What if Humanoid Teachers Become the Way of the World?

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Humanoid Teacher

This is no longer a mere idea, humanoid professors are already out there. Though right now they are in an experimental stage but it will soon be a norm. Scientists and researchers are perfecting the models to make the experimental humanoids into perfect teachers. The lack of discretion in decision-making and emotional understanding has let the humanoids be at the edge for now. 

Regardless, Karnataka in India has developed a humanoid teacher Shiksha to help poor kids in rural areas of the state. Moreover, Zhi Zheng’s humanoid robot is taking Tai Chi classes and will soon be ready to take classes individually. This is all serious work with the researchers, but what if humanoid professors actually become the way of the world? Let’s see how the lives of students will change with this advancement in the classrooms. 

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Finally, No Good Morning Sing-Along

Humanoids really do not expect you to say salutations like good morning and good afternoon every time one of them enters the class. Maybe talking in class will also not be a problem for them. They are not going to dispense endless lectures on the code of conduct and not complete your homework. Neither ask how it is not good to eat your lunch in between classes although there’s a huge doubt they can even catch you doing that. Haven’t yet got the sense of smell you see. 

Bye Bye Cheat Slips

You can have all your grand luncheon in class but be assured that these humanoid teachers are going to be explicit in catching you cheat. They can literally have more than two eyes while examining the class during examinations. Moreover, they might connect themselves to the CCTVs and even surveil you when they are not in class. Yes, you guessed it right, fun might be hard to come by.

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Punishments? What’s That?

Humanoid teachers are designed to impart lessons and get their assigned tasks done. They do not really care about punishments as they do not have the sentiments to get involved. On the brighter side, you might get a more practical approach to completing your assignments and projects. Nevertheless, if they do design punishments into the Humnoid’s system, they are probably going to be the boring ones, not as creative as our teachers are capable of. 

No Room for Pun

As students, everyone has one or the other favourite teacher. There were also teachers whom you loved to tease and those you could be all sarcastic with. Well with humanoid teachers this fun might be all gone. They are, as of now, incapable of understanding basic gestures let alone puns. For a humanoid teacher to bond with you on that level you might have to label after each line, ‘Pun Intended’.

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You Might Have a Real Circuit Program During the Class

What if one of your teacher’s circuits heats up? Well, you might have a practical circuits and conductors period in the classroom. When our teachers heat up you can see the irritation in the air, however, in the case of humanoid teachers you will be able to smell it in the air. Every teacher, therefore, will come with a manual and their own do’s and don’ts. Lastly, you can replace that generational practice of deflating the tyre of your teacher’s car, try something innovative, overcharge their batteries or blow up their conductors and voila you have a free class. 

Ragging the Teacher

Teachers are the ones to make sure students do not mock and rag their fellow students. But with the humanoid teachers on the go, it will be fun to have a naive teacher you have to teach. Cracking jokes or mishandling their systems can be a privy trick. Oh and, ever wondered what chewing gum might just do?

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Hack the Class

Since everything, including your teacher, is going to be online students might hack into their system and make them go offline for an hour or so. Just make sure you do not delete something really important or get yourself tracked as then you might have just wiped off your future. Tread carefully for no one knows how advanced would the technology be when humanoid teachers will become normal. But as Rohit Mehra has rightly said, humans have made computers and not vice versa. So you have got the upper hand. 

Can you be more creative in guessing how a humanoid teacher will be welcomed? Let us know in the comments section and let us know your 2023 while studying abroad or maybe while preparing for it. If you need more of such mind-boggling content, drop by our Infotainment page

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