What if Your University Professor Speaks Like Rashmika Mandanna Did in Animal Movie Trailer?

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Rashmika Mandanna

Geetanjali would be the first famous Bollywood movie character who is famous for her inaudible dialogue. So the first thing to be addressed here is that if your professor speaks as Rashmika Mandanna does in the Animal movie, you are in great trouble for the semester. Netizens were literally searching for ‘What is Rashmika Mandanna saying in ‘Animal’ trailer?’  Nonetheless, what can go wrong with you in that lecture hall and how can you deal with it, we have covered all of that in this blog. 

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Deciphering the Lecturing

Rashmika Mandanna in Animal Movie Trailer

You might never have imagined how a lecture will sound in gibberish as if setting you on a quest to find your answers with some code language. The first thing you and your classmates would be doing after the first lecture is what all netizens did after watching the Animal movie trailer, that is; Google. Sadly, google too got their answer quite late but yours will be available in books. 

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Piece of Advice? Always Carry a Glossary or Dictionary

Rashmika Mandanna in Animal Movie Trailer
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If it is your language professor, then may the almighty save you. If not, then you can carry a dictionary with you or a Glossary. So that you can put the pieces together. Well almost. And yes, do not forget to make notes as you are mostly not allowed to record offline lectures. These will help you rewind the painful memory of your lecture. 

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Consult an Expert

Rashmika Mandanna in Animal Movie Trailer
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Utilize your class time to complete assignments and homework and to understand the lecture, consult an expert. An expert for you in this case is your seniors who have already experienced the pain. The point is they might also have an antidote. 

How to Complete Homework and Assignments?

Rashmika Mandanna in Animal Movie Trailer
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For this, just hit the library and hold discussions among yourselves to get topics clear. Read as much as you can and believe us, that is a dual comfort. It will not only help you complete your work and understand the topics but also help you forget your professor’s voice still ringing in your ear. 

How to Overcome the Misplaced Accent?

Rashmika Mandanna in Animal Movie Trailer
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Well just try to forget it with other lectures as everyone tried to forget Rashmika’s dialogue with ‘Sam Bahadur’. Try spending some time with professors who can help you understand the topics, stay positive and hope that you do not get the same teacher in your next semester. 

This was the end of our discussion Rashmika Mandanna being your Professor, hope you find the blog relatable. You can share any such experiences in the comments section. Also, keep dreaming of flying high and achieving your study abroad dreams. And if you are also starting your college life soon or are already in there, you can drop by our Infotainment page to find some awesome relatable content. 

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