Dramatic Bits of Advice That Moms Give To Their Children Abroad

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Dramatic Bits of Advice That Moms Give To Their Children Abroad

You stay in your own home, or you stay in another City, another country or in another state, be it whichever part of the world you stay in. Your moms will remain your moms and you will remain their kid, no matter how old you grow.

Even if you are a 32-year-old young man, you will still be a 10-year-old kid in your mom’s eye.

There is no possible way that you can reduce the concern your mom is going to have when you are going to study abroad and give her a very long distance from yourself bothering her even more.

There are some universal mom languages or maybe countries-specific mom languages that all the moms speak or give advice to the kids in the same manner.

It is odd to say but the advice that comes out of your mom’s concern is sometimes highly dramatic in the eyes of a normal third person. It is completely right for your mom to give you the advice as a concern is obviously above the brim, but the necessity of that advice completely depends upon student-to-student and the maturity level of students.

Let’s know some of the most famous and repeated pieces of advice given by moms to students abroad.

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Universal mom advice

Let’s read about your mom’s being moms through the following advice that they give you when you go to study abroad:

Dramatic Bits of Advice That Moms Give To Their Children Abroad
Credit: Rosjke Hasseldine

Do not talk to strangers

The concern of a mom is right when she asks you to not talk to strangers or not trust anybody.  But who is going to make her understand that if you are not going to interact with strangers then how are you going to make friends?  How are you going to know about everything in another country? Though it is important to know that not all strangers are safe to talk to, some strangers might actually land you in trouble, but at the same time is important to note that you have to talk to strangers to find some good friends in them, you have to talk to strangers to figure out of way in a new country, and you have to talk to strangers to get help in your day to day task as you have no idea of the other country functioning.

Eat more food

Even though you are very full and have had enough of your food, your mom is still going to be concerned about your diet. Any amount of food is less for your mom than you have consumed. No mom will ever get satisfied until she herself feeds their kid. It is the universal mom’s love language to feed their kids so much as to the extent of the tummy being full till it bursts but her heart will never get filled. A piece of General advice for study abroad students would be to eat to the extent of their hunger capacity and not their mother’s satisfaction. Because sometimes your mums can be dramatic in the matter of food.

Dramatic Bits of Advice That Moms Give To Their Children Abroad
Credit: Time Colonist

Stop spending start saving

Your mom will always be concerned about saving and will always be budging about saving and asking you to stop spending on useless things even if you are already not a spender. She will be concerned, that you have enough money to meet your basic necessities in another country and do not have to struggle in the matter of finance which makes her constantly budge you about saving. The advice is never wrong, You should yourself develop the habit of saving when you live alone. If you can’t, don’t worry your mom will get you to do it by saying it daily.

 Wash your clothes yourself

Your mom is concerned about your clothes when she herself does not get a chance to take care of them and someone else has to do that activity. She is cautious about your favourite things getting spoiled. She is in the fear that the clothes that you are giving her for laundry will spoil in the process, and it will end up sad for you which she cannot see. So all the moms will always be behind their kids’ backs to wash their own clothes safely and properly by themselves.

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Do not make many friends

The reason for the mom’s advice to not make many friends is the fear of heartbreak. No relationship comes with surety of sustenance. Whatever friends you are making, you don’t know where they will end up 2 years later or how will your friendship be in a while. Your mom is concerned that you might not get hurt by making a lot of friends and getting separated from them or in some cases getting cheated in some or the other way. The advice is very justified and you need to actually be careful in choosing your friend circle as it has a very major effect on your own personality too.

Do not eat outside

Eating outside is almost all the mom’s concern. No mum likes their kid eating junk or outside food on a daily basis. They are concerned about the health issues that will come with junk food, the quality compromise, the entry of bacteria and we unhygienic habits of the public food places.  Your mom wants to see you healthy and happy all the time which makes her stop you from eating outside Food.

Dramatic Bits of Advice That Moms Give To Their Children Abroad
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Stop learning from your friends

Stop learning from your friends is one of the phrases that moms use when feel that their is adapting a lot of foreign habits and are losing their natural selves. Your mom wants you to remain the same as you were when you were with her. She wants you to be protected from the bad habits that some students might pick up by staying away. Listening to her daily telling you to stop learning the wrong habits will definitely make you hesitant if you are getting involved in any of the incorrect activities which you should not be doing 

Learn to cook

Even before you have moved abroad, this advice of moms must have started from your own home. The moms start to tell their kids to learn to cook wave before so that they do not face any kind of problem or disappointment if they do not get their type of food in the other country. Your mom only wants you to be satisfied and content. Learning to cook will not only help you get your own taste in the other land but also help you eat nutritious food daily which will solve half of your mom’s concerns.

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Hope you can relate to the dramatic advice that the moms give to the study abroad students when they move abroad for the first time leaving their mom behind. All the dramatic advice has some logical reason behind it and is mostly for your benefit only. So considering your mom’s advice might not be the only option you have but it is the best option that you have. To read more such interesting blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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