10 Tips For The Health Freaks Studying Abroad To Relax

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Tips For The Health Freaks Studying Abroad To Relax

The experience of studying abroad is different for everyone. No human is the same, their behaviour is different, their habits are different, their way of lifestyle is different and their requirements are different. This leads to everyone having different experiences even in the matter of their health journey. 

Some like to stay lazy, some just go with the flow and some are fitness-free. But what’s important is to keep all of these things in ratio to maintain a proper lifestyle.

The study abroad students come back home either being a Hrithik Roshan, all fit and muscular or being the Ishaan Awasthi from Taare Zameen Par, completely thinking and requiring a serious makeover. Both ways there is something being missed. You have no guesses what? Let me tell you!

What is being missed? 

Tips For The Health Freaks Studying Abroad To Relax

The one quality that most study-abroad students lack is the quality of knowing the appropriate amount. Appropriate amount in all the things and lifestyle. The people who are not fit keep carrying on an unhealthy lifestyle and spoiling their health. Though they enjoy a lot of other things but they forget to make time for a healthy lifestyle. And the people who are very involved in gym and other activities that require physical practice, forget the rest of the world and just get themselves involved in that one thing. Do you think this is healthy either? 

Studying abroad is a one-time experience. Do you think it should just be spent keeping yourself either in the classroom or gym? It is very important to know the borderline in both lifestyles. There are a lot of articles telling you how to get active and stay fit. This one is going to tell you when to stop concentrating on merely fitness and enjoy the rest of your life too!

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When to stop?

Tips For The Health Freaks Studying Abroad To Relax

Being fit is the best thing a person can do, but just being fit and doing nothing else is really problematic. Here is when you should see the red flag and stop:

  • The very first red flag is when you say no to trips and parties because you will miss your session
  • If you start to completely say no to food even if it is something new that you think you must at least have at least once in life for experience
  • When you start missing your classes because you were busy working out or were exhausted from working out
  • When you completely stop enjoying local traditions because of the fear of it being unhealthy
  • When you start calculating calories even if you are sitting in a cafe that you have visited once in 6 months
  • Most importantly when you start comparing yourself with others to shame them

How to be normal?

Tips For The Health Freaks Studying Abroad To Relax

Not saying that fitness freaks or lazy ones are not normal. Just that missing something for another is not the purpose of even the right ones. You must experience each and everything in life. Especially if you are lucky enough to cross the continent to live and study!

Here is all that the fitness freaks can change to take the best of their study abroad experience:

Take the trips

Even if you think you will not be able to work out, you will not be able to maintain the discipline that you require, still, just take that trip with your friends. Do you think you will have this chance again? You will have the same friends available again? Health is important but so are friends and experiences. The journey will end but the experience of this trip will remain with you forever. You can come back to your routine once the trip is over

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Eat that dish

Eating everything, anything and all the time is definitely not healthy. But eating food that you crave or wish to have once in a while does no harm. Do you think you will stay in London forever to try the Cheesecake that has won the dessert industry? Or can you get the sam Korean in your country that you find in Korea? Some foods and cuisines are specific to regions. But what will you tell your kids that you went to France and did not eat french fries? Just kidding, french fries are not from France. But you will surely miss the experience of delicacies if you don’t realise on time. You can burn calories anytime, but not go back to Italy to have a pizza. 

Watch the movie you avoided because of the gym 

Friends plan, and you cancel! But do you think it is going to have no effect on them? There is a very pure and delicate bond of friends. People are attached. People expect things from one another. Staying fit is good but it is also important to remember that you have people in your life who care about you, and who wish to have your presence and time. If your refusal behaviour remains constant, at one point they will lose their interest in even inviting you over and this will sabotage your bond. So go watch the movie they invited you to before it is too late.

Do never compare to shame

You have done a lot of work on yourself. You are the Greek god. But does that make the others submit to you? No! They have their lifestyle, their likings and their right to stay in whichever shape they like. Yes, it is good to stay fit but it does not mean all other body shapes are unacceptable. You would not be cool by making someone feel ashamed about their body. But it will do a lot of damage to the. So make sure you do not make anyone else uncomfortable. However strong you are, the priority should be to remain gentle.  

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Apart from these, you must know that missing out on all the experiences while studying abroad will cause you to just regret it later. So remember to keep a routine of your health requirements but also make sure to attend class, enjoy food, go around, to make memories, because that is all that you will have at the end. 

Hope you found this blog helpful and got some tips to stay fit being a health freak. Do share your experience in the comment box below. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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