8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy

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Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy

Going abroad to study abroad is really fun until you have to do it all by yourself.  You will have to start things from scratch.  You have to make new friends, learn new languages,  get involved in a new culture, get comfortable living without your family, you have to cook,  you have to clean, and you have to be your own parent. You need to learn a lot of things, you need to pack a lot of things, and you basically need to change your whole lifestyle.

Let me sort some of your issues out. In this block, you will find some really helpful tips that are going to be your life saviour to make your study abroad journey very easy and comfortable.

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Leave your Comfort Zone

8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy
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The very first step or the very first tip for study abroad students is to leave their comfort at their home. I do not mean to say that you should not be comfortable in the new place.  What I mean to say is you should leave the comfort of your home and try to explore the new place or the new country with the same enthusiasm that you would have in your own country. When you are going to your dream destination the spirit should not be subtle down because you are feeling out of place. You need to learn to be uncomfortable so you can explore and make the new surroundings comfortable for yourself. Who knows what you might find in things that are not very comfortable to you right now? Who knows by the time it is time to go back home you love this place even more to be left behind. So prepare your mind in a way that makes you prepared to enjoy the discomfort in advance so that by the time you are actually in the new city it feels fitting.

Be Open to learning languages

8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy
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The second important tip is to be open to learning the languages. Many times the main reason for you to not fit in or feel uncomfortable in a foreign country is not being able to communicate. Breaking the wall of lack of communication can make you feel at home in a foreign land. To do so you will have to learn the native language of the country. It will not only help you communicate better but will also add to your skill set and help you develop and be better than your competitors in the field.

Embrace the Culture 

8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy
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You can not expect somebody to come to India and not enjoy the culture here but rather be strict in their own ways. They will end up lonely. Similar goes for other places too. You will not be able to mingle with the local population until you embrace and respect their culture. There can be learnings in everything and you can definitely learn a thousand things from a new culture that might give you a sense of life and a new spirit altogether.

Set your Schedule

8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy
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It is very important to explore and embrace but at the same time be punctual. You can not mess up by doing one thing and forgetting the others. Remember you are your own parent here? You need to manage all your needs yourself. You can not spend a whole day shopping for groceries and ending up with no time to cook. You need to plan and organise your time in a way that you get time for everything. You need to think and schedule to make your life smooth there.

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Extend the Hand of Friendship 

8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy
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It is impossible to manage a life alone in a completely new place. If not family, you need to have friends. Humans are social animals and there is always a need for some or the other one which is good. However, how much can you enjoy alone too? It is good to have people to share your things with, to share your joys and happiness, to be with you when you need them and hence it is important to have friends. You should always be ready to extend the hand of friendship, I’ll help you learn a lot of new things from others.

Know Your Budget

8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy
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Staying abroad that too comfortably requires you to plan your budget very well. You can not spend all of your money in the initial days exploring and enjoying the honeymoon period and be moneyless the rest of the days and fill yourself with loans. A better way out is to plan your finances. Make a budget, you can also take up part-time jobs if you feel you need to be more financially stable to meet your expenses.


8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy
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Research makes you prepared for the future. You can do good research in advance before embarking on your study abroad journey. You can know about the country, culture, people, language and everything in advance and prepare yourself accordingly. Your research can help you get comfortable in the city very soon and make you prepared for everything and embrace the changes in advance. It can also help you organise and decide your day-to-day activity way before you land, saving you a lot of time and energy. 

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Do Not Forget Your Goal

8 Tips To Make Your Study Abroad Journey Easy
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The most important thing in everything that we read above is to remember your goal. The goal that has made you land in the city abroad. You should not forget to study while exploring, enjoying and embracing new things. Studying should be your major and basic goal and every other thing should be secondary. Your focus should not be moved and to maintain it you will have to schedule your daily tasks in a way that makes you stick to your goals. Having a cheat day once in a while is fine but having a cheat day daily may get you in trouble which is unnecessary and can be avoided.

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