be a fool when someone calls you and you just turn around to see. Remember they will say Palat! Palat! (turn over! Turn over!) because they love you, but if you do turn over you will fall in love too! So Palatna mat! (do not turn over)

If you feel any of these signs in your dorm room, feel that there is a presence of someone in your room other than you and you have got a lot of stories to tell your kids and are going to get many, stop! Pack your bags! And run! Before they run behind you! 

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Hope you found this blog on the signs that your study abroad dorm room is haunted interesting. This blog was only for fun and there is no such paranormal entity in your room. So relax and read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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